My Last Month

Hello Family.

This last week was pretty good. We were able to get people ready for baptism and find some people at their houses. I am gonna keep this one a little short.

On Monday we went to the Bow fight place, again! It is just too much fun so we cannot stay away. We had 20 people go in total. So many that we ran out of bows. So the owner brought out a few wooden hunting bows. They were way more powerful, with a higher fps and range. They were basically snipers. You can guess who got his hands on one of those every round, yours truly. Some more t shirts were given out, but since i have one I just helped the other 3 elders in the district win some. We then went home and had an awesome FHE at the church with members.

On Tuesday we had a way good district meeting and celebrated Elder Blad’s 19th birthday. The Christensen’s brought food and milkshakes. We then had to go back to the Bow Fight place at some point because Stevens left a lot of stuff there. Later in the evening we had a way good English class to finish up the night. We also got a Chinese lady interested to learn with us.

On Wednesday we spent some time running around the place and finding La people at their houses. I also prepared my bicycle to be shipped back to America. Everyone thinks I am crazy, but with a will there’s a way. So we spent most of the day looking for people before going back to the church and teaching a girl and later on a strong member about tithing because he had lots of questions. We then had a pretty good Book of Mormon class and went home.

BOSS5605On Thursday we ate a late lunch because we had to meet someone at the church and then finish our studies. After that and lunch we planned for the next week. I also cleaned the house when we took a break because I am tired of people living like slobs. We then taught another member at the church and had our correlation meeting to close out the day.

On Friday we spent some more time looking for La people. We had a huge search where my watch said we walked 8 kilos around the city to find an LA RC of ours. We finally found his house through some pretty good intuition and luck, some would say. We met his wife and got a return appointment because he was at work. We then found our way home and taught a girl before sports night. She is going back to college soon so we wont be able to teach her much more. We were going to play soccer but it started raining so we just played ping pong and fought the little kids.BOSS5668

Saturday was a strange day. We went to the church and cleaned it before teaching the friend of a ember that was introduced to us. They came to teach people how to make soap. Her name was Jah and we had a pretty good lesson with her. After that and cleaning we taught another person. After the lesson we came outside to see all 20 or so of the members walking around with their phones held out like zombies. After a few questions we figured out that Pokemon Go, a hugely popular game in the States right now, was just opened in Thailand. the infection has spread. So that was pretty funny to watch. We then went out to eat dinner with the members and got rained on. We even saw normal people stumbling round almost into traffic playing this new Pokemon game!

On Sunday not many people turned out for Church. Brother Ohm is gonna get baptized next week, and we are way excited to see him make this step. Church was normal but attendance was lower than normal across all companionships. Normal day overall. Last week we had a special Sunday meeting so Fast Sunday was moved to today. This was my last Fast Sunday in Thailand. I gave my simple testimony for the occasion. I also learned I have like 18 days left. What a number.

Today we are going to bowl maybe and just get some errands done and stuff. The bike is all shipped out, and I am slowly starting to get ready for the big transfer to my next area.I love this area and the people. Hopefully another exciting week is ahead!

-Elder Ridings


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