Ants Raining From Trees

Hello Family!

This was a good week. Lots of more good stuff happened and we also had some crazy things happen almost every day, because this is Thailand.

BOSS2897This Last Monday we had a member try to assassinate the Elders because the food we got from a member yesterday was POISONED, or maybe it was just bad food hahaha. Everyone in the district had food poisoning. We had planned to go to a cave system but everyone was too sick to go. I was the only one immune. We went emailing and we just went home to rest. Everyone got some sleep and recovered. I called all the RCs and had a very good time talking to them. After resting and hanging out at home, we went to the church and had a huge FHE party with all the members and investigators. It was a very good time, we shared a spiritual thought, and then we went home.BOSS2891

On Tuesday we ate food and I saw a naked man running around in an alley way next to me. We made eye contact. What a way to start the day. We then had district meeting at the church, and went out to get ice cream together. We had a fun there, and then invited outside the Tesco for a very long time. While we were at Tesco we ran into a lot of Lao people coming over to Thailand to shop. There is no Tesco or anything over there because it is communist. We then went to and La’s house and we tried to visit some people. On the way there Elder Cecil managed to wreck himself and his bike in the middle of an open, clear road. He was fine so i told him to walk it off. Sadly none of the people we wanted to visit were home, except for an La who tried to run away on her motorcycle. Our bikes were too slow to catch her ! We then went to the church and taught an investigator with an La member that helped us, and actually ended up being a very good teacher in her own right. We then taught English class, played fun games, and talked to some of the new people after words to see if they wanted to learn more with us.BOSS2895

On Wednesday we went and ate at a place we have never gone before, and I immediately started feeling tired and sick. We slowly biked to the water place and paid for the water bill, invited, and then had to run home because I was feeling like crap. I did what I could to make myself feel better. I got good news in the fact that SOME of my neckties that I expected 2 months ago are done. We then went inviting at Tesco and Elder Cecil was able to get some numbers without my help! After inviting we went LA hunting and tried our best to find some new people we have never seen before. We went to the church and taught some RCs before and after the institute class. One of the RCs came in with hair dyed bright fiery orange. Cool hair bro..

On Thursday we studied and weekly planned until we went to an RC house and cut BOSS2877down trees and tamed the jungle. We fought the birds and beasts of the forest, and got assaulted by ants that rained from the trees. We set their nest on fire after that bold attack! At some point a random man came out of the forest and was holding a owl in his hands, that had it him. Where this owl came from, or whose it is I still don’t know. He released it into the woods, and we watched it go. We then visited some LAs at their houses, including some that just happened to not be home at the time we agreed to meet together. funny. After teaching some LAs who were home we went by the La with all the puppies we washed. AS we were talking I asked where the puppies were. She said all 10 of them were dead. I was shocked and asked what happened. She said they died when it was super cold. She bluntly told me she did not bring them inside because they were dirty. I was devastated at the lack of care and concern for them. So after that lesson I went home pretty depressed at the loss of those little guys.

On Friday we met with an investigator in the morning and then went La hunting again, and got stood up by more people. That stinks. We then went home to finish our studies, but got sidetracked by money and house stuff. We then got an emergency referral in the middle of our stuff, so we went over, taught a boss referral lady, and went back home. As we once again tried to finish studies we got a call that a meeting we had was pushed up so we had to cancel studies again and go to it. We then had Book of Mormon class and went out o eat food and go home. Everyone was super tired and exhausted, and lots of appointments fell threw for us and the other Elders.

BOSS2890On Saturday we just invited all day. I had a splitting headache and drank tons of water all day. It was not a good day for me. I had to go to the church and fix the internet for the members because we have a broadcast we are watching tomorrow, and they do not know how to fix it. We then went to a investigators house and taught her family. Cecil almost crashed his bike again. We then went to the church and had tons of people show up for game night, including a cute little puppy. We played a fun game called Murder in The Dark, which involves turning off the lights in the sacrament room. We had lots of people there, including investigators, so everyone had a blast! After it was over we got pizza to go so we can eat it tomorrow, in case that member poisons us again.

On Sunday we had a very good day at church, saw a broadcast with Elder Stevenson. We did not have a ton of members show up, so we broke no attendance records. After that we just visited La people all day, almost got hit by a car, and poor Elder Cecil almost crashed his bike in the middle of a clear road again. After that we went home for dinner, and ate the pizza before the member got there. We were all too scared to eat her food, so we gave it to our neighbors.(shhhhh don’t tell anyone)

Today we are going to an alligator farm to watch people wrestle alligators or something.
It was a good last week member poisoning aside. This week we are planning on a baptism this Sunday, so we really hope everything pulls through! Say a prayer it does.

Love you guys!

-Elder Ridings


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