The Work Rolls Forward

Hello Family!P1080168

So last week was awesome. We got some very good work done, and even had some surprising miracles happen, and close moments with some of the members. Last Monday started out with us playing basketball and just kinda doing our thing here at the house and running errands. We have kinda done everything there is to do here in Rangsit. We were invited to an FHE activity, but were not sure if we could go because we had an appointment at the same time. We called to confirm and she had blocked us. So yes, we went to FHE. The taxi driver was an “interesting” character. P1080140He wanted us to take him to America because he liked America. Sorry dude, no go. We got to the members house and had an awesome time. She made spaghetti for everyone, and we ate good. That night was not so fun though. I woke up, and threw up. All of the spaghetti and other things Iate. It was horrible, and I felt horrible. On Tuesday I stayed home all day and recovered. I was pretty delirious and I felt like death. I went to English class because we had someone to teach, but I just sat in the back. We went on a companionship exchange because I could not teach. The other Elders taught our investigators, while I went home. I took a lot of medicine, and a member gave me something very cool. She works for a company that sells this fruit juice called “Tahitian Noni” It was vile, but after 10 minutes I instantly felt better. The next day when I woke up I felt so much better. About 80%. We went and met with an RC at the church and taught her as we waited for our investigator. She did not come so the RC left, and we made some phone calls. The investigator actually did show up, 2 hours late. We had to go to the church and teach her. She brought 2 friends. We taught them all, and gave them all dates. It was an awesome lesson, and we got 3 new investigators! After that we invited and went to teach Book of Mormon class. Before the class we taught a brother .We also taught XXX some more about where Islam came from. It was a pretty good day for us, especially since I was still recovering. We were incredibly grateful to be blessed in such a way. The next day we went to the Stake center and received

training on referrals and working with the members. We got some awesome tips and ideas that we were excited to implement. When we came home we went to the college and taught some old investigators Fern and Gow. I was able to do almost everything they told us to do in the training. It was an awesome lesson and they understood. We then went and taught Nah at her house. She is moving back to Ubon, her home. We wont see her again for another 2 months and we could be gone by then. She owns little material possessions, and all she was packing is her clothes and scriptures. She is an awesome example for us all. She wanted a blessing from us, and we had some very good verses to teach her. At the end of it all she said “Every time I have a problem, God send you, the Elders” she said every time she has a problem in her life or something very bad happens that day, we come and visit her or call her. She says that day her father called and was bashing on her for being Christian. She was sad all day, but then we came to visit her. She said she knows God lives, and she loves us for helping her. We took one last photo with her, and parted. I will miss her a lot. She has so much faith. We then taught another investigator at the church, and P1080138got her to commit to come to church Sunday. The next day we taught someone in the morning, and then went out to invite. We ate at a place called Santa Fe. It was pretty good. We then met with a sister. She had been an investigator that had vanished. She and been having family problems, and she knew we could help her. We told her we could help her, and we were her family too. She cried. We then taught a ton of the RCs about helping Sister Aim since Nah was gone. The next day we went shopping for food and invited. We ran into some good people, and got some good numbers. We taught an RC at the church because another investigator did not show up. After that we ate food and called people for a while. On Sunday we had a pretty low attendance for some reason. For today not much is happening. Just resting. Last week was awesome, and I am glad to have met awesome people like sister Nah. Nothing replaces missionary work. All people should be missionaries. The work rolls forward here in Rangsit. Things are going good. We may meet obstacles, but they help us grow. It is how we overcome those obstacles that matters.

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