Happy Birthday Elder Ridings

Oct. 26

So this was quite the eventful week. If you are reading this email it means I escaped the room that I mentioned last week! So many cool and unexpected things happened this week. So lets get started. So on Monday it was my birthday! I had tons of happy birthday emails, and I was 21! I don’t feel any different so I guess I am still young haha. We emailed very fast and went to MBK, the super mall for the Escape Room place. We shopped for a while. I bought some good sweat pants and some scarves for the family. We then went upstairs to the 7th floor for Escape Room. It was a huge place with tons of photos of contestants all over the walls, and appropriate Halloween decorations. We all went into a huge prison BOSS0818room, and had to break out of the cell by solving puzzles and traps and such. We made it out but we were 1 minute over the time limit so we did not get on the leader board. It was super fun! We decided we wanted to go again, but only 4 of us went this time. We decided more communication, and less people would be key to winning. We then did the hardest one they had. The “Crime Scene” room. The description was “You are the captain of Thailand’s elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts. You and your team have been called into investigating a homicide case at an abandoned apartment, after the murderer responsible effectively covered his tracks to baffle the police force. BOSS1288However, after hearing that you are on the verge of exposing his identity; he has set out to trap and eliminate you completely. You and your team have 45 minutes to gather the evidence needed to expose the killer’s identity, while figuring out a way to escape from the brilliant murder’s fatal grasp, or suffer an unthinkable fate.” A lot at stake haha. We blew threw the puzzles and traps by using our heads and even my Japanese language skills came into effect during the mission. We made it out in 27 minutes. The fastest time they had seen in a long time. We got on the Leader-boards, and people would have to try very hard to beat out our time. We got our photos up on the board. After having an awesome time we left the mall and took a taxi home. We then came home and invited for a little bit while we got dinner. My first and only birthday in Thailand. The next day Elder Reed was super sick, but we still decided we would have district meeting. We went and ate at the mall Central and got ice cream together. After our meeting we decided to go see some LAs but the Bishop called and asked us to go give a blessing to a member in the hospital. We went to the hospital and to her room on the 15th floor. We talked to her for a while and gave her and her daughter a blessing. She told me that Sister Dye, the one that has followed me since Rangsit, came and visited her. They talked about the Holy Ghost since Dye still does not have it. They apparently had a good discussion about it. I called Dye and talked to her, and she said she has decided to get the Holy Ghost this Sunday. I was kinda  concerned but I started to coordinateBOSS1265 with the Rangsit Elders to get it done. The member said that we would be having a birthday party for me and Elder Walker this Saturday. We then left and came back to the church via bus. We then had English class and set up an appointment with a student for Saturday. We played mafia for English, and had an awesome time. On the way home we grabbed food and avoided a stalker we had not seen for a while. On Wednesday we decided that today would be “Operation: Save Brother Dahm” The members said that due to a miscommunication at the church, he said he would never come back again. They told us this on Sunday. Today was his birthday and we were supposed to meet up with him. He had changed his phone number, and no one had seen him for 2 weeks. We were afraid he had gone over the deep end. So we decided to go find him. We went and found a gift for him, but it was hard because we thought “ What does a 39 year-old, single man who lives on the second floor of a drug store in a Muslim neighborhood want for his birthday?” We found something and took a member over with us in their car. We got to the drug store and were afraid we would bust in and find Dahm wearing a turban or something. The workers were blasting Gangsta rap and they said Dahm is not there. They gave me his new phone number and he eventually showed up. He was completely ok. His grandma has been sick so he was taking care of her. He is coming to church Sunday. So the members miscommunicated about the miscommunication with Dahm! We told him we were having his party with us on Saturday and then we BOSS1243left. We went back to the church and taught some RCs and then had correlation meeting. We swapped it to be Wednesday now. After the correlation one of the RC’s went in the same van as us and kinda followed us. She was super creeper and kinda chased us while asking “Where do you live, elder? WHERE DO YOU SLEEP!?” so we bailed into a super market and lost her in the aisles by running around and scaring everyone in the store. People are scary sometimes. The next day we had to leave after studies for Zone training at the Bangkok West stake center. We got there before our leaders did. We had the meeting and it was good, but went for kind of a long time. We got back to the church just in time for game night, which we should just rename “mafia night” with how often we play the game. I played but then swapped to be the narrator. We then taught a RC and she gave us some weird vegetarian stuff. After we left the church we met up with brother Cheen, the Baker. He sells bread by our house at night in BB Market. He took us to a security guard and gave him the noodles while introducing ourselves. We then went home for the night. The next day we met up with the priesthood super early in the morning and drove to a driving range. They drove all the way to Rangsit! My old area. We taught them the basics of golf in the morning at the church, and they brought a golf book with them. It did not help. They were all BOSS0485pretty bad. One of them even took out a light in the ceiling by letting go of his club! We played for a while and had a pretty good time. We ate food at the church. I ordered a salad but they ran out of dressing so I couldn’t eat. We instead went to McDonald;s and ate. As we were ordering the dude serving us talked to me and said he had learned with the Elders and gone to church before. He said he wanted to go this Sunday so I got his number. A small miracle! We then finished our studies for the day and brother Cheen picked us up to go and see his older brother, a piano master, at his house. He was the only one home and we had a very powerful lesson with him and his member, younger brother. He said he would be going to church this Sunday if he has the time. We then came home and had Book of Mormon class. We then taught some RC’s and taught a new investigator named Gam. She was awesome! She said she would also come that she would come Sunday. The next day we had lunch with brother Dahm and some people before going to get stuff for the church. We invited our way around for some lamps. We bought a pair and took them to the church to lighten some rooms up. They were perfect besides the fact we bought light-BOSS1231bulbs that were too big! We ran back to the store, and I managed to also buy all of their plastic army men on the way out. I found a war game you can play with them with dice and such, people were giving me weird looks as a white guy just leaves the store with an armful of army men. WE then went to the church and had an awesome birthday at the church with me, brother Dahm and Elder Walker. They had tons of food and tons of games and members. We then taught some BOSS1261people and came home. We saw some crazy people on the way home. The next day was Sunday. We had president Johnson and his wife, along with a member of the Seventy visit. We had tons of people show up, including Hanoey’s mom! It was an awesome Sunday that was choked with meeting. We then went to the Stake Center in the Bangkok North zone for the setting apart of sister Hanoey as a missionary for the Birmingham, England mission. It was an awesome experience for her and her mother. She then went with the Sister Missionaries and left. It was the last time we will see her for a long time. It reminds me of the day I was set apart, and also reminds me that tomorrow will be my 1 year mark in the country of Thailand. 14 months as a missionary. The time has gone fast, and it will start ticking even BOSS1243faster. See you next week!

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