Busy Doing The Lord’s Work Oct. 19, 2015

Oct. 19

BOSS1149So I do not have much time so I am gonna cut straight to the story of this week. On Monday it was Pday so we woke up, prepared, emailed, and ran into the city with some members to go to a cool 3D art museum. We went to the huge mall MBK (the one where I got the drone) and went to the 7th floor looking for the museum. The workers said that the place had moved, and was no longer there. We were a little upset, but found out the new place it is at. After roaming around we found the BTS station. It is a massive train system on rails held above the city. We took it to the MRT (underground) station and ended up on the same train as the mission nurse, Sister Seppi. We eventually made it to another mall and found the place. We took tons of photos and videos, and walked around the whole place. We had an awesome time and ended up buying some stuff from the mall. We hopped in a taxi of a dude who has taken missionaries

before and I had a good conversation with him on the way home about boxing and Jesus. It was awesome. We then came home, invited, and went home. The next day we had a meeting with our investigator Namwan at the church really early in the morning. We got to the church and she called and said she should not come. We then had to call the members who were going to help us and tell them to go home. So we continued our studies at the church and Namwan called us back. She said she could meet us and was already at the church! So we had to call the members and get them all to come back. We taught her and had a very good lesson with her. She is worried because her parents do not like Christianity, and she is worried they will be against it. We then had district meeting. The other Elders brought us ice cream because we could not leave the  church. It came in boxes full of dry ice, which we

threw into the toilets for a good time. We then had a very good district meeting, and met with Sister Gow. Had another awesome lesson with her. We then had English class but not many people came because it was raining. For English we played “Mafia” which round 1 was a disaster, but once they figured it out it got super fun. I added to the game by switching lights on and off, and playing scary piano music. After English we talked to people who were interested in learning with us about Christ, and they we invited our way home. On Wednesday The Elders from Lopburi stayed with us because we had to wake up super early and go to the stake center in the north for a meeting with Elder Funk and the president. I felt terrible because an investigator made me eat this pork bun thing yesterday that wrecked my system. I was so tired and sick at the meeting that everything passed by in a blur, even though the meeting was from 8 to 4. It was a super long meeting, and all of the missionaries got new phones. They are so much better than our old phones. We then took a taxi back home, and ate dinner with the relief society at the church as I slept under the sacrament table because I was feeling so bad. We eventually made our way back home where I fell asleep super early. The next day I woke up feeling much better. We had another appointment with Namwan but she did not pick up. We weekly planned for a while. I felt better but did not eat for lunch. We then went to the church and met Sister Sun and Some-oh from Buriram! They came to visit me. Before they got to the church brother Wat showed up and we taught him. We taught from 3 Nephi and had a super spiritual experience with him. He knows he can rely on us when his life is so tough. We then visited with the Buriram members, and we taught Gow again. I got a super man key-chain from someone and a Superman shirt from Sun. We had game night and played mafia again. First round I was a normal person, and we got the mafia quickly. Second time I was the doctor, and I saved people and we quickly found the mafia guy again. The final round I was mafia. I was able to trick and lie my way until there were only 4 people left. Through strategy and tricks I got them to kill one of their own, and got another executed. I then got the final people, and won the game! It was super fun. We then ended the night. For Friday we woke up and did studies for a long time because I had to do house money stuff for a long time. We decided to eat at McDonald’s and went looking for a phone case and a screen protector. We walked and invited all the way to Duke’s coffee stand. All the other food sellers around her are gone, because the one behind her place lit on fire. Everyone has moved out except for her. Her back door melted because the heat was so intense. We talked to her for a while and helped fix her place up and move things around. Luckily the fire did not mess up her stand. We then went to a mall that an LA, Sister Non, works at. We went there and called her but she says she works behind the mall, so we had to take a taxi there. We finally found the bike shop that she works at, and had an awesome conversation with her. She is an awesome person, and she is trying to make money to get back to America. She has lived there before. After that we left and went back to the church for Book of Mormon class. It was a good class, and we played dictionary. On Saturday it was a switch-off with Elder Reed so i went with him for the day. We studied and went and had lunch with an LA named sunny. She is a cool lady with a bulldog who speaks fluent English. We went to her house that was HUGE, and she has 2 maids! We talked to her and shared our life stories. I became pretty good friends with her daughter and her friend, and they really want to learn about Christianity. We got their numbers and had lunch with the family. I talked a lot with them, and then we went to the church to meet a member named brother Day. He brought a crazy friends that would talk to us about nothing other than ghosts and how he only believes things he can see. He was a little psycho. We then had Sister Hanoey’s party for her going away to England as a missionary. It was an awesome party and we ate tons of food. We hung out and played the piano and socialized with the people. We then went with an investigator name brother None’s house and taught his mom. Reed wanted me to teach her because she is pretty closed hearted. We got there and it went full Jesus vs Buddha. She was trying to call us out, yelling at us, denying everything we said, just tense stuff. I had to calm her down, teach her what was right, and get her to listen. I told her I could answer any of her questions that she had. She had some difficult and scathing questions, but I answered them all. She eventually started BOSS0805to listen to us, and we left that house on an ok note. There is a lot I am leaving out because there is so much, but It was one of my MOST  frustrating, dark lessons I have ever had in Thailand. We told her the truth, and the truth was hard at some points. We left feeling happy, because we knew we had said the truth and the right things. On Sunday we went to church and for some reason no body was there! it was only like 46 at church when last week we had like 86. We had lunch, taught people, and went to Hanoey’s house to teach her mom. She did not come to church today, but we had a very good lesson with her. She has really started to open her heart, and is feeling the spirit when we teach her now. We left on a good note at her house, and came home. Today we are going to a place called “Escape The Room” We are put into a room and have to solve puzzles and bypass traps to escape. The one we BOSS0454are doing is about escaping a prison. Here is the briefing. “You are locked in a maximum security prison and are awaiting your execution. You were framed by Dr. Malcolm on charges for murder of your wife. There were attempts to escape from this prison but every escape attempt failed and most inmates were either killed or recaptured while others disappeared without a trace, giving rise to popular theories that they were successfully escaped. You have forty five minutes to escape from the premises before the prison guards return and set yourself free. Your life and destiny are in your own hands.”

If I don’t email next week you know what happened. Wish me luck everyone…

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