Great Week in Thailand Nov. 2, 2015

Hello Family

So, it was a good week. Not as interesting as last week, but still some good things happened. SO last Monday when we were emailing the computer place got wrecked because the main server caught on fire so all of the computers died. So we went to a new place that was honestly better than the one we normally use. We bought some food and pens and such at the mall, and I BOSS1514bought some Doritos from a store. They were expensive because they were imported. We then went inviting, and tried to go to FHE but we couldn’t because there were no guys there. So we just invited our way around before this huge storm came in. We got some numbers, and got some good foot from some of the stalls on the street. We then called it a day and went home. The next day on Tuesday we did our studies and went out to get food from the places near our house. We saw some dude in a bright blue suit with a huge hairdo that looked like a character named “Phoenix Wright” from a video game. Look him up. We then went to the mall and met up with the other Elders to get ice cream before our District meeting. We had the meeting at the church, and had a very good down to earth discussion about the state of things. After the meeting we had nothing to do so we went inviting out in the heat. We made our way all the way to Duke’s place and talked to her about getting a calling. We also learned that she has been a radio DJ for 18 years now! She is just taking a break right now. After talking to her we invited more, and had to take cover in a shed by the road because of a massive rainstorm that swept in and sent everyone into cover. We made it to the church soaked for English class. Not many people came and everyone came late because of the rain. We had some lessons set up but we could not see them because it rained and they were not willing to leave their homes. We still had a fun English class, though. We got some food and came home after everything was over. The next day we went with the Second counselor of the Bishop to go see his mom at her home. We went to her house out in the country and talked to her for a good bit. She is a nice lady who lives alone, but we have some work to do to get her more open hearted. The member was so happy that we went and that we got his mom to pray. After that we came home and went inviting before going and trying to find some LA members. After our search they were all not home or we just could not find their houseBOSS1619 due to how addressing works in this country. We then went to the church to teach some people and have correlation meeting. It got awkward when one of the RCs we were talking about showed up and decided she wanted to sit in on the meeting and not leave. So we had to use code words and gestures to talk about her as she was in the room. She luckily did not pick it up. We then decided to teach her and we all went home. The next day we planned for a while, and went inviting before we went a long distance to go see a family at their house. They are all members, and we worked with them to help them set up a Family History activity they want to do. We then invited in their neighborhood and came back to our territory. We made our way to the church and had a very good game night. We did not have many show up due to the rain, but we still had fun. We then taught tons of RCs afterwards. The next day we went out to go find an LA guy at his house. We found his street but did not know what house it was. So we waited under the shade of a tree while we waited for our District leader to call us back and tell us. As we waited a man approached us and it was our old investigator brother Wat! We had not seen or heard from him in almost 2 weeks. He lives on the same street, and was going out to buy food! We were in the right place at the right time. We went and got food with him, and then taught him at his house so we finally know where he lives. After a lesson with him we made it back to the church where we had a lesson with an investigator who was just on the edge of falling away, and we pulled her back. We then had Book of Mormon class and taught some RCs after in a huge lesson. On Saturday we went out to find that LA again. BOSS1561We found him but he would not meet with us because he was “Busy” even though he was just chilling in his front yard. So we invited our way to the church and cleaned it in preparation for tomorrow. We then went with a member to go and see his family at his house. He has been a member for a year, but his wife is not. We had a very good introduction with her, and I feel that we can maybe make progress with her and maybe even get her to join her husband in the church. The husband really loves his wife and wants the best things for her. On Sunday we had a good day expect for the Fast part of it. Normally members will fast on Saturday night so they can all eat a big communal meal after church, but they did not have it! They said on Fast Sunday we will not be making food anymore, which was a tragedy because I was fasting since Saturday. We were so hungry so the meetings were hard to deal with. We taught and went out and invited with the time we had left. We made a great pasta dinner and called people for next week lessons. Today we are taking another break. People have errands to run and things to do. See you next week family, we will be hitting up the escape room again!

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