I’ve Been Transferred To A Brand New Area!

Aug. 24

P1080249 2Hello Family!

So it was an awesome week! President Holland spoke to us, we had parties, and one last baptism before we all bailed out of Rangsit. I am sad to leave that place, but I am happy to serve wherever the Lord sends me. So lets get started on this week. Monday not much really happened. We emailed, talked to people, and ran errands. We taught Sister ___ everything she needs for baptism. She wants to be baptized Wednesday. We then got the phone call. Mitchell, Greenwood, and Me are all leaving Rangsit. So we started telling everyone that we would be departing. The members immediately started plotting our farewell party. We then were told a bomb went off in central Bangkok, so we had to go home, and we were forbidden from using public Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 7.18.14 PMtransportation, and to stay away from highly populated areas. Tuesday we had a very good district meeting, and we went out and ate some good ice cream. AKA- The Last Supper. We started printing out photos and then went to the Soccer Stadium to make soccer jerseys for our families. We then came back home and taught English. We had a very good class, and I went to Zeer and bought a new camera. A Fuji Film X 30. It takes awesome photos, and I started using it by taking our last photos with the English class. We then ate some seafood that a member brought, and went home. The next day we woke up, studied, and packed for a long time. We went and ate breakfast with the Bishop at the police station. He is the police commissioner. Many batman jokes BOSS9174[1]were made. We took photos in the back of squad cars, and ate good food. We then rushed over to the house to do more packing, and then went to the church. Brother Urn brought steak to the church that he had made, and we all had a great lunch. We socialized with some members for a while, and did more packing. We then had the baptism of sister ___! SheP1080359 was super happy, and felt the spirit for the whole day. It was our last little spiritual hooray before the move. We then had a big party at night with a ton of the members, where we were all given gifts and took photos. We ordered pizza for the whole party and said our goodbyes. We then went home and continued our packing for the next day. We woke up and rented out a big pickup to take our stuff to the stake center, We went all the way down there, and then started socializing and working on everyone’s friendship books. I bought tons of new ties from other missionaries so that I can wear them and send them home. Transfers happened, and they had a special program for the leaving missionaries. One of which included Elder Codling, my old companion. He was leaving for America, his 2 years of faithful service complete. He was and awesome guy and he will be missed out here. He contributed his whole heart to this mission, but he has moved on to the “Other World” (AKA America). I got my new companion, Elder Gardener. He just came down from his first area, Lopburi, the monkey city. We all gathered together with our new district, and set off to our new area. Bangbuatong, West Bangkok–A new IMG_4647chapter of my mission. It is me, Elder Reed, Elder Gardener, and new missionary, Elder Walker. We are in an apartment building a short bus ride from the church. We got into our new area and moved it. Lots of unpacking. We then slept like rocks. The next day we woke up and went shopping around and inviting. We bought 2 dressers for the apartment. We have just opened up a new area, so we are starting from scratch. We bought furniture and got our new house all nice. The other Elders already have a place, but because me and Elder Gardner opened a new area we don’t have much. We got lost going to the church, and had Book of Mormon class. The church is weird because it is in this huge hotel building on the second floor. We went to the top of the building and took awesome photos. We got food and invited the night away. The next day we just studied and invited the whole day. We invited all the way to the church and back, and then met with an RC of ours named ___ at the church. We then took nighttime photos from the top of the church. Sunday was

awesome. We went to church and met all of the members. We had tons of meetings after church, and met tons of people. We went over to a member’s house to help her with a family history problem, and then we went and made dinner at home. The days here have not had much in them because we just started. We have to build up some investigators first! I am excited to be in a new place, and I look forward to serving the Lord on this new soil. See you next week!

-Elder Ridings


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