Eventful Week

Hello Family.

So this was a pretty eventful week with lots of stuff coming together on Sunday. Miracles are all over the pathway of the mission, and it is up to us to notice the signs. On Monday we woke up and prepared for Pday. Outside there were these dudes going around with these gas-flamethrower like things shooting all sorts of white gas into the streets and sewers. The purpose of the gas became apparent when thousands of bugs came flooding out of the sewers and died in droves in the street to be run BOSS1644over by the passing cars. So they think it is a good idea to just blow pesticide everywhere in the city. We emailed and then went to the mall to get some supplies and some ice cream. We ate at a buffet place because it is Pday, and got some ice cream and came home. We were supposed to go to FHE but it was taking to long to figure out where the FHE was, and how we would get there. It started getting late so we did not want to waste time. We decided to just go and teach some RCs at the church. We went to the church and taught Duke and that RC that stalked us into that supermarket last week. In the lesson the crazy RC spilled this milk stuff all over the floor. The ward Mission Leader didn’t even move as he “directed” us to clean it up. The crazy one chased us into the supply closet and tried to force a bag of that same milk stuff into my hands for some reason. I used my companion as a shield and he eventually took it from her. After cleaning up and finishing our lesson we went home. On the way home the entire night sky lit up green, and I looked just in time to see a huge, green comet fly out of the atmosphere and explode into green fragments right above a field across the highway. It was so cool to watch, and Thai people went crazy probably thinking it was religious or something. We then went home before anything else crazy happened. The next day we studied and called people. We then all ran over to the mall and ate food together at the food court. We then ate ice cream and went over to the church for our district meeting. We the invited an called people before meeting Gam, an investigator of ours. We had to teach her in the lobby of the hotel because we had no guy at the church. We taught her an awesome lesson about the Restoration, and we knew she could feel the spirit because this lesson was different than the other one. At English we had lots of people show up, including a girl name Dear who speaks awesome English because she is studying it in India. On the way home we decided to eat at this steak place we had seen a couple of times, and the crazy RC called us. She had talked to a random lady on the bus who was mildly interested, and she forced her phone on this poor woman. I talked to the mystery woman, and got her number from her. The next day we ate at the food court with all the other Elders. I had mentioned how we BOSS1640had never eaten on the balconies at the food court because they were always full. It was about that time I realized that one table on the balcony was open! I slid myself in there and we started eating. About that time a high school marching band just strutted into the mall blasting music, while dancers came in pushing something that looked like an altar to over-sized french fries. The music had a strange effect on the Thai people in the fact that they went absolutely bananas at the music, and the whole mall exploded into dancing and fevered seizures at the concept of a sale on french fries in a cup. We got the heck out of there as soon as we were done eating. We met up with the baker man in the ward and went to teach his mom out in the country again. She was a little more closed hearted this time around, but we did our best to make her feel like we were not ordering her around, and we gently invited her to church. We then invited our way around, and ate food at a restaurant as we observed a white man who looked like a human prairie dog. We then invited some more and I bought some shirts I found, including a duck dynasty shirt. We then came to the church and had correlation meeting and finished some stuff up. The next day we ate really quickly and ran to this ghetto book store that just had piles and heaps of stuff all over the place. So we bought some ghetto supplies from the ghetto store and we went home. We then took a taxi to the stake center and had a zone training. We made capsules for eggs with straws and we had to protect the eggs by making a cage for them. It was super fun, and after training we came home. We dropped stuff off at the house and invited around the place. I went to the patch lady and got some more patches made for my airsoft team back home. We talked to Duke and just went inviting around. We ate food at the church We had game night and sadly none of our investigators just did not show up so we went home after everything was over. For Friday we did planning and such because we did not do it yesterday due to zone training. We got our water swapped out because we were out of it. The other Elders ran into an LA member today who is Thai but is from Russia. We went to the church and met up with an LA. We got brother Dahm to help us (The same one who is 39 and recently had a birthday.) He showed up late and sweating. I asked what had happened and he said that the bus did not stop at the church and that he had to run a kilometer to get to the church. Poor guy. After our lessons were over an RC came to the church with her sister and a friend, who were both dressed as prostitutes. We were really scared but we still taught them. they were surprisingly interested in the church, so after a short, but awkward lesson, we sent them on their way. We then had Book of Mormon class and planned BOSS1513for a fire side we would be leading on Sunday. After it was all over we made our way home. A member is setting up Christmas decorations so she recruited me and my companion to help her. The next day on Saturday went to the stake center again for special IT training, but it got postponed due to scheduling issues. So we went home after wasting a few hours because of that, and went to the church to help with the Christmas stuff. I painted some cardboard houses and such, and we helped spruce the place up. We were calling people the whole time and cleaning the church. We had some people show up to the church over the hours we were there and we taught them so it was a productive day. We did more cleaning and work stuff at the church and then went home. Sunday was really good because we had some new people show up to the church, and we got some new baptismal daters. After church was over and after we had taught people we led a fireside. We talked about “One by One” and the members working with the missionaries. IT was really good, and the message was brought right to the members hearts. After all of our meetings we went to go find brother Wat at his house because he did not go to church. When we got there we found him, and met a new dude who recently moved into the apartment next door. The new guy moved in 3 days ago, and was so happy to see us! He is a member of 6 years! He has not been to church in 5, and he and no idea there was a church in the area. We got his number, and were so happy to have found this lone, lost member. He moved in just a few days after we first found where brother Wat’s house was. The Lord will provide. After our lesson we went home and made dinner because it was late. The miracles. are all around us. We just have to see them, and look closely. The mission is awesome. TOday we are going back to the escape room place, and we are going to master the next top rooms they have. The “Mystery Room” and “Floor 13”. See yah next week!

-Elder Ridings


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