Finding, Teaching, Preaching…

BOSS5240I am crunched for time this week So I am going to give you a quick summary of what happened. I feel like I never have enough time for this!

So last Monday we went to a place called ” Bow Fight” which was way awesome! It is like an Airsoft or Paintball came except with bows and fake arrows! It felt like Lord of The Rings or something. We divided into 2 teams and started battling each other. Our team dominated! We won 6 out of 7 rounds. I will let the pictures and videos speak for themselves on my performance. SO Monday was awesome and we ate pizza at the house of a sweet member and she introduced us to a friend who is also interested.

Tuesday we had meetings, led by me, and discussed how we are going to make the English BOSS5320class better. We have so many students that we divide into 3 classes. After that we got ice cream and just went inviting. We ran into tons of people who only speak Burmese so we had a hard time finding anyone who could understand us. Eventually we made our way back to the church and taught an awesome English class with tons of people.

Wednesday we just walked all the way down to a mall that is like 8 kilos away. None of our people were free, and we had nothing to do. We met lots of interesting characters along the way, and got rained on super hard. we were soaking all day. We later rolled into Book of Mormon class dripping water and smelling like a stagnant lake.

BOSS5333On Thursday we went to the hospital to get an ingrown toe nail checked out. It was a super long taxi ride there, and a super long wait to see a doctor. They finally saw me and said that my own efforts at first aid and ghetto “in the shower” surgery had removed the offending nail so they did not do anything about it. They just gave me some antibiotics to use with the antibiotics I had already had for a modest price of… really expensive. So we just went home afterwords, planned, and had a Ward Correlation meeting because our whole day got spent at the hospital.

On Friday we had a day of finding LA people and making maps to their houses by using google maps. We also had an awesome sports day where we dominated at soccer. I was goalie because I did not want to wreck my foot, but that didn’t stop me from sometimes forgetting and bashing my bad toe in on the ball. I also interviewed an investigator of the sisters for baptism.

On Saturday we had appointments with people that fell through, but we also had some that showed up. We invited and visited people all day, until the baptism of brother Mai. It was a good service, but he forgot to plug his nose so he kinda freaked out under water. after that we called all of our investigators and got a good amount of people who said they BOSS4975were going to church.

On Sunday we had an awesome day of teaching and preaching at the church. We had 2 new people show up that we had invited, so we taught them and they are pretty solid. We also did some baptismal records and stuff and sorted things out. After that we visited a member at his house, went home, and I made pasta for myself.

Today we do not have much planned, so we are just going to go get a haircut and go shopping at the mall MBK. The one with Escape Room in it. So nothing too exciting this week, but I only have 8 more weeks left until I have to “get a life” haha. See yah later!


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