Coming To An End

Hello Family.

So I do not have much time, so I will make this a short one. Not much really needs to be said at this point, anyway.

BOSS6039So On Monday we just hung around here in Bangkhae because we had some errands to do. We shopped, bought stuff, and just relaxed. In the evening we taught Ohm and helped review some stuff with him and get him ready for Sunday.

Tuesday we did not have district meeting due to another Zone Training on Friday. But we did get together and talk about English and how we can better improve the experience of our Correlation meetings with the Branch Mission Leader. We also got wrecked in the rain while out inviting, and had to take cover in a gas station/7-11 for a long time. Our English class was way fun, and after it was over I went with Elder Blad for a switch-off in BBT.


On Wednesday we worked in BBT and I got to see Duke, Dahm, and all sorts of other people. We also visited a member at her home and got to catch up with everyone. They are all sad that I am leaving soon. I also talked to Blad about some things going on in the ward, and how we can improve them. Eventually it got late so we made our way back to the area and went back to the house.

Thursday was a long day of planning and preparing. We taught a new dude at the church and also had the meeting with the Ward Mission Leader. We trained him on how to properly and the meeting went way smoothly. We also got to teach some of the RC members about testimony.

Friday was a way good day. We had a training in Thonburi for a very long time. It was

about achieving certain goals set for the missionaries, and teaching towards needs. WE then made our way home and taught brother Ohm at the church. After the lesson he was interviewed and passed! He is gonna get baptized on Sunday and has chosen me to do it. Eventually we had sports night which just turned into everyone learning how to climb walls, taught by me and Elder Stevens. We ate dinner at McDonald’s with members.

BOSS6058Saturday we cleaned the baptismal font and taught some people at the church. We also got a call from a Former Investigator of the past Elders that he would be coming to church with us. We also bought our Sunday dinner. Nothing too crazy happened.

Sunday was way good. We had tons people and investigators show up. We taught some way good lessons after church, and baptized brother Ohm! He was way excited, and even though he is tall I was able to get him all the way under on the first go. It was probably my last baptism in Thailand, and I will get to see him get confirmed on my last Sunday. It was an awesome way to end the week.

Today we are not too sure what we are doing, but we might go to a zoo, or just chill. I don’t have much time left, but I am glad it is being spent in the best way. Love you guys.

-Elder Ridings


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