It’s Cold In Thailand…brrr

BOSS2249Hello Family!

So as you know, transfers are here. But with no transfer meeting no one, not even president, quite knows how we are going to do this moving! This last week was more of a slower one due to meetings and such, but I felt good about what I learned and accomplished.

On Monday it was still FREEZING. it was 52 degrees! That may not sound too cold for some, but in a country where you feel like you are melting in the sun and at night, that’s cold. Monday we did not do much for Pday because it was freezing and most places were closed. We just shopped and relaxed at home. The Udon Sisters came up and visited some members here because Sister Grover is going home at the end of this transfer. We went to the tie dude again and he was not done yet. We relaxed until 6. We wrapped up in clothes and biked 30 minutes to a member’s house and had FHE. There were lots of people there, and we played fun games and gave a spiritual thought. On the way home I had to kick a dog that tried to kill us. We rushed home and finished for the night, and hoped it would be warmer the next day.

On Tuesday It was still freezing! We biked to the bus station and took a van to The Udon Stake Center. I ran the district meeting this time. I talked about change and repentance, including a favorite scripture of mine in Moroni 9:5. It was a very powerful meeting, and everyone after said I was a very captivating speaker. One person said I should be a motivational speaker. After the meeting we all went to eat together, and then we went home on a van. When we got home we biked over to Ann, the La’s house. We taught her son who is 9, and wants to be baptized. It is hard to teach small children. We then visited members at the neighborhood, and saw some investigators at their houses. We went to the church for English but it was cold, dark, and raining. We assumed no one would come in these conditions since Thai people are afraid of a light drizzle. Surprisingly we had 4 members show up! Probably because they all came in the same car. After that we went and had dinner with all of them, and biked home in the cold rain.

On Wednesday we had an appointment with an RC. He did not show up though so we ate lunch at a Thai place that had a ton of white guys in it for some reason. After we ate we BOSS2227biked to a solid member’s house and got him to go with us to an investigator’s house. it is the same lady who does not understand things too well. We went very slow and very simply, and it turned out being a good lesson. After we taught her we went inviting at this huge market that we got our tie fabrics. after that we visited an RC at her house, and taught her/moved stuff into a different building. After that we went to Institute class and had 2 of our investigators attend it. President Tiger spoke very clearly and taught very well for them,. They left understanding more about the Gospel. After the institute class we went out to our house, grabbed clothes and a day pack, and went with Tiger to the bus station. Tomorrow is Zone Conference, so we had hotel rooms reserved in Udon for us. We took a van to Udon, and went to McDonald’s first. AS we were eating the Elder’s from Lao rolled in and i got to see Frodsham and nelson, dudes in my group. We all went to the hotel and there were lots of missionaries staying there. We basically had a big party in the hotel, and caught up with all of our old friends. We eventually all went to sleep, and prepared ourselves for the meeting.

On Thursday we woke up and walked to the Stake Center. Everyone was there getting prepared. I hung out with more people, talked to president, and learned some very good advice and ideas for our missionary work. We took a halftime break and ate tons of Italian food that was brought in. We then practiced teaching and played jeopardy which was pretty fun. We divided by area, but because we are only 2 dudes we were put into the Udon group. WE started off strong, and had the most points until the Lao Elders caught up to us. We were tied, and the final question came up. It was a write in. They asked what our wager was, and we and Lao went all in at 2200 points each. The final question was ” When was Preach My Gospel published?: and instantly the number 2004 came to my head. I told everyone and we wrote it down. They had the big reveal, and we were the only correct team! We won the game,m and won prizes to boot. I was the MVP! After that we piled onto a buggy with tons of missionaries and went to the mall. We grabbed a van and came home Because of how late it was we just biked home and ate dinner.

BOSS2042On Friday we woke up and finished the planning we did not do yesterday. We then went to teach Poy at her house. We had a very good lesson with her, but had to cut it short because the member did not have much time to teach with us and had to go to work. The rest of the day was kinda slow. We went looking for LA people that we had never seen before, but could not find them. We visited a sick member at his house, and then went to the church for book of Mormon class. We did not have many people show up. After that we invited at this huge market that had opened up in the middle of town, got some numbers, got dinner, and went home. It was a slow day.

On Saturday we went to the church early to teach a lady we had contacted at Tesco. We had a very good meeting with her. After it was over sister Pale handed me the phone, and said that brother Kenny, the one who recently went back to America for schooling, wanted to talk to me. I started talking to him and he said ” guess where I am.” I guessed Las Vegas because he was going to visit my companions family. He said no, and then I heard people laughing in the background because I was on speaker phone. That’s when he dropped the bomb. ” I’m at your house!” he said in Thai! It was then I heard my whole family and a lot of friends burst into laughing at my ColdFusion. So I got to talk to Kenny as he was hanging out in my house, eating my food, SLEEPING in my bed! It’s cool I guess. My family can’t come to Thailand, so Thailand went to them! I was super surprised. After that craziness we went out to the LA Ann’s house and taught there son again, before visiting these little kids that come to church on their own. We then went inviting at a market and I bought tons of Legos to give to small children at the church so that they maybe stop trying to kill me on Sundays with their tiny fists. We then went to the church and cleaned it all up. I had to take down a big light fixture because there was a leak behind it. We then played games and a ton of people showed up for it! We then went out to dinner with the members, and visited a sick lady before going home.

BOSS2643On Sunday I figured out my back bike tire was flat. It is the tire I popped last year in Rangsit. The patch lasted all the way until yesterday. So we had to walk to church. Luckily it only took 10 minutes. We had a normal day at church, but it was our lowest attendance ever! It was probably because the entire branch presidency went to Chiang Rai on vacation, and took their families with them. We had few investigators show up too. After church was over we taught people and then went home and I changed my tire out and cleaned the gears. We then changed our clothes and biked all the way to an RC’s house to help cut down the jungle around her house. We were attacked by HUGE red ants the size of small army men the whole time. We had to fight them with our blades and in my case my teeth when one fell on my face! After that we burned the foliage and helped carve new wooden handles for knives and ladles at the church. On the way home we saw a chicken fight in a pen going on, with spectators around and money flying through the air. I was tempted to go and get a video, but decided against it. We stopped in the temple we always pass through and took photos of it, and then went home. We cleaned the house and made dinner. There was a funeral going on in our street so lots of Buddhist chanting and such was happening. We went over there and talked to people to find out what was going on. We then closed out the night.

Today we are preparing for if any of us are going to move to a new area. We do not know what is in store, but we hope it all turns out fine. I love this area, and would not mind staying longer. Peace out y’all.

-Elder Ridings


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