The Work Is Progressing Oct. 5, 2015

Oct. 5, 2015BOSS0951

So it was a pretty good week this week. We had some cool things happen, and actually had a pretty good Pday. On Monday we went over the the Royal Palace and met up with brother Best, Kenny, BBT Members, and Elder Mitchel and his district. The same Mitchel I served with in Rangsit. We all ate at Subway and had a fun time catching up. We then went into the Palace grounds and figured out that to get into the main  temple you had to pay 500 baht. Of course we can read Thai and saw that Thai people got in for free. We tried to smooth talk our way in but they would not budge. So we took photos around the palace grounds but did not enter. We then walked to another temple and walked around inside it for free because we were able to get in for free by talking to the guards. There were tons of white people there, and tons of tour guides. We took a photo with the largest reclining Buddha statue in the world, and saw some dude modeling clothes in the temple grounds. There were also photos of President Obama visiting that temple. We had an awesome time, shopped for souvenirs, and then went into Asoke to a huge mall that has literally everything you could ever want. We all went shopping and i bought a nice metal navigation compass from Germany, and a super small, quad-rotor drone that was super cool! I flew BOSS0834it around a little bit and it controls like a dream, and does flips and rolls. Elder Mitchel thought it was so cool he got one too. We then went to another mall called Paragon and I bought some new pants to wear. The others were getting worn out and I have lost weight so they were not as form fitting. There were some tie celebrities there and some parked Lamborghini’s we were not allowed to take photos of for some reason. We then crossed the same square we played in for that water festival  the beginning of this year. We got in a taxi and eventually got home after a long car ride. I tested out the drone in the apartment and during planning we got a call about transfers. For the 3rd time in my mission nobody moved.! All 4 elders will be staying here.  We then ate at a food steak place called Santa Fe Steak in the mall.

For Tuesday I played around with the drone some more and then went out to eat. After that we met up with the other Elders for Ice cream before our district meeting. We figured out that you can get small American flags for your ice cream on a toothpick. Elder Walker got 4 of them. We then went to the church and had a very good district meeting where everyone got down to earth. We then made phone calls and invited for a while. We saw Sister Duke again and shared some thoughts with her. We went into the nearby store that makes military patches. I had some made and I picked them up that day. They were awesome! We got tons of numbers from people, and ran into a lady that did not believe we taught English for free, she thought it was a front for the mafia because we are in the mafia…… We then took a van to the church and there were tons of people there for English. We had someone come who was interested to learn with us, and she had a friend who was a member in Asoke. Brother Bon brought me some special wallets and belts to check out for my family. We taught an awesome English class, and played a fun game called “Shoom Ball” We then ate really quickly after class was over and rushed to get home.

The next day we ran into a praying mantis on the way out. We ran to Big C and bought supplies for the house and then invited outside the building. We got some numbers, and then walked our way around town inviting because we did not have much plan. We went to the local bookstore and I bought more ink for my journal pens. They also sold tons of vinyl CDs. We then went to a leather store and I bought a new bag for my stuff I carry every day. We got the number of the lady who sole me the bag, and I bought a long zipper wallet that I have turned into a case for my planner. We then met up with some Christian lady outside who said she was interested to learn. We then went to the church and taught Sister Eve and did some work at the church. We then went home. The next day was the 1st of October. Me, Gardner, and Walker all have our birthdays this month. Before planning we all went to Sizzler’s and ate there. They have the free soup and salad bar, so us 4 white guys wrecked it. We the invited our way back home and planned. We then went to the church and talked to Poo-A. We then had game night. We all played Shoom ball again and had an awesome time teaching them new games. I became the king in Shoom ball and held it the whole game. We then had correlation meeting. We then grabbed dinner and went home. The next day we did some inviting and went over to the church. We worked on a member board. AS that was happening some random dude roamed into the church and was interested to learn. We taught him the restoration. I called the Christian lady that I meat the other day by Big C and she said she would come to Book of Mormon class. She came with her older Sister. They have both been Christian their whole life, and they both loved the class. We played a game about the Iron rod involving a room full pf chairs, rope, blindfolds, and a plate of brownies. The two sisters said they would come and meet us tomorrow at 5. BOSS1374The next day we went out to the church first because we had some stuff to do, invited, and ate food at the church. We called some RCs and LAs. We called a dude who said he would come at 2 but he did not come 😦 . Yesterday we ran into a homeless man that would meet us at the church at 3. He did not come of course. We then taught Eve again because she wanted to know what the church does for funerals. The word for funeral in Thai is “งานศพ”. It is 2 words that, if translated directly, means “Corpse Work” scary stuff. We then taught the two Sisters at the church and they were awesome! They both accepted a date, and will be coming to church tomorrow. We then went and bought dinner for Sunday, and went home. Sunday we had a lot of LAs return to the church. The members were super impressed by the member board we were making. We had to download the Women’s Session of General Conference for the Relief Society to watch. Not many investigators came to church. We then had meetings, and waited at the church because brother Wat was coming. So he went nuts about a month ago and stopped answering our calls, but he came back and randomly decided to meet with us. it was a pretty good lesson, and he still wants our help to quit smoking. So we took the same bus as him home, and made dinner. It was a pretty good week with lots of small miracles seen. You have got to enjoy the little things, don’t always be focused on the huge, obvious things. SO this transfer will be better. We got a second chance to try our best. See you next week.

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