Afraid Of A Little Rain

BOSS1982Hello Family!

So lets get this real blog started. It starts on Monday. Monday was a good P-day were we prepared for the train ride to Bangkok by getting my stuff ready, emailing, and getting the Udon people who were also doing visas up here with us. After getting hair cuts, buying more ties, and shopping we went to the bus station to meet the Udon people, and took them to the train station. We barley made it on the train in time because the Udon people were late. We just chilled on the train, ate food, and talked. We got private beds so that was good, but we were all shoved into the foreigner train car and were surrounded by white people. So we went to bed early to get enough sleep for the next day.

On Tuesday we woke up and got off the train in Rangsit, my old area. We took a taxi to the massive government building that I have been to a few times. We got there at 5:17 in the morning and there was NOBODY there at all. We just chilled and waited and got to meet up with all of my old MTC group as they came to. We are renewing our visas for the last time on our missions. It was like a weird flashback of the time we first did it over a year ago when we came in country. I was the 4th one in a line of over 500 people so I got out of there fast., Me, Elder Stone, Hartung, and Batshchi went to the local mall and ate food, and talked about WWII We then went to the Airport and took a very comfortable 45 minute flight back home. I had to send my backpack in the cargo because I forgot I brought a pocket knife. We landed in Udon and took a van back to Nongkhai where we taught English class and members were wondering where i was for a whole day.


On Wednesday we went to the LA with the kid’s house and taught her kid for her. It was a good and very simple lesson. We had a crazy member that moved south call us thinking people are trying to kill him and spraying him with gas. He is from Finland and we are pretty sure he suffers form paranoia. He wants money for a plane ticket before these Tom Cruise Movie Villains kill him. We then roamed around the neighborhood and gave an LA member’s kid 100 baht for his 9th Birthday. He is an investigator now. We then found the house of these 2 random kids that come to church. They live in a super nice house and have a HUGE German Shepherd dog. We met their mom for the first time, and have an appointment to go back. We then went to the church for institute, and on the way out of the neighborhood we ran into the crazy robot man again, and he tried to hug us as we biked by. I thought my companion was about to get tackled so I was ready to boot the crazy guy as I biked by but luckily that didn’t happen. We had a good institute class and we ate at another cheap steak place.

For Thursday we went and helped a member and their family move their furniture from their old house to a new house down the street. We lifted furniture and ferried it back and forth with a friend’s pickup truck. There grandma drove it and she drives scary. They then introduced us to one of their neighbors who is very interested. We had a good suit down lesson with her, and she is coming to church. Her name is Boo. We started biking home to go change our clothes and shower, but we ran by the grandma’s house who has the special education kid. AS we came there she was sawing logs, and was so happy we were there and in service clothes. She has no gas for food, so was going to make a fire, and prayed that someone would help her, so we fulfilled that prayer and helped her out. We then went to the church and watched a missionary broadcast for all the missionaries called “Teach Repentance, Baptized Converts” it was a super good session, and I learned alot. We then taught Ann’s kid again and stopped by some LA’s. We then taught an investigator at her house and went to the church to teach an LA but sadly she did not show up. The Finnish man kept calling because apparently they are poisoning his food now. I asked old Nongkhai missionaries is this was all in his head, and they all agreed he makes this up and is crazy. The Mission Financial Advisor said he cant buy him a plane ticket to Finland. but that he would be more than happy to buy him a gas-mask.

BOSS2182For Friday We taught Poy at her house and had a a very powerful lesson with her. We then went to Boo”s house and taught her a lesson. It was a disaster. She understood nothing, even in the simplest language, and the member does not have her gospel knowledge down either. When I asked her to explain what a prophet we she started off strong by saying me and Elder Christensen were prophets of God. We then told her to just come to church on Sunday. We then went to a member’s house and did a service project. We then went inviting at Tesco and went to the church for Book of Mormon class. We had to purge the church of mosquitoes because I was not gonna take them anymore. When members showed up they complained about the smell of the spray, and didn’t noticed the legions of dead mosquitoes so whatever. We had a good Book of Mormon class taught by me. We ate food at this good place right next to the church and went home.

On Saturday it drizzled and was pretty cold. We ate and went to the church to meet with some guy about the church’s internet. We then went to the tie guy and talked to him about our ties. We had nothing to do so we went inviting in this huge market where we had never been before. There was a cowboy there with bottle cap-spurs playing the guitar for money. We then invited all day and cleaned the church at night and had game night. Bro Ice, the ward mission leader, showed up after his long trip out of Nongkhai. We had a very good game night but members like to team up and take out the white guy (us) first so that’s not too fun. After that we ate food with the members at the river.

BOSS2271On Sunday it was FREEZING. A combination of the river, cold weather, and rain dropped the temperature down. We got to the church and everyone was all bundled up. It was a good day at church and we had lots of LAs there. We got the attendance to 59 today, the highest it has been in a long time. The Zone Leaders were impressed. After church we had tons of meetings and lessons, and then ate lunch with the members at the church. We then went visiting people in the cold, and went to the house of kids with the German Shepherd. They were all inside there nice house on a pallet with their mom, watching the power Puff Girls. We taught them and then got my first footage of the midget on his ATV. After visits the temperature dropped way low and it got dark so we went home. The Finnish man went insane again and says he is being hunted. I told him I am in Nongkhai and am not Tom Cruise, so I cannot help him. I then cleaned the house and made it spotless, and we bundled up and went to bed.

Today the weather is still freezing so we are wrapped up in lots of clothes. It is 57, which is cold for Thailand. No one is really doing anything fun today because it is too cold. See you next week family!

-Elder RidingsBOSS2808


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