Miracles, Long Walks and New Faces

BOSS0728Hello Family.

So this was another awesome week. There were so many cool little miracles that happened, and awesome meetings that I feel very proud on how this week panned out.

On Monday we went out and emailed. Before that, during planning, we heard tons of sirens and several gunshots outside. Nothing came of it. The other Elders got hit by viruses on their hardware so I had to fix them so I did not get time to write my blog email.

After emailing we went back to the Escape Room and did the final 2 rooms. I have conquered 4 out of the 6 rooms, and I would finish the last of them. So we went there and did the first room, slaughter house. We wrecked that room and got the best time they had seen for a long time. The other Elders decided to leave, so just me and Feist did the last room,”The Mummy Returns”. We also wrecked that room. We are just too good. Now I have done all the rooms, and never have to go back.

BOSS0140At the end the workers said that we had the fastest time last week, so we won…. Movie tickets. We told them we cannot watch movies, but we took them anyway to give to some members. We then came home and taught an LA lady and her cats about the importance of going to church. After that we had to walk all the way home from her house n the dark, and we just invited out way home. The next day we woke up, studied, and had district meeting with the other Elders upstairs in their room. It was a very good meeting, and then we went to get some ice cream together. So after ice cream we went inviting all over the town again. We saw sister Duke, got some phone numbers from people all over the town. We then ended up at a member’s house and we taught her brother. he was not too interested. We then went to the church and made some phone calls before English. It was a good class. I helped the girl who is good at English with a test, and we taught her and her mother. It was a good lesson, but we did not talk to much due to time. We then locked the church and left. As we were getting onto a bus we saw the other Elders HAULING towards the bus and they barely made it on. We had locked them in the church!   Luckily they caught up with us and we all went home together.

The next day we had switch offs with the Zone Leaders. We had Elder Paxton with us. We taught a person named Benz, as in the car brand, in the mall on the fourth floor. Benz is a dude, that thinks he is a woman. He is a shemale and a pretty convincing one too. All in all it was a good lesson, and Benz is interested. That was interesting. We then went with a member to teach his mom again. It was way out in the country and his mom was not too willing to listen to us this time. In this lesson the member went hard, and bore hardcore testimony and spoke in a way he has never done before. He got right to his mother’s heart, and it was amazing!!! She got interested, and started listening to us. We then invited around the town and got tons of numbers, and eventually went to the road so the Zone Leaders could go home. It was an awesome day.

We then went to the church and had correlation. The next day we did BOSS0375planning for a while. We invited to Big C and got food for the game night. I also bought a MASSIVE Lord of The Rings book in all Thai which I will be sending home. We then invited and went to game night. We had a good time at game night, and we shared a good spiritual thought afterwards. On Friday we invited all around the town and even roamed onto the set of an Indian movie. We also tried going door to door at some houses and got some people who let us in and listened to us. We traveled miles all day. We then visited this family we contacted the other day and they were super awesome! They have a baptismal date, and they all prayed with us. Their house is so close we can see it from our house! On the way to Book of Mormon class we ran into an LA on the walking bridge. Feist talked to him and let him walk away without getting his number, so we sprinted after him! We ran down the highway and eventually caught him. We got his address because he does not have a number and eventually went to Book of Mormon class.. The next day we planned and invited all day again. We walked all the way to this far away neighborhood so we just started walking in the general direction of the place. We went down strange roads and invited stranger people. We got some numbers, and saw some interesting sights. We eventually made it to the neighborhood and visited some members and LA’s. We then made our way back to the church and taught this less active couple before we taught Institute class. The teacher did not show up so we decided to do it. Pretty slow day, but still a good one. On Sunday we had a good day at church that was full of meetings. We taught some people after but not many of the people who said they would come today actually came. We then dropped off tithing at the bank with a member, and went to another member’s house to visit him. On the way there we ran into an LA who has been missing for months, purely by chance. Then as we were looking for the member’s house we ran into these little girls who said that their uncle has a book of Mormon and has learned with the Elders before! We gave her our number, and told her to give it to her uncle. We then taught a member’s family, and at the end we asked the only non-member in the room, his mother in law, if she wanted to learn with us again. They all said she has learned everything, and the only reason she did not get baptized is because she is afraid of water! So we are going back to see her. We did some awesome work this week, and I feel good about what we did. We had some good people who will progress for sure, and you will be hearing more of our success next week.

-Elder Ridings


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