It’s Like Standing on the Surface of the Sun


Whats up family?

So this week was pretty good. I love this new place called Bangna with all of its crazy city folk, car accidents, and barley breathable pollution levels. It has a certain… charm. I do actually love it here. It is a nice area with good members, and actual church BUILDING, and everything you need from malls to markets.250px-Centralbangna2

Last Monday we went back to the gold old escape room  and did that. We went with Elders from 2 different areas, and brother Kenny because he was going back to America. We met up at the mall MBK and did the escape room again. We did the Mysterious room again. Because I have done all the rooms I just watched, laughed, and gave hints when I thought they were absolutely necessary. We then finished up with the Prison Break one. I actually never beat that one in the past. We ran 1 minute over time. So this time we were able to beat it, and I can truly say I beat all of the rooms. We then ate some subway and did some shopping. After that we just went home and had English class.

BOSS4038On Tuesday we ate lunch as a district and then had our meeting on the roof. After that we went to eat ice cream. It was so hot in the city. I sweat in the shade while standing still! This is some of the hottest I have felt in Thailand. We then went to meet our Chinese investigator Sister Sabrina. She took us to her awesome high-rise apartment and we were able to meet her mom for the first time. Her mom gave us some really good Chinese treats that were made of honey and pumpkins. We tried to give her a baptismal date, but she wouldn’t accept one. It is ok though because we are in no rush. After that we just invited around the town until we slowly made our way to English class. It was a good class, but this is the last day we can use the room because the owners do not pay. taxes. So we are on the hunt for a new one. After that we got food and went home.

On Wednesday we went over to Sabrina’s apartment again to translate as dudes came and fixed her AC. They were really good at what they did, and they fixed it in no time. We were able to teach her a lesson too. In thanks she gave us some peanuts, which my companion is deathly allergic too. So that was funny. We then went and ate food at a restaurant called Sizzler’s for Elder Parish’s 20th birthday. After that we were supposed to teach someone but they were not free. So we went and taught another dude named Chai. He confided all of his problems in us so we tried to help. After some crazy bike riding we went to the English room for our correlation meeting,but the member called us an hour later telling us he couldn’t come. Thanks bro. So we just went home because it was late.BOSS4042

On Thursday we invited and then planned for a while. After that we walked to a dunkin doughnuts to meet with a new investigator named Ann. While we were waiting we went into a store called “The Old Ann” store. Makes me think of my father. Ann eventually showed up and we taught her. She is a young service worker that takes care of old people. We then biked away after the lesson and went to Book of Mormon class. We had a good time, and I got some games going so people did not get bored. After that we just ate dinner with the members.

On Friday we ate lunch with an La and took a member named News with us to go teach someone. We started walking there and happened to run into an La member. We were able to get his number. After that we talked to an ice cream man who was an former investigator and was interested in learning again. As we were talking to him a girl walked up and introduced herself to us. she as Christian and wants to learn too! So lots of stuff was popping off in this one parking lot. Crazy. After that we talked to an LA member and she gave us free food. she had a pet chicken that would sit on her shoulder. Only in Thailand. After that we walked back to the English room to meet with a member. On the way there we ran into an investigator of ours and were able to talk to him. After teaching this member we went home, I bought tins if on-sale reese’s cups, and we went home.

On Saturday we all went and ate at KFC because it was Fast Sunday tomorrow. We ate some good food and talked about human nature and such. As one does. We then biked to the English room and helped members move out the furniture and such. We then stored it at another members’ house. As soon as it was done it started raining very hard, with tons of lightning. Luckily we were close to the house so we hunkered there to drop of the English books. The other Elders showed up and were soaking wet. After the rain died down we went back to brother Chai’s house, and he we had dinner with him. We had another good talk with him, and got a commitment out of him to go to church tomorrow. We then just walked the town and invited all night, running into interesting characters, sketchy karaoke parlors, and homeless goons. We then got some dinner at the mall and went home.BOSS4035

On Sunday we used the BTS sky train to take some of our investigators to church. Church was really good, and lots of people came. We hung out, did a baptismal interview,and helped the members make lunch. After that we just taught people and made the long journey home. Me and my companion made dinner for the night. After cooking was done we took it to the roof and ate with the district and members. I showed some of the members some close combat moves and military stuff. It was super fun! After that we closed with a spiritual thought and came downstairs.

Today we are going to a naval museum to look at boats and such. We are having a chill day so we can get rested from this unbearable heat. I don’t have much time left herein Thailand, but I am happy to spend it in Bangna. See you next week with more stories.

-Elder Ridings


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