Heat and Baptism


Hello Family.

This last week was another good one. We took many trips down to the mission office because we had lots of meetings. But even with the lost time we were able to meet tons of people and see lots of good things happen in the hearts of the people.


So last Monday we just did errands around the town and got hair cuts. The other 2 elders were getting suits cut so they went down to Asoke to get it done. So I roamed around town and bought this new watch called a “Fitbit” which tracks stuff like time, your steps, heart-rate, and tons of other stuff. After that was all done we went to FHE at a members house and ate pizza and stuff. Good day had by all. We gave a way good spiritual thought, and all the members and investigators were way impressed with Elder Steven’s ability to speak Thai.

On Tuesday we went La hunting and got WAY lost. We were looking for a guy way down near the border of our area. It was a crazy goose chase, but we eventual admitted defeat and went back to the church to use google maps to find his house. After that we taught a dude named Man and his girlfriend Dia. They came for English class and were way interested. We had a fairly small English class due to rain, but we rolled with it and made it great.

On Wednesday we decided to go for that La brother and find others along the way. We went by the house of a guy named brother Oat to see if he was there, but guess what?, he wasn’t! So we kept searching and got phone numbers along the way. We then Visited a member at her house. She is a single mom, but a strong member . She then drove us to another member’s house and got to know her way well. She wants her family to learn, but is not brave enough to talk to them. So we helped her build that confidence over a nice bucket of KFC.

BOSS5667On Thursday I went to Asoke with Elder Neal to attend a meeting for all district leaders. We had to take the train system to get there, and we saw lots of crazy people. We also met a dude named Nephi De’long, who is obviously a Mormon. We then sat at the office all day and received good training on how to be better district leaders. That took most of our day due to the distance and how long the meeting took. We eventually made our way home and taught Fai right before our correlation meeting. It was a meeting of testimony and us trying to tell her she needs to do all of this through desire, not just wanting to learn something new. It was powerful. After that we had a meeting where we discussed the state of our areas and then went home.

On Friday we all made our way down to Asoke so that we could received Zone Training from the ZLs. It was way good and I recorded everything in my little travel study journal “The Brass Plates” We were there for most of the day. We did make it back home in time to teach Man and Dia again. Way good lesson, and Man was way focused for the whole thing. Like REALLY listening hard. After that we had an awesome sports night, and i tried to explain to our investigators how to play American Football and what a Right Tackle does. It is hard, to say the least.

BOSS5647On Saturday we finally got around to doing our weekly planning that we missed on Thursday. The ZLs went to Asoke for ANOTHER meeting. We just could not stay out of there this week. After planning we went to a member’s house named Pat. She is a way strong RC and she introduced us to 3 of her friends! They are all interested, and would come to church. After the visit we then taught a Barista at the church, and told a way good story of how the Atonement works for us.

Sunday was boss. We had a BAPTISM for the awesome Sister Biew. It was a way good Sunday with lots of lessons taught and a grand total of 18 investigators that came! Sunday passed by as a blur.

Today we are going to Bounce again. The trampoline place. This has been a good last week. with looks of cool things happening. We have tons of investigators, but we are having trouble getting them to progress, so we gotta reevaluate something, or start cutting of dead weight. I am excited for these last 4 weeks. See yah in the next email!

-Elder Ridings


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