Six More Weeks

Hello Family.

This last week was pretty good, although a short one, due to the zone conference and such.

On Tuesday we went to a place called bounce, which is a HUGE indoor trampoline place. BOSS5581We spent an hour there and ate some Burger King. I took the new GoPro session with me and wore the chest rig for it. The footage was awesome! We were way tired by the end, and wrecked a bunch of little kids at doge ball. They loved it though. We then went to MBK and I tried to return Elder Woodbury’s broken voice recorder. they would not take it back, so I used all of my Thai power language on them. Eventually they gave in and let him swap it for something of equal value. We then made our way home and vowed to never go to MBK again. Buy name brand people, not Chinese junk. We then came home and taught English class. And I went to Bangbuatong to go on a switch off with Elder Mayo.

On Wednesday we woke up and did our normal studies. We went out look for La people and invited all sorts of people. We then went to the house of brother Yon to help him replace his grass. They were all way surprised to see me! After that we ate lunch at the mall and taught a girl named Ing, who I have taught a long time ago! She finally felt the spirit and is getting baptized this Sunday. It was a good lesson and she is really ready. I even got to meet Sister Duke again along the road. After that we went to the church and had a meeting with the old ward mission leader, who was way happy to see me! I then made my way home and finished up the day.

On Thursday we planned and studied for a long time as usual. We then left the house and went looking for people We also taught some lessons to Fai and May. We also went around to places we have never been before. Not much really happened. We then went to the correlation meeting and discussed the people we are teaching. Not much happened.

On Friday we went to the church and taught people at the church. We then hung around and called lots of people from our old English forms. Eventually we tried to Skype Bangbuatong to interview sister Ing for baptism, but they were having technical difficulties on their end so we planned to go to Bangbuatong the next day. After that we taught some Cambodians and played sports day with tones of people.

BOSS5593The next day after studies we went over the Bangbuatong as the weather started to get bad. We got to the church before anyone else. I was able to talk to some of the members who remember me that were chilling at the church. I Interviewed Ing. She was way nervous but passed the interview no problem. WE then went out and ate lunch together and went home. When we got back we just went looking for La people and got dinner for Sunday

On Sunday we had 3 new people walk into the church who we invited a few days ago, so we were able to have 3 new investigators. Church was way good, and we had baptisms as a district! It was way smooth. We then taught lots of people and went La hunting again.Met a lot of different people . We then went home and made dinner.

Today we are going back to the Bow Fight place to hopefully challenge the staff and win some t shirts. We then are just going to relax. Elder Taylor and Hinckley are getting their stuff ready. They leave for home this Thursday. It is pretty weird to look at because in another 6 weeks, 1 transfer, I will be doing the exact same thing.

Love you guys. See you next week.BOSS5600

-Elder Ridings


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