Raining and Finding

September 7, 2015

Hello Family.

This last week was awesome! We had tons of cool things happen, and met some interesting people. So picking up off of Monday we went to a new internet place that was not too good, so we changed places for this week. We had to do some special stuff to the computers to get photos out to you last week. We went out and got food, and then went to the new super mall, Central Plaza. It was calm on Monday because not many people were there. We shopped around, checked out the shops, and saw some cool stuff. I bought new Oakley glasses because my other ones got stolen. We went to the book store and got BOSS9886new pens, and rode around on this hover-board like things. It is like a sideways skateboard with wheels that moves when you lean. It was super fun to ride in. I had to practice, and got good at it as the other Elders rested in massage chairs. I bought a new chest rig for the GoPro, and some new parts for it. We then went to the church and taught a heroine addict that is just BOSS9829looking for happiness. We taught him the gospel and the commandments. He really wants to keep them. He talks a lot and will cut you off in the conversation if you let him. We then did some stuff with the camera, and went home. Tuesday we went and ate at the food court in the mall. We then had ice cream and went to the church for our district meeting. It was a good one and then we went home. At the steps of the walking bridge we ran into this lady dancing for money that i first saw over in Rangsit. She was here too! Also 2 people said I was superman. I am not sure how to take it. Maybe because I am big. At the Church Poo-A the Burmese man was there. We ate dinner with him, and set up a Burmese Sister Missionary named Mon to come help us teach him on Friday. We had a ton of appointments cancel on us because of the rain, but we still taught English. It rained the hardest I have ever seen in Thailand. English was fun, and we had an awesome time playing telephone. We ran into the South African guy that lives on our floor in the condo. He is nice. We then ate at pizza hut because sometimes you got to eat big. We started eating but the power went out so we got it to go. We then invited on the street around the mall. We went to a member named Duke who sells coffee, and another Member named O. They tried to convince me O was not a member because we had never met her, but we saw through their deceptions haha. O is a returned missionary! We then IMGP1459answered some awesome questions that Duke had about the Book of Mormon. We went to the church and waited for people to show up. We taught this cool 16 year old named Note. He is totally down to keep the commandments, and drives a sick motorcycle. He likes guns as much as I do! We then taught the Heroine guy and it was crazy. He was scatterbrained the whole lesson, and kept talking about Aristotle. We then BOSS9522ate food and went home after that stressful lesson. He is still coming to church. We went back to Duke and talked to her about the temple. She gave us nice iced coco. She will never let us pay for it, so I have to sneak the money into her money basket. She helped us get a phone number from a customer of hers. We went to the church to open the computer room for her. We then taught Note and his mom the restoration and taught the commandments to his mom. It was an awesome lesson. The Zone leaders showed up and switched off with the others. Walker will work in the other area for a day and Jang will be here for a day. We then went looking for food after showing them the roof of the building. The next day we went out to eat, and then went to see Duke one more time. We left and ran into Poo-a. We took him to the church and taught him when Sister Grover and Mon showed up. They helped us translate he lesson and poo-a wants baptism. We then had correlation meeting, and Elder Walker came back. I bought an anaconda wallet and a lizard wallet from a member. The next day we went to the church and talked to some members. We invited/walked way north of the church and ran

into hostile dogs and crazy homeless men. We saw boats on a river and ran into an LA girl that Sister Grover told us to find. We literally found her parked on the side of the road and started talking to her. It was a miracle. Needle in the haystack. We then came home and taught an investigator a quick lesson, and went back to the church to help a member with the computer. Not much happened besides the amazing find on this day. Church was kinda hard for us. None of our daters for baptism showed up. It was a very normal day. But kinda a bummer. A lot of them had stuff come up. We then planned and went home to make dinner. Our electronic lock on our door died and could not open. We went to 7-11 and bought a 9V battery because I found a way to hot-wire the door and get it open. So luckily we were not locked out for too long. Today we are going to the mall again because so much more still needs to be discovered. Next week we will be going to a temple, and hopefully a new miracle happen. See yah next week!

-Elder Ridings


One thought on “Raining and Finding

  1. So many interesting people to teach!!! I love that you are such a McGyver type of guy! We miss you Elder Ridings!

    God speed!

    Sister Barron & the Barron Boys


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