A Bunch of Sick Elders This Week

September 14, 2015

This use to be a parking lot before the rain.
A typical Thai house

So this is probably going to be one of my least exciting emails because sickness swept through the district and wiped out the work for a few days. Not much really happened this week, but next week will be better. So on Monday we went out and emailed, and then just ran errands for the whole day. We did some shopping in the mall and I got a new black Oakley backpack. After that we were supposed to go to the church and teach somebody but they were not free, so we went to FHE at someone’s house. We had a good dinner and shared some spiritual thought. I defended everyone from mosquitoes by using an electrified tennis racket to kill the bugs. It was super effective! We then took a taxi home. On Tuesday we ate at the mall, and then met up with the other Elders to get ice cream. I figured out you could get little American flags on our ice cream. So we got tons of flags because our patriotism is so strong. Poo-A showed up and we tried to teach him as best as we could with the language barrier of Burmese to Thai. Tons of people showed up to English, and we had an awesome time teaching. Elder Frodsham called me from Rangsit and gave me a referral to talk to, and we talked a little with brother Wat after class ended. It started to rain really hard, so a ton of people left really quickly. We the made our way to dinner, and then home. Wednesday during studies elder Gardener was feeling kinda bad, so all he wanted to eat was soup. White people soup. We went into a place called Sizzlers because I knew they had an all you could eat salad and soup bar. We went in and were floored by how expensive everything was, even for American prices. WE had already committed though. We were sitting and the waiters were, well, waiting on us. Elder Gardner said he wanted to go to the other steak place that had soup for cheaper. SO I told the waiters give us a moment to think. As soon as they went to the back of the restaurant we hauled out of there and awkwardly bailed from the restaurant. We then went to the other restaurant and ate soup for much cheaper. After we ate we got medicine and came home because Gardner was not doing so well. He slept all day. I cleaned the apartment, read books, and sat on the apartment balcony, on top of the washing machine, for 3 hours watching rain fall and pondering the meaning of all things. The next day Gardner did not even wake up. He slept all day again, and I went crazy from being bored. I cleaned some more, manhandled the refrigerator onto a stand that makes it taller, and watched the sun set from the balcony. I felt like a prisoner in my own home. Luckily the other elders brought me McDonald’s to help me cope. The next day we woke up and Elder Gardner was feeling a little better. We had Zone training over at the stake center, so we took a taxi through the rain to get there. We had an awesome session, and a lot of good things were said. After the meeting was over we came home, and I went with Elder Walker because now Gardner and Reed were sick. We taught this guy named Eddie and his girlfriend Porsche. They are super awesome, and they had lots to talk to us about. They will be getting married soon, but they are not sure when they will be ready for baptism. We then went and had Book of Mormon class, and had a good time. Brother Kenny called me, and said he is back in Thailand. If you remember him he is the one who took us to the ancient city, and the theme park back in Rangsit. He had some stuff he wanted to give me, and wanted to meet the next day. So the next day we planned because we did not do it on Thursday because Gardner was sick. We payed the water bill, and then we went and taught an awesome dude and his Mom. The dude is named brother Non, and he has a majestic, red afro. He has been an investigator a long time, and he knows his stuff. He is basically a member. He just has to get permission from his family to get baptized. I got to meet his mom and teach her a very good lesson. We then met up with Brother Kenny at the church because he wanted to help us teach an investigator who did not show up. We took photos with Kenny, and he gave me some cool stuff from my family. We took him to the roof and took photos with him. We then visited LA members and had an awesome lesson with a lady that speaks awesome English. I bore hardcore testimony and she said she wants to come back. We got kinda wrecked on Sunday because none of our people showed up, except for Poo-A, the awesome dude. After church we had tons of meetings and went LA hunting again and took the sacrament to a lady who could not come to church anymore. Kinda tough week but that’s how it goes sometimes. Sickness is rough when you are a missionary. Not working is a terrible feeling. Gotta keep working to keep feeling happy. Next week will be better. Until next time.

-Elder Ridings


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