Good Times In Thailand

Hello Family.

This week was more of a slow one, and we have transfers coming up. I am pretty sure I will stay. But you can never be sure where the Lord will send you next.

On Monday we just emailed for a long time because there was lots of stuff we need to getBOSS4570
caught up on. We also made custom stamps! But I forgot to attach photos of them. I just made some logos and phrases. We also got some more food for the house and had FHE on our roof again. We had several members and investigators come, and even got a referral out of it.

On Tuesday we had our district meeting and ate ice cream with everyone. After that we invited and had lots of other little things to do, that were spaced very far apart. We called a lady referred to us by the sisters in Udon, and we were able to get an appointment set up with her. After that we had a very successful English class, and got more people this week than last week!

BOSS4623On Wednesday we spent a lot of time getting to a place called Mega Bangna, a huge mall. We got there early to meet with the referral lady, so we just looked around the place. I found another Toys R Us here in Thailand. we then met with the lady, named “O” and she bought us lunch. We had an awesome lesson with her, and got her to commit to coming on Sunday. After that we went to visit some LA people, and invited more dudes.BOSS4621

Thursday we planned, had a Ward Correlation meeting, and planned some more. After that we just invited and had Book of Mormon class. Not much happened

On Friday we walked around town and visited a member at her restaurant, and sheared a lesson with her. After that we want looking for the apartment of Sister Panda, the older sister of Sister Sun in Buriram, the one me and Lodwick baptized almost 2 years ago. We were able to find her place after an all day search, and along the way got in contact with an investigator we thought we lost 2 weeks ago. Her phone was just broken, not it is fixed and we can teach her again!

On Saturday we went and taught Sister Panda at her house. I BOSS4612talked to her about her questions and concerns, and mad her feel way better. It was awesome to see her again. I have not seen her for like 2 years, and Sister Sun really wants me to help her. After catching up and teaching hr we left because she had stuff to do. We then came home and ate dinner with a member at a really nice restaurant.

On Sunday it was a good day at church. Lots of people came including O, an La that we just got back, and other investigators, like the local crazy homeless man. Other that that we just had meetings, ate food, and came home to make dinner. We had our “Last Supper” together as a district because transfers is this week.

We are not sure who is leaving or who is staying, but if I had to guess I would say that I am staying. We will see what happens, but it is up to the Lord and our president. Bangna is awesome, and so are it’s members. See yah next week.

-Elder Ridings



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