Hard Work This Week Oct. 12, 2015

Oct. 12BOSS0351

So this was a good week again. Lots of meetings and such, so work was kind of hard to do. We had an amazing time at conference, and took amazing notes, and received amazing instructions. Last Monday we just spent time at home, doing errands, getting hair cuts, and getting stuff done. Just a pretty normal day. We then went a member’s house for Family Home Evening. They had a huge activity with games and food. And the owner of the house apparently has squirrels, so she brought them out and the members played with them. We then eventually went home, and did some inviting. On Tuesday we went over to the church to eat, and met up with the other Elders to go get ice cream before district meeting. We had a good meeting, and talked about goal setting and how to find joy in our work. We then made some calls, BOSS0858and went to see some LA members and invited along the way. Last week we ran into a Burmese lady named Sel who spoke very good English. She said she wanted to come to English class but could not speak Thai, so we told her we would come and get her. We met her at Duke’s coffee stand, and took a van to the church with her. She is a really funny lady with an outgoing personality. We talked to her and taught her a little as we waited for English to start, and we had tons of people show up. A dude named Alex came. He is a member from Thailand but has been traveling the world, and just got back. I figured out he worked in a hotel for 4 months in Panama City beach, Florida. Literally 10 minuted away from my beach house! He knows all the landmarks I do from Florida, and we are totally going to hang out in Florida together. He wishes he could have known there was a member’s house down there while he was working. He brought Doritos from America and they were amazing. I have not had them in over a year! We then and an awesome English class, and went home. The next day we ate at the mall with the other Elders. They were setting up for some big TV show thing in the mall involving the big fountain out front called “The Tree of Life” funny. We then ran into a member in the food court who came over and talked to us. All the Elder’s split up and we went inviting around. We ran into this crazy guy that tried to speak to us by moving his hands around and saying nothing. I told him we can speak Thai and he saidBOSS0865 “Oh, you can speak Thai!.” in Thai, but kept playing charades with us. So I gave him an inviting card, shook his hand, and walked away. We completely broke that man just be being close to him. We went and saw Duke, and went to the church. The people we were going to teach did not show so we taught sister Bop, the RC that was helping has teach. We then taught Sister Gow. She is Vietnamese and her family back home is Catholic. She says she lives 350 kilometers from the church in Vietnam. She is worried what to do when she goes home for the new year. We had a very good talk with her, and taught Eve after we ate dinner. We taught her about eternal marriage. The next day we invited around to the mall, where I got a new pole for my Gopro, and an SD card for my voice recorder because it is getting full. We then tried to get on a bus where there was a bomb scare. There was a large black suitcase, unattended, sitting on a bench with no one by it. Tons of police ran up and started asking who’s bag it was. No one would claim it, and people started to back up or even run away. We were only 20 feet away from the bag, so I grabbed Gardner, grabbed a van, and we got out of there! We then went to the church and we taught some people, and made appointments for the next day. After doing work at the church we went home and met the ZL’s. There were doing a switch off with us all. Elder T was there! He is the Thai dude I served with in Buriram. He is my ZL now and it was awesome to see him. The next day we set up appointments and went to the church because a member we were going to visit brought lunch to us all at the church. On the walk to the bus stop this dog we have named “Tumor Dog” was there. He has lots of weird tumor things, and hangs out at the bus stop everyday. He was lying at the foot of the walking bridge just covered in a swarm of flies. I looked at him and though “That’s it. Tumor Dog has finally died.” But when I looked closer I could see he was breathing. He just didn’t care about the flies. After that we went to his house and taught his family. He is a baker who makes bread. So his house is full of bread. We had an awesome lesson, and he wants us to go teach his mom someday. We then taught Gow at the church, and had another awesome discussion she said she needed. We also taught an LA at the church, and had an awesome lesson with him about success. We then had Book of Mormon class, and the Zls went home. On Saturday we went to the church and spent the whole time watching conference with the ward. Conference was awesome, and Holland was rocking it as usual. He is my favorite speaker. Before conference we bought tons of snacks to make our session better. We at lunch with the members and started the next session. We then taught people after and met with some members who told us their awesome conversion story, and gave us some LA members they want to go teach with us. We then taught some RCs. We then came home. Sunday was awesome! We had an awesome conference session, and had investigators show up. We had an investigator from another church visiting a friend, so I tipped IMGP1946off her Elders and helped them get an appointment with her. We then taught some people after, and went to sister Hanoey’s house to teach her mom again. It was an awesome lesson! She was super open hearted this time, and we gave her a baptismal date! The Sunday morning before her daughter goes to the mission field. I could feel a different atmosphere than last time, and could see how happy her mom is. We started about teaching family history and temples because the mom was interested in that, and slowly took it to baptism. She was too scared to pray for the first time in front of us, but I was told she did it after we left. This was an awesome week with tons of good things happening. Today we are going to some sort of 3D art museum in the deeper city. So I will take lots of pictures. See y’all later.

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