Final Transfer (July 18, 2016)

Hello Family!

BOSS5422This last week was a blur. Lots of things happened, as did many changes. I am still here in Bangkhae, and this is where I will be finishing my mission.

So Last Monday we were going back to the bow fight place to play one last time. We were told that the guy would be giving away staff tshirts during this game. So we all knew we had to go hard in order to get one. After emailing and eating we all eventually showed up at the field with our team of about 15 people. The games proceeded as normal, but was not doing as well this week as that last week we played. After all the rounds were over, we had


one final round were the guy said he would be choosing the winner of the shirt. We went hard and i new I had to stand out to get the shirt. So in the middle of the round I was trying to shoot someone when 2 opponents took aim at me. I fired my arrow right as the enemy arrows streaked towards me. So I dropped my bow and, with both hands, caught the 2 missiles mid-flight! My entire team burst into cheers, and I could not believed that had happened. I put both arrows in one hand and then a third arrow flew at me! I caught it too! Then a fourth, then a fifth! I had caught 5 arrows in a 4 second period of time as the whole enemy team thought I was an easy target. All the catches allowed all of my dead team members to return, and we won the game. At the end of the game, I was awarded the tshirt for the “Catcher’s Award”. I was so happy! I got what I wanted. After that we then just ran errands and went to FHE at the church. What a great last Pday.BOSS5956BOSS5939

On Tuesday we ate dinner at Sizzlers with Elder Taylor and Hinckly since they are leaving their missions. We then went and had district meeting at the church and talked about all of the things we had learned that transfer. We then taught people at the church and went La hunting. We sadly did not find any one, So we went back to the church and had an intense lesson with Fai and May about baptism. it was way crazy, with lots of silence and hard questions, but sadly, they still did not take a date. After that we taught English and went home. We then got the call for transfers. I am staying, and finishing my mission, as the Bangkhae DL still. But Elder Woodbury is leaving for Lopburi! I was way sad. He is an awesome dude and I really enjoyed being his companion. I only wish him the best of luck, he has a great mission still ahead of him. I would be getting Elder Stevenson, a half Thai dude who is already fluent at Thai because he spoke it at home.

On Wednesday we just spent the whole day packing and getting ready along with writing in friendship books. I did not have to pack so I cleaned the place up and got ready for the new Elders who would be coming. After that we had our last Book of Mormon class We took photos with all the members and went home.

On Thursday we woke up early and grabbed taxis down to the mission office. We got to meet up with tons of old friends like Fiest, Gardner, Gundry, and many others who were finishing their missions. We were at the office for a while because there was stuff that I had to do and people I needed to talk to. After everything was sorted we then came home, got unpacked, planned, and prepared the area. After a long planning session we went to the church for correlation meeting before going home.

On Friday we ran around the place looking for La people. Along the way I showed the area off to Elder Stevens, and learned more about him. His mom is Thai and his dad is a former missionary. They speak Thai in his house so he is basically fluent with the language. We also invited all over the place before we went to the mall and I got new shoes for soccer because we then went to the church and had an awesome sports day at the church.

On Saturday we once again invited and went La hunting all day because none of our people were free. We did get a lesson later in the afternoon, but it was many hours before then. While we walked Elder Stevens explained the plots of many books that I had never read, or sometimes, heard of before after a long day of that we went to the church and taught a new person who we had never met before. Also we had the opportunity to help a lady from Africa carry her stuff, and teach her about the Restoration. She was way nice and her name is Pamela. We then bought our dinner and went home.

On Sunday we had the baptism of brother Tong! Sunday was way good and the baptism went smoothly. We taught tons of people and had the 3 confirmations of the bros that got baptized last week. We spent most of all day doing that and teaching people before we went to a LA house and taught their whole family. It was way awesome, and they say they will come to church next Sunday. We then went home and made dinner

For Pday today we do not have much planned. Just errands and preparing for the last 6 weeks. I am way grateful to be serving here for the last stretch. There is lots that needs to be done, I got one more package to send home, a bike to ship, and people to baptize! The last miles are here. I just have to make sure I make it meaningful…….

-Elder RidingsFina


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