BOSS3416Hello Family.

So due to time i will make this one quick. This was a pretty good week we had. The weather was nice and cool, the sun was not too hot, and the mosquitoes died down. We just got back from a mountain adventure that I will explain in a little bit. Last monday was a pretty good P-day where we just got errands done, got hair cut, and then went to a member’s house to go fishing! I got in touch with my inner southern man and managed to catch… nothing. The little girl who lives there caught 3 fish. After being ashamed by a little girl we had dinner. Before dinner I was possessed with the idea of picking up a stick and swinging it around like a quarterstaff. I then decided to swing it at the other Elders, and a sudden stick fight broke out. I wore a motorcycle helmet and made a shield out of a wooden box lid and some rope. We dueled for a long time, and I was able to get some hits on people, and take hits with my shield. The fun ended though before dinner when Elder Cecil took a tree branch straight to the family jewels. We ate dinner after he was able to get up after lying in

the dirt for 15 minutes.
Tuesday was a good day. We taught a lady Tesco and invited after our district meeting. It was a pretty slow day but we managed until English class. We played a telephone game with English phrases and you can guess how that went. Lots of nothing being pronounced right, with the phrase “five flimsy fish” being completely transformed into “battle battle battle battle’ by the end of the telephone line. We then ate steak a member brought.
On Wednesday we had a good day running around and scolding, lovingly, LA people for notBOSS3475 coming to church like they said. I made a lady jump off her motorcycle when I inched a little past a truck that was blocking my line of sight. she was no where near hitting me so her reaction was a little strange. I helped her up and she was fine, not even mad either, or maybe she was just scared. i am still not sure. We taught the institute class because the teacher was not free.
On Thursday we did our weekly planning and found that the refrigerator had given out, and all the stuff that people kept in there had become mush. I only eat white bread in the house, which was entirely unaffected. We ended up going to do service at a member’s house by cleaning his huge dump truck. After that we went almost 2 kilometers down a road under construction to see where it went. It ended up at the house we went fishing at, BOSS3574so we taught the people that live in the house.
Friday was a pretty good day. We had lots of lessons through the day and I ended up buying a pistol holster for my airsoft gun. It is the type that you see cops wear under their suits. It is real leather too. After that we taught an LA who brought a friend who was interested too! That made me happy. We had planned to teach our investigator, Yuyi, who has a baptismal date next week. She actually helped us teach the new girl named Ann. We then had book of Mormon class and went out to eat with Yuyi and some members.
On Saturday we had a fun day of dealing with tons of people who did not show up for our appointments, and a dude from the Udon stake center that needed a translator. He ended up doing it without us and told us AFTER we biked to the super far away mall. We were able to find the LA parents of another LA and teach them a lesson. They are nice, just getting to church is hard because they are old. We then cleaned the church, it was super dirty, and had an awesome game night with the members.

Sunday we had a super low member count for some reason. The lowest I have seen here. That made me really sad! After church we noticed a guy outside whose car had broken down, so we went and pushed it to the gas station for him.I sent you a picture of us pushing his car. We then visited people at their houses, and lost an investigator family because the extended family will not allow us to meet with him anymore. I fought them pretty hard but logical arguments , testimony, and my southern intolerance could not win the day. I was super disappointed. After that we went home for dinner and watched some church movies.

On Monday we woke up at 4 to meet with Kenny and Yuyi for a trip to the mountains.Sent pics of the trip. We met up with the Missionaries in Sagonakon. We hiked up caves, cliffs, and mountains all day. We had to walk up rickety staircases and walkways made of old wood. Me and my companion ran the whole way up the mountain and quickly lost the slower group. The strangest thing happened in that a dog followed us the whole way up, and even led us and waited for us on the trail. At many crossroads he would take the right way and we just followed him to the top, and all the way back down again. It was pretty cool. He is our spirit animal. Today we will be going to FHE and hopefully having a good time with members. Next Sunday is Yuyi’s baptism so prepare for news on that next Monday!

-Elder RidingsBOSS3374


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