My Week in Thailand


Hello Family,

So this last week was pretty good. I am gonna give a shortened summary of it.

On Monday we really did not do much. We just emailed, did some errands, and sent some custom cut suits home. We also hung out with Brother Best from Rangsit. I had some neckties cut for him in Nongkhai so I had to give them to him and get money for them. After that we had

FHE on the roof but not many people came because It started to rain.

On Tuesday we had our district meeting and I was assigned to be the English Leader. That means I got to get the English class up and running and better. We realized that the English class is a great source of investigators so I have been working on a schedule, assignments, and logistical stuff to get more people coming and coming back. We then got ice cream together and me and Elder Phanich taught , our Chinese investigator. She had some concerns, and we almost lost her. But after a hardcore lesson, we got her to continue learning with us. We then invited and had English class. We had tons of people show up, and with the work I put into it, everything went smoothly. We even got some appointments out of people with it.

On Wednesday we went and taught someone after fixing a problem with an Order we made to the office Elders. We then visited a member at her house and helped with some chores and such since she only has one arm. We had a very good lesson with her, and then we had to go back to our street and teach a girl over at a restaurant. After that we had nothing to do so we just invited around the town.

On Thursday we taught a girl early in the morning near a huge office tower, and we had a run in with a crazy old man who REALLY wants to learn English with us. We had an awesome lesson with Sister Ann then went home to finish our studies and plan for the day. After that we invited our way to the Book of Mormon class and gave our name-tags to a member who is an engineer. He is gonna make metal ones for us, so that we have something cool to take home from our missions.

On Friday we visited more people at their houses as it rained, since no one was going anywhere. Not much was really noteworthy until we went to one member’s house and taught his son. He has not been taught by the missionaries in 6 years, and it was an awesome lesson with him. He really opened up, and made steps to continue getting better. We then went home because it was getting late

On Saturday. We just invited all day, and taught sister Ann again in the middle of a KFC. We then invited around the town before going to a member’s birthday party. At the party i had the opportunity to talk to her mom and get her to be interested in what we teach. We were able to get an appointment out of her! She learned with the missionaries almost 30 years ago, so we are the first ones to teach her in a long time. It was super awesome!

BOSS4537Sunday was good. We had a very good meeting and lots of people came. After it was all over we mingled with the members and taught some of our people lessons. After that we took home an investigator who cannot walk well in a taxi, and then invited around the town. We had dinner on our roof with members. it rained but we just stayed under a gazebo and ate.

Today we really don’t have much planned. We are just gonna chill. things are going good here in Bangna, although slow. This is a harder area, but we are doing the best that we can. see yah next week.

-Elder Ridings


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