Beautiful Thailand

Hello Family. unnamed-1

So sorry I did not write a blog last week. I got a little caught up in stuff so I did not have the time to write it. Here is the summary of what happened.

Last week on Monday we did our emailing in a new place that was full of mosquitoes so that was fun. We ran errands, got tie making material, and I practiced card tricks all day. We got tons of cool fabrics for ties. Easter looking fabric, Joker colors, black out colors, unnamed-6everything you need to look fly. I also bought some knock off Legos there that look like the legit thing, just fake and in Chinese. We then bought supplies for the house and just chilled. Our landlord came by the house and complained that the money for the house was not in yet so we told him we would call the office. He eventually left and we biked to the church to teach Nat and his girlfriend Dah. We taught them some commandments that they had no problems with. They were kinda happy they learned these commandments AFTER the new year. We then finished off the night with some inviting and ate some 2 dollar steak. Only in Thailand.

On Tuesday we were going to go to the stake center in Udon for district meeting, but the Zone Leaders called and said since we are having a Zone Training on Friday we did not have to go. Since we planned for that we got wrecked on what we were gonna do in all that free time. We then got a phone call that our neckties will not be done for a month, and on top of that I was getting sick. So we went to the Tie guy and told him we did not pay him to take this long, and that it needs to go faster. He listened to our persuasions. We then went to an RCs house and taught them, until a pack of 6 dogs suddenly turned on each other and started fighting. As we watched the fight a 4 foot old woman came flying out of the trees and beat the dogs with a bamboo pole as tall as she was. The dogs scattered, and one fell into the nearby creek our of terror. Sadly I could not get my camera out in time. We then went inviting, I bought more fake Legos, and we went to the church for English class. We unnamed-4had a lesson with Brother Nat again, because was gonna get baptized this Sunday with his girlfriend. We then received a call from his brother saying he is in the hospital because he fell out of tree. Well there goes that baptism. We then had a good English class, at with members at a restaurant by the river, and went home.

On Wednesday we had lunch with the Branch President from Udon. He is a funny guy who speaks amazing English and loves “your mom” jokes. As we waited for him to show up I sent a package home. The Branch President’s name is Tiger in English. After a good lunch with him we went to a huge market and invited there. We then went to an RC house and taught their family. They took us to a white guy’s house who wants to learn Thai. His name is Gary and he is from Texas. He is a nice guy, but obviously is suspicious around us. We invited him to English and he said he might go. We then went to a member’s house and helped her organize recyclables as we talked about a neighbor who she wants us to teach. We then went to an LA’s house and brought candy to her kid who is special education. We had a good lesson with them and then went to another LA’s house. She was not there, but those puppies we washed were all running around, and away, from us. This big dog came up to us. He was super scary but ended up loving me so he was not a threat. We then went to the church and had an institute class, and went home.

unnamed-3On Thursday my sickness had gotten worse so I was stumbling everywhere. We did our planning and had lunch. I took some medicine and then we went to the church because we had a meeting with an LA. She showed up and helped her with a English project. We then went to an La’s house and helped her sort rice. We ran by an investigator but she was not there, and then we went by another LA and said hello. We called Nat and he is ok. He did not break anything but it is sprained and super bruised. We then got dinner and came home where I then passed out.

On Friday I was feeling much better. We went to Udon and ate at the McDonald’s before the Zone Training because Nongkhai does not have one and we never know when we will be back. I gave Sister Mon her SD card back because I fixed it and recovered her photos. She was super happy and I made her day. We then had Zone Training and they told us there was a big announcement. We then watched a video with Elder Oaks in it, where he said transfer meetings were not authorized. The video ended with the words RIP Transfers. People lost it, I tried to flip the table but people stopped me before I got a good grip on it. Those Transfer meetings you see in those videos, where everyone meets and gets there new companions in a super hype way, are now over. You will now be told where you are going, and who your companion is, and then you go, sometimes ALONE. That is scary, and

missionaries will get lost.  We then came home after a SECOND round of Mac with everyone.  We met with a few people and then taught Book of Mormon class. We then ran to the LA with the puppies but she was not home again. So we got dinner and went home.

On Saturday I was over my sickness so I felt way better. We had a meeting with Sister Bang and that neighbor she wanted us to teach. So we got there at 9 am and they told us they were not free, because it is “Kids Day” so that was a bummer. We then went to the church and taught an RC. He brought a friends with him but the friend was not interested. We then got food and finished our studies at home. As we ate lunch  this black guy we had seen before sat down with us to eat. His name is Ray, and he is from Mobile Alabama. We had an awesome time with him, and he was a nice guy. We then went to the market by the river to invite. I got MORE bootleg Legos, and saw lots of white folk. We then taught an investigator at the church, and learned she lived right next to the church. So we told Poy we would teach her at her house next time. We then cleaned the church because it was late, and had game night with members. We then went to Tesco and got pizza, bought slick neckties from this new place we found, and came home.

On Sunday we had a fewer number of people come than normal. Not many investigators unnamed-7came either. We taught a class and not much really happened. After church was over we had meetings and then went to an  lady’s house to paint it again. We finally got all of the white paint done on her house, and it looked really good. We were glad to be finished, until she says next week we can come back and do the doors and windows! We then came home, ate dinner, and cleaned the house. This house is so dirty so the work is not done yet. “I am done with living in filth! So hopefully next week it will be done. So this was a good week. I still love it here, and still love the work. Not much time left either so I a m making the most of it.

-Elder Ridings



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