Transfered to Bankhae


So this was a good week. Sorry I did not send a blog last week. Lots of stuff happened and there was not enough time!

BOSS5137SO last week I got moved to Bankhae, an area out in Bangkok East. It is close to Bangbuatong, one of my old areas. It has an amazing church, and an awesome ward. I got moved here with Elder Woodberry, a half Thai dude who loves running and parkour. Last week we got moved here and spent our time getting to know the area and the members.We gave our testimonies at the first sacrament meeting, and we think the members like us.

Last Monday we went to Asoke and played laser tag with a lot of members and missionaries. It was loads of fun! I Gopro-ed the whole thing. I got 9nth out of 32 people, so not that bad. After that was over we ate subway, road a boat through the city, and got a sock from the mission office that I had left in Nongkhai. So that’s a lose end tied up. After that we came home and had an awesome FHE with members at the church.

On Tuesday we taught some people and went searching for LAs around the city. We rode buses and stuff all over in the hot sun. After that we had a meeting at the church and taught some people. we also had an awesome English class. We had like 40 people show up, and we got it going way professionally to bring people back..

On Wednesday we went around the town looking for people again, and ate lunch with Kenny at the mall. After getting lost in there, finally finding him, and eating, we left the place and went looking for LAs that were very close by. We find houses no problem, but the people are never home! So we just went inviting for a long time. We had a Book of Mormon class at the church where we helped everyone make scripture cases.

On Thursday I was at Asoke all day because we had the last meeting with president. You have this meeting with president when you are about to go ho,e/ I took lots of notes because we talked about things like finances, families, and the future. We ate subway after and I got to catch up with all my friends. I cannot believe we are all going home soon. After that we took a long journey back to the house and finished our studies and planning. After that we had correlation meeting with the WArd Mission Leader.

On Friday we went to Thonburi because we had a zone training. I learned that I would have to get new glasses because you cant just store them on your head now. So we had an awesome meeting there, then came home. After that we went to the church in our own area and taught some people at the church. We had sports night and we played soccer in the rain. It was pretty intense.

On Saturday we went on a switch off all day and just invited and hunted for La people .We explored tons of sketchy places and we saw lots of scary people. Not much really happened. But we did find an LA who has been gone for like 15 years. We had an awesome lesson with him.]

On Sunday we went to church and had lots of people there. It was a good time at the church, and we had a fat cat roam inside that I had to get out. We then went LA hunting and ate at the house of a member named Git, who helps us teach a lot.

Today we are going to a place where you divided into teams and fight each other with fake bows and arrows. It is gonna be awesome! I will video tape the whole thing and take lots of photos. This week we are gonna invite way more so that we get lots of new investigators. Love you guys!

-Elder RidingsMBOSS5137


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