Aug 3

Hello Family.
This week was awesome. Stuff got done, work was did, and people done been saved. Miracles abounded this week. On Monday we had no time to email, which is why I did not send the email for 2 weeks ago, but lets get started. Monday we went to the old capital of Ayutthaya in the north. We got there and took photos at the Mortal Kombat Wat. We call it that because they filmed part of the Mortal Kombat movie there. We took tons of photos, and there were tons of white people there. After P1080270that we took a truck to the Water Market. We took photos with elephants, bought cools gifts, and got photos with the tiger again. They had a cool historical battle happening that was a skit about when the Burmese came P1080273and attacked the city in ancient times. It was fun to watch, but a guy almost blew off his hand with a firework in the skit. After having a good time at the city we took a van home. We got back to the church and taught a guy named___. He is a tatted up 23 year old biker that is Christian. We had an awesome lesson with him, and he accepted baptism for the 9th. He said he has been looking for the truth, and he has found it. He has a sick motorcycle, and he is a nice guy. When I asked him what he did today he said ” Played with my 2 cats, watched Adventure Time, raced motorcycles.” This man is a boss, ladies and gentlemen. On Tuesday we studied and went out to District Meeting. President Johnson himself came to interview all of us, and to interview ___ since he is Muslim. It P1080285was so awesome meeting President and Sister Johnson personally. I had a very enlightening interview with him. He then interviewed ___ and we taught an investigator named ___. After it was all said and done Pres. Johnson and ___were friends, and ___ was telling them to stay in his London condo. ___ was so happy to have passed, and was super pumped for baptism on the 2nd. The Johnsons then left and we taught English. It was a super, awesome day. Especially since Sister Johnson brought homemade cookies. On Wednesday we went and invited, sent packages, and taught a new girl named ___ at the church. She was cool, but works on Sunday. We then taught ___ another awesome lesson, and went to Book of Mormon class. After the class was over we taught ____ another good lesson, and went home for the night. The next day we planned for IMG_4649a long time, and decided to eat at KFC. All of our plans failed so we invited the whole day. We rubbed shoulders with Jack on a staircase. We then went to the church to teach 2 girls after the mass inviting session. They came to tell us that they had to leave. What? They were about to leave to go on some holiday thing when the rain all of the sudden came crashing down outside. A Monsoon. We then were able to teach them a full lesson because the rain would not let up. About the time we were P1080328saying the closing prayer the rain finally stopped. A miracle? I think so. After that we taught ___ again. It was a good day. The next day was pretty slow. We had NOTHING. So we invited all day. Nothing too crazy happened. Just slogging it through the heat and inviting people who like Buddha too much. We then came home to the church and taught 2 RCs before teaching a pretty good lesson to ___. It was an ok day. The next day we taught 2 new people named ___ and ___. They were pretty cool, and even accepted baptism! Racking up the daters! We then had to go home and finish our studies because we had to teach the girls in the morning. ___ got interviewed and actually passed! She is ready for this Sunday. After that we taught a ton of Rcs, and prepared for tomorrow. Then Sunday rolled around. It was a very good day at church, and pretty normal, until the baptisms. We had a grand total of 5 people! Sister ___, Sister___, Sister ___, Sister ___, and good old Brother ___, the Muslim. There were so many people in white, and Elder Gundry baptized his first person in Thailand. We taught at a member’s house later that day, but nothing was as awesome as that baptism. We then had

all 5 of them bear their testimonies, and ___ had to get his translated as he said it. ___ was so happy, he was joking around and smiling more than I had ever seen him. So let me explain about ___ if you cannot remember from my past emails. He was born in Bangladesh but moved to London as a kid. He has been Muslim his whole life. He has traveled the world and eventually ended up working for a satellite company here in Thailand. ___ had a house, a wife, and 3 kids. He was doing well for almost 12 years until the company pulled out of the country during the rebellion, and his wife left him. He has tried to care for the kids, but only recently sent them to his mom in Canada since he has no job. He has roamed Thailand until he met with Elder Mitchel almost 9 months ago in Northern Thailand. He was invited to church, and eventually vanished when he moved to Chiang Mai. Months later Elder Mitchell got a call from ___, saying he had tried to find the church, but could not find it. He then disappeared again. He eventually faded from P1080314memory, then into legend, then into myth… until he made his return. 6 months ago he was in Rangsit. He met with one of the older members of the Rangsit church several times in a train station. They would talk because this member spoke some English. After a few weeks of contact he eventually followed the member to our church, and ran into the Elders. I got here 3 weeks later, and met the man for myself. The Odyssey of ___ began. I have taught him for almost 5 months, and met with the craziest stories and situations I think I will ever see. Things like him being Muslim, fleeing to Monaco, coming back, moving to London, moving back, someone trying to kill him, being hospitalized in the North, moving into a house across the street from the church, being interviewed by President Johnson himself because he is Muslim, etc. The stories and sayings of this man are crazy. And he has finally followed Christ after 10 months, and was baptized. He is not only a cool guy, but our friend too . ___ has been an example to us all, and I hope to know him for many years to come. The Odyssey of ___ The Investigator has ended, and the Saga of ___ The Member has BEGUN!

-Elder Ridings


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