I’ve Been Transferred To A Brand New Area!

Aug. 24

P1080249 2Hello Family!

So it was an awesome week! President Holland spoke to us, we had parties, and one last baptism before we all bailed out of Rangsit. I am sad to leave that place, but I am happy to serve wherever the Lord sends me. So lets get started on this week. Monday not much really happened. We emailed, talked to people, and ran errands. We taught Sister ___ everything she needs for baptism. She wants to be baptized Wednesday. We then got the phone call. Mitchell, Greenwood, and Me are all leaving Rangsit. So we started telling everyone that we would be departing. The members immediately started plotting our farewell party. We then were told a bomb went off in central Bangkok, so we had to go home, and we were forbidden from using public Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 7.18.14 PMtransportation, and to stay away from highly populated areas. Tuesday we had a very good district meeting, and we went out and ate some good ice cream. AKA- The Last Supper. We started printing out photos and then went to the Soccer Stadium to make soccer jerseys for our families. We then came back home and taught English. We had a very good class, and I went to Zeer and bought a new camera. A Fuji Film X 30. It takes awesome photos, and I started using it by taking our last photos with the English class. We then ate some seafood that a member brought, and went home. The next day we woke up, studied, and packed for a long time. We went and ate breakfast with the Bishop at the police station. He is the police commissioner. Many batman jokes BOSS9174[1]were made. We took photos in the back of squad cars, and ate good food. We then rushed over to the house to do more packing, and then went to the church. Brother Urn brought steak to the church that he had made, and we all had a great lunch. We socialized with some members for a while, and did more packing. We then had the baptism of sister ___! SheP1080359 was super happy, and felt the spirit for the whole day. It was our last little spiritual hooray before the move. We then had a big party at night with a ton of the members, where we were all given gifts and took photos. We ordered pizza for the whole party and said our goodbyes. We then went home and continued our packing for the next day. We woke up and rented out a big pickup to take our stuff to the stake center, We went all the way down there, and then started socializing and working on everyone’s friendship books. I bought tons of new ties from other missionaries so that I can wear them and send them home. Transfers happened, and they had a special program for the leaving missionaries. One of which included Elder Codling, my old companion. He was leaving for America, his 2 years of faithful service complete. He was and awesome guy and he will be missed out here. He contributed his whole heart to this mission, but he has moved on to the “Other World” (AKA America). I got my new companion, Elder Gardener. He just came down from his first area, Lopburi, the monkey city. We all gathered together with our new district, and set off to our new area. Bangbuatong, West Bangkok–A new IMG_4647chapter of my mission. It is me, Elder Reed, Elder Gardener, and new missionary, Elder Walker. We are in an apartment building a short bus ride from the church. We got into our new area and moved it. Lots of unpacking. We then slept like rocks. The next day we woke up and went shopping around and inviting. We bought 2 dressers for the apartment. We have just opened up a new area, so we are starting from scratch. We bought furniture and got our new house all nice. The other Elders already have a place, but because me and Elder Gardner opened a new area we don’t have much. We got lost going to the church, and had Book of Mormon class. The church is weird because it is in this huge hotel building on the second floor. We went to the top of the building and took awesome photos. We got food and invited the night away. The next day we just studied and invited the whole day. We invited all the way to the church and back, and then met with an RC of ours named ___ at the church. We then took nighttime photos from the top of the church. Sunday was

awesome. We went to church and met all of the members. We had tons of meetings after church, and met tons of people. We went over to a member’s house to help her with a family history problem, and then we went and made dinner at home. The days here have not had much in them because we just started. We have to build up some investigators first! I am excited to be in a new place, and I look forward to serving the Lord on this new soil. See you next week!

-Elder Ridings


The Work Is Moving Forward…..

Aug. 15

BOSS9267[1]Hello Family.

it was a pretty good week. Once again I got lazy and forget to write for last week. So this is a summary of 2 weeks ago, then expect the summary for this last week. Sorry folks! I am still a person who procrastinates. On Monday we studied and emailed, and got a phone call from a Thai sister in Salt Lake, telling us to go find her La friend. So we put that in our planners, and emailed for a very long time. We all ate at KFC, and shopped. We then took a truck to the nearby University to look for that LA, sister ___. We have taught her before, and she just got back into town. We went on a sketchy journey through the student housing at night to find her. We then met up and taught her in the lobby of her really nice apartment. She wants to be a missionary, and go to the temple. We told her exactly what she needs to do, and she wants to come back to the church. On Tuesday we went to the church at 9:30 am and got picked up by sister ___ and her husband. We went to the nursing home and picked up her father. He is a super old man with no legs and is in a wheel chair. We got him out of the nursing home, and ___ husband started to roll him down the ramp to the truck. Something happened and he slipped, so the whole wheel chair flipped. The old man flipped and smacked his head on the ground, and stopped moving. I was like “I did not just see him die in front of me, but look at his face!” He was just sitting there, eyes wide open and not moving a muscle in his face. We thought he was

dead but he started moving again. We hoisted him into the truck, and decided to take him to the hospital. On the way there the truck opened and his empty wheelchair flew out! It got run over by a semi truck. At this point I thought that we were all going to die, and tightened the seat-belt. We got the wheelchair back in the car, and thankfully made it to the hospital. We then ate food with him, and went to district meeting. We taught an awesome girl named ___. She was awesome! We then taught English, and taught an awesome dude named ___. He is an awesome dude that we have taught before. He has already accepted baptism, but his story is awesome. I invited him about 2 months ago, and he said he was not free until the end of June. I waited for June 20th to roll around, and then I called him. He met with us, and was awesome. He is a tattooed bike dude who is 23 and loves IMGP1471his 2 cats. He has been Christian for 9 years, and loves Jesus. So he is basically awesome. Wednesday we ate at a pretty good steak place before we went to the church and taught Sister ___ after he baptism last Sunday. She also has a very cool story. I    invited her about a month ago, and she said she would call us when she was free. Whenever they say that, they never call back. Several weeks later she called and said she was free to meet us, a miracle in itself. We met her at English class, andScreen Shot 2015-08-30 at 7.26.44 PM

taught her until her baptism last Sunday. We then had to go find an investigator out in the street named___ and her little 6 year old daughter. She was awesome, and accepted a date for baptism. We then left after our lesson, but ran into ___ and ___, 2 investigators we did not think were coming because 2 hours had passed since our appointment time. After that we invited our way to the mall and printed photos for our Area Book. Thursday we planned and then went out to eat with the other Elders. We had Zone training at the church when an LA member named ___ brought a friend of his named ___. ____ was awesome, and she accepted baptism right on the spot!. She agreed to basically meet with us every day until Sunday at church. She even pushed her La friend to come to church. We then took 4 old people to Brother King’s house to teach his great-grandmother. She was ok, but all of the old people basically pressured her into saying yes for a baptismal date so that they would stop asking her. We were then fed tuna toast, and went back to the church to teach a new guy named ___. He was a pretty cool guy, and wants to study and learn before he commits to anything. We had to split so that Gundry could teach ___, and So I could teach ____. We started teaching her about temples, but it slowly changed into a talk about faith, and the bearing of hardcore testimony. It was an awesome lesson, and she could feel the love we had for her. Friday we woke up and went to P1080461the government Center to renew Gundry’s visa. We then roamed for food, and took a taxi home. I was taught how to solve a Rubik’s Cube in the taxi, and we made it home. We met and taught ___ again, and taught ____, We then had sports day, and i taught ____ and her Sister ____. On Saturday we had to go to the church and shut it because the lady cleaning it said she had a ghost or something chase her. We had to La members show up to the church, and had a super hard lesson with them. Basically me and Gundry had to stop being nice to them and tell them how it is, and how they have no excuse to not come to church. After that depressing lesson we taught ___. After him we had an appointment with sister ____ and her family, so ___ drove us out there in his car at breakneck speeds, blasting metal music about Jesus. He got us there and we had dinner with the family. It was super sad because we learned they were moving away for 2 months, and that this would probably be the last time I see them or they see me. People got emotional, and I am going to miss that family. I just hope another Elder down the line can love them as much as we did. They took us home, and we said our goodbyes. We taught a lesson to someone where there was a little confusion in the law of chastity lesson. They thought we said you cannot have gay friends and that you should not associate with gay people. We had to clear that up a little bit, but it was pretty funny. We had a special Sunday where people did stuff for Mother’s Day here in Thailand. Everyone in church stood up and did this weird chant that talked about the king, and Buddha, and Apostasy. None of the Elders knew what was happening. It was weird. We then went out to visit a member way out in the country, and got taken home by a super cool taxi driver who really wants to learn English. It was an awesome week, and we had a ton of fun. Rangsit is going strong, and as you can see, things are still weird here.

-Elder RidingsP1080208


Aug 3

Hello Family.
This week was awesome. Stuff got done, work was did, and people done been saved. Miracles abounded this week. On Monday we had no time to email, which is why I did not send the email for 2 weeks ago, but lets get started. Monday we went to the old capital of Ayutthaya in the north. We got there and took photos at the Mortal Kombat Wat. We call it that because they filmed part of the Mortal Kombat movie there. We took tons of photos, and there were tons of white people there. After P1080270that we took a truck to the Water Market. We took photos with elephants, bought cools gifts, and got photos with the tiger again. They had a cool historical battle happening that was a skit about when the Burmese came P1080273and attacked the city in ancient times. It was fun to watch, but a guy almost blew off his hand with a firework in the skit. After having a good time at the city we took a van home. We got back to the church and taught a guy named___. He is a tatted up 23 year old biker that is Christian. We had an awesome lesson with him, and he accepted baptism for the 9th. He said he has been looking for the truth, and he has found it. He has a sick motorcycle, and he is a nice guy. When I asked him what he did today he said ” Played with my 2 cats, watched Adventure Time, raced motorcycles.” This man is a boss, ladies and gentlemen. On Tuesday we studied and went out to District Meeting. President Johnson himself came to interview all of us, and to interview ___ since he is Muslim. It P1080285was so awesome meeting President and Sister Johnson personally. I had a very enlightening interview with him. He then interviewed ___ and we taught an investigator named ___. After it was all said and done Pres. Johnson and ___were friends, and ___ was telling them to stay in his London condo. ___ was so happy to have passed, and was super pumped for baptism on the 2nd. The Johnsons then left and we taught English. It was a super, awesome day. Especially since Sister Johnson brought homemade cookies. On Wednesday we went and invited, sent packages, and taught a new girl named ___ at the church. She was cool, but works on Sunday. We then taught ___ another awesome lesson, and went to Book of Mormon class. After the class was over we taught ____ another good lesson, and went home for the night. The next day we planned for IMG_4649a long time, and decided to eat at KFC. All of our plans failed so we invited the whole day. We rubbed shoulders with Jack on a staircase. We then went to the church to teach 2 girls after the mass inviting session. They came to tell us that they had to leave. What? They were about to leave to go on some holiday thing when the rain all of the sudden came crashing down outside. A Monsoon. We then were able to teach them a full lesson because the rain would not let up. About the time we were P1080328saying the closing prayer the rain finally stopped. A miracle? I think so. After that we taught ___ again. It was a good day. The next day was pretty slow. We had NOTHING. So we invited all day. Nothing too crazy happened. Just slogging it through the heat and inviting people who like Buddha too much. We then came home to the church and taught 2 RCs before teaching a pretty good lesson to ___. It was an ok day. The next day we taught 2 new people named ___ and ___. They were pretty cool, and even accepted baptism! Racking up the daters! We then had to go home and finish our studies because we had to teach the girls in the morning. ___ got interviewed and actually passed! She is ready for this Sunday. After that we taught a ton of Rcs, and prepared for tomorrow. Then Sunday rolled around. It was a very good day at church, and pretty normal, until the baptisms. We had a grand total of 5 people! Sister ___, Sister___, Sister ___, Sister ___, and good old Brother ___, the Muslim. There were so many people in white, and Elder Gundry baptized his first person in Thailand. We taught at a member’s house later that day, but nothing was as awesome as that baptism. We then had

all 5 of them bear their testimonies, and ___ had to get his translated as he said it. ___ was so happy, he was joking around and smiling more than I had ever seen him. So let me explain about ___ if you cannot remember from my past emails. He was born in Bangladesh but moved to London as a kid. He has been Muslim his whole life. He has traveled the world and eventually ended up working for a satellite company here in Thailand. ___ had a house, a wife, and 3 kids. He was doing well for almost 12 years until the company pulled out of the country during the rebellion, and his wife left him. He has tried to care for the kids, but only recently sent them to his mom in Canada since he has no job. He has roamed Thailand until he met with Elder Mitchel almost 9 months ago in Northern Thailand. He was invited to church, and eventually vanished when he moved to Chiang Mai. Months later Elder Mitchell got a call from ___, saying he had tried to find the church, but could not find it. He then disappeared again. He eventually faded from P1080314memory, then into legend, then into myth… until he made his return. 6 months ago he was in Rangsit. He met with one of the older members of the Rangsit church several times in a train station. They would talk because this member spoke some English. After a few weeks of contact he eventually followed the member to our church, and ran into the Elders. I got here 3 weeks later, and met the man for myself. The Odyssey of ___ began. I have taught him for almost 5 months, and met with the craziest stories and situations I think I will ever see. Things like him being Muslim, fleeing to Monaco, coming back, moving to London, moving back, someone trying to kill him, being hospitalized in the North, moving into a house across the street from the church, being interviewed by President Johnson himself because he is Muslim, etc. The stories and sayings of this man are crazy. And he has finally followed Christ after 10 months, and was baptized. He is not only a cool guy, but our friend too . ___ has been an example to us all, and I hope to know him for many years to come. The Odyssey of ___ The Investigator has ended, and the Saga of ___ The Member has BEGUN!

-Elder Ridings