News From Thailand Sept. 28, 2015


It was a good week this week. We made some progress with people, and really did some work with the ward and its members. Last Monday we went iceskating. We went all the way to that place we went bowling at, and met up with Brother Best. We had an awesome time skating, and got showed up by little girls who were way better than us. After a good session we ate at McDonald’s and caught up with Brother Best. We then rushed home, changed, and went to the church headquarters in Asoke for Zone Conference. After introductions and some announcements we all got together into 3 teams and played Minute To Win It. We played awesome games and I filmed tons of funny moments. I was on the “Dream Team” We then had a closing activity and took a taxi all the way home.  On Tuesday we woke up early and went down to the Asoke Church again for the second part of Zone Conference. We got stuck in traffic, and spent a lot of time talking. I shared this dream I have been cultivating of filming a TV series like “The Office”. As I was talking about this our taxi took a big u turn on a  bridge with a small park in the middle of it. In the park I saw a homeless man flailing around in the woods and yelled “Look at that crazy guy going nuts in the woods!” Perfect moment for my dream TV show.BOSS1395We had an awesome Zone Conference, and ate Mexican food at the end of it. We then came home just in time for English, and had a fun time. Wednesday we had district meeting and ate food at the mall. We then traveled to the church and had district meeting there. The other Elders had an investigator come in half way through so we had to wait and make calls while they taught him. His name is D__, and we met him at English. We then ran to the post office after and Elder Gardner sent a package home, and all the workers could not grasp we spoke Thai so they kept trying to speak broken English to us. We invited our way to Duke’s drink place and talked with her and shared a spiritual thought. I then found a place that makes military patches, so I got them to make some patches for my Bro’s airsoft team. We invited until the evening, and waited at our apartment for a member to go LA hunting with us. He was late because of a massive rainstorm that was happening, and none of the LA’s were home so we called off the search. We had to pay our power bill so we walked to the 7-11 to pay it. Yes you pay your bills at 7-11. We got wrecked by the rain. Thursday we planned and went out inviting all day. I bought new pants, and we went into the mall to grab ice cream for a break from the hours long inviting spree. We ran into a member of the ward who was hanging out with a member from Rangsit. She was super surprised to see me. It was a fun reunion. We then had 2 girls stalk us through the whole building until I finally called them out. They wanted my Facebook, I told them I do not know them, and got them to commit to coming to English class. Strange turn of events. We then had a new game night later that night. Tons of people and investigators showed up, and everyone had an amazing time. We  taught Brother Note, and went home. The next BOSS0806day we went to the church to teach some people, we then traveled around inviting and visiting people. It was just a big day of visits, and we also bought a bike pump to fix our tires. We did that all day until Book of Mormon class. We had a good class BOSS0394and then went home. Nothing too special. Saturday we ate lunch with the bishop and cleaned the church. There was lots to do and we did a huge deep clean. We had members help us, and we taught people after. We then bought food to make dinner on Sunday. On Sunday we had tons of LA members come back. We also had a surprise birthday party for a member. We had meetings and then we taught a new girl we met a few days ago. Her name translates as “Sweet Water” She was awesome and accepted a baptismal date. We then went to teach a mother of a member but had no guy to help us. Brother D__, the investigator, said he would go and really helped us out. It was an awesome lesson, and the Spirit opened her mom’s heart. Today we are going to a temple to see an emerald Buddha. I do not have much more time but today we will know if I am staying, or leaving, see yah!

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