The Work Rolls Forward

Hello Family!P1080168

So last week was awesome. We got some very good work done, and even had some surprising miracles happen, and close moments with some of the members. Last Monday started out with us playing basketball and just kinda doing our thing here at the house and running errands. We have kinda done everything there is to do here in Rangsit. We were invited to an FHE activity, but were not sure if we could go because we had an appointment at the same time. We called to confirm and she had blocked us. So yes, we went to FHE. The taxi driver was an “interesting” character. P1080140He wanted us to take him to America because he liked America. Sorry dude, no go. We got to the members house and had an awesome time. She made spaghetti for everyone, and we ate good. That night was not so fun though. I woke up, and threw up. All of the spaghetti and other things Iate. It was horrible, and I felt horrible. On Tuesday I stayed home all day and recovered. I was pretty delirious and I felt like death. I went to English class because we had someone to teach, but I just sat in the back. We went on a companionship exchange because I could not teach. The other Elders taught our investigators, while I went home. I took a lot of medicine, and a member gave me something very cool. She works for a company that sells this fruit juice called “Tahitian Noni” It was vile, but after 10 minutes I instantly felt better. The next day when I woke up I felt so much better. About 80%. We went and met with an RC at the church and taught her as we waited for our investigator. She did not come so the RC left, and we made some phone calls. The investigator actually did show up, 2 hours late. We had to go to the church and teach her. She brought 2 friends. We taught them all, and gave them all dates. It was an awesome lesson, and we got 3 new investigators! After that we invited and went to teach Book of Mormon class. Before the class we taught a brother .We also taught XXX some more about where Islam came from. It was a pretty good day for us, especially since I was still recovering. We were incredibly grateful to be blessed in such a way. The next day we went to the Stake center and received

training on referrals and working with the members. We got some awesome tips and ideas that we were excited to implement. When we came home we went to the college and taught some old investigators Fern and Gow. I was able to do almost everything they told us to do in the training. It was an awesome lesson and they understood. We then went and taught Nah at her house. She is moving back to Ubon, her home. We wont see her again for another 2 months and we could be gone by then. She owns little material possessions, and all she was packing is her clothes and scriptures. She is an awesome example for us all. She wanted a blessing from us, and we had some very good verses to teach her. At the end of it all she said “Every time I have a problem, God send you, the Elders” she said every time she has a problem in her life or something very bad happens that day, we come and visit her or call her. She says that day her father called and was bashing on her for being Christian. She was sad all day, but then we came to visit her. She said she knows God lives, and she loves us for helping her. We took one last photo with her, and parted. I will miss her a lot. She has so much faith. We then taught another investigator at the church, and P1080138got her to commit to come to church Sunday. The next day we taught someone in the morning, and then went out to invite. We ate at a place called Santa Fe. It was pretty good. We then met with a sister. She had been an investigator that had vanished. She and been having family problems, and she knew we could help her. We told her we could help her, and we were her family too. She cried. We then taught a ton of the RCs about helping Sister Aim since Nah was gone. The next day we went shopping for food and invited. We ran into some good people, and got some good numbers. We taught an RC at the church because another investigator did not show up. After that we ate food and called people for a while. On Sunday we had a pretty low attendance for some reason. For today not much is happening. Just resting. Last week was awesome, and I am glad to have met awesome people like sister Nah. Nothing replaces missionary work. All people should be missionaries. The work rolls forward here in Rangsit. Things are going good. We may meet obstacles, but they help us grow. It is how we overcome those obstacles that matters.

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Happy Fourth Of July Y’all

P1080083Hello Family!

So let me open up this email by saying the unthinkable has happened in the Rangsit District, for a second time. NO ONE IS MOVING. Everyone will be staying here for another 6 weeks. I am so relieved because there are so many lose ends to tie up, and so many to teach. The work rolls forward. Also, by the way, so now that this week is over, and the next week still exists for us here in Rangsit, lets get onto the week. On Monday we really did not do too much. We emailed for 4 hours. We then went and ate at subway before shopping around a bit. I ran into a guy who sells crocodile leather stuff, but I did not have time to peruse his wares. We went out inviting, and taught some people at the church. We really did not do too much. On Tuesday we had district meeting, and then went out to eat ice cream. We invited and had to go to the church to teach a recent convert of about 8 months. She is having trouble with her mom and dad. They are having issues and fighting each other. I gave her the best advice I could, and I think it helped her feel a lot better. We taught an investigator P1080106named Sister Kat before English class. We had a fun class, and I asked a member for translation help. Remember that guy who said he was an Arbiter of the Lord? Well he wrote down the word and I translated it. I actually translated it wrong, so a member told me what he was. He was not an Arbiter of the Lord, he was a NAGA of the Lord. Nagas are a serpent that comes from Buddhist beliefs. So the story just got a little more epic. After English we did not have anyone to teach, so we just invited. We saw a lady collecting trash and recyclables to turn in. She had a massive bicycle-cart that looked like something straight out of Mad Max. She had a herd of 20 dogs following her. We decided to get off the road until she passed. We were able to call and share some thoughts with RCs. On Wednesday we studied and then went to the stake center to meet President Johnson. He 1908110_1653143008232652_5638341927412241196_ncame and introduced himself and his wife, and showed us pictures of their life. It was awesome, and he is TALL. We got to take a photo with him, and shake his hand. We then came home and taught the Book or Mormon class. We taught Sister Nurse and she says she still does not feel ready for baptism. We tried to P1070810help her out, and she seemed to be a little better. On Thursday we planned, ate and then went to the church to teach. We taught Kat again, and got really close to finishing all the lessons. She understands everything pretty well, and has no problem with the commandments. Right after that the Sister with family problems came again, and we had a very good lesson for her. We gave her more advice, and I gave her the Facebook of someone who could be really helpful for her. We then taught a dude, but he was as high as a kite, soooo I don’t know how solid it was. We went out to invite and saw Jack Sparrow again. He has been AWOL for some time, and I had assumed he was dead. Nope. He still lives, and is still crazy. On Friday we ate and once again taught the Sister with family problems. She has a plan to have family nights on Sunday and some pretty good ideas for building family unity. I was proud of her. After that we took a long bus ride to Brother Man’s house, but once again he was not there. We made some phone calls to make sure people were coming for Sunday. Within 15 minutes all of the 4 baptisms we had planned told us they could not come. They had excuses, work, or just did not feel ready. It felt like I had been slapped in the face. It was a terrible feeling. I kinda lost all motivation for the day. We decided that we would walk to our next appointment because we had so much extra time. As we walked we actually got a good amount of numbers. We had one cool experience where Gundry invited a couple but they just ignored him. They then had to walk past me as I was talking to one lady. They saw that I was speaking Thai to her and must have realized that Gundry spoke Thai to them, not English. They went back and asked him what the picture on the baptismal card was, and we got their numbers. We made it to Sister Nah’s house and had to teach her off her back porch because a male member could not help us. We taught off the porch into her house because we technically can’t enter the house without a man. It was an awesome lesson. We ended up re-teaching the Restoration, since they are converts. The next day was my favorite day of the week, P1080104THE FOURTH OF JULY. I took some appropriately patriotic photos on our roof with me and the American flag. We went and ate Subway because today is American Day. No rice in this food! We then went and invited. We went to the college and taught Fern and Gow, two of our baptisms. They told us they could not come this Sunday. They are still doing well in terms of Gospel progression.  We went and got dinner, and 7-11 because of time, and rushed home. We saw Mad Max-cart lady again. On Sunday we had a good day, including investigators showing up. We had the baptism of an Old lady who was super Buddhist. She was awesome.. We visited a member at her house and invited. Today was an awesome p-Day. I will talk about it more next week.

We played airsoft with members and it was a blast. We were also told that no one is leaving for transfers. A huge sigh of relief went through everyone. We are all so happy to get the opportunity to continue on here in Rangsit. Life goes on. Being a missionary is awesome. See you next week family. The wild Thailand train keeps getting crazier.

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Wild Crazy Week

Elder Ridings with his mission president

Hello Family.

So this week has been wild with a ton of weird stuff happening, and some good work done. Before you wonder, no, we did not have a baptism this week. The whole zone is having a hard time. If we keep working hard everything will work out. So on Monday we went to an amusement park called Dream World. It is like Disney World but Asian and smaller. We rode a ton of rides, got soaked, ate food, and took some good photos. We were there for a long time. Dream World seemed sketchy at first, but ended up being awesome. We went with a member named Kenny. He is living in California and loves to do stuff with Elders. He helped us with the whole Dream World process, and made it so much more fun. After that we went back to the church and taught a lesson with Sister Dye.

On Tuesday we went and invited for a while, and then met with Sister Cherry, a Chinese lady. She had drawn the elders as anime characters and gave them to us. She is moving so she will be going to church down in Asoke now. After teaching her we went out and invited some more and met lots of new people. We then taught English, and taught Sister Nam and Kat after English was over. We took a long time so the other Elders bought us food. On Wednesday we invited for a long time and got a ton of numbers from guys, which never really happens. As we were inviting, Elder Gundry talked to a blind dude for a while who played an accordion. We then went back to the church when an investigator for the other Elders showed up. They could not teach him so we did. He was interested in learning nothing other than the way to get better health. He would take no pamphlets and would laugh if we talked religion. So not wanting him to feel so smug I told him there was one simple way, old as time itself, to get better health. He was astounded. He begged us to teach him. So I taught him the way we can have better health. At the end I told him, “We call this the Word of Wisdom”. He asked why it was called that and so I said “Because Jesus taught it”- Gotcha. He eventually left and we made some phone calls. After that we went to Nah’s house and taught them. Her other twin that got baptized is awesome! The landlord kept roaming into the house smoking and trying to make us leave by being awkward in the room. We ignored him. After we had a good time teaching we went outside and waited for the bus. As I returned

a big grandma from the store came out and started dancing. I thought it was funny so I gave her a thumbs up. The next day we invited all day and went to Sister Third’s house. We once again taught her brother in law Brother Key, with Brother Nung translating the whole thing into Chinese. She is making a ring for mom, since she makes jewelry as a living.P1080164 We then met Brother Wat and he gave me a new custom suit. I commissioned him to make it and he did! I owe him a big one. The next day we invited for a long time and got yelled at by security guards at the mall. We then went to the church and taught Sister Nurse and Gift. We had to split with the members to do it. The next day we invited for a long time and called a ton of people. We then called some RCs and invited more. For Sunday we had Ward Conference and it was a pretty normal day other wise. P1080034We had ice cream after. Some of the members, including missionaries, sang for the show. After it was over we taught about 5 people and went inviting. We invited at Major Cineplex, the huge theater next to the even bigger mall, Future Park. As we were inviting a P1080043security guard came up to us and started talking about the church. He knew so much that I asked if he was a member. He laughed at me and did not answer. He then went nuts telling us about the creation of the world until judgment. He said that God created animals first. Then the first animal to die and be reborn as a man was Adam. He then said that Adam wrote all scriptures in all religions. God wrote through him, but Adam did not understand what he was writing. He then said that Christ was in me, and then Elder Gundry, but not in himself. When I asked him why he said “ I am not man, I am not Angel, I am not Devil. I am a Arbiter of the Lord!” He then asked us to go home and rest. As he walked away he said “ Why have you noted waied? (Wai is when you show respect through the hand signal Thais do) Why have you not respected? Why have you not WORSHIPED!?” He then walked away and held his hands up to the sky like that one dude in the movie platoon, as the storm clouds gathered overhead us. Me and Gundry then talked about the apostasy we had witnessed when he came back. He told us that he felt “Judgment is soon, when Christ will create new temples for us” as he gestures to his body. He then told us to prepare for the day, and go home. We had invited enough already, so we left to avoid him. Thailand is a silly place. The work goes on here, and the fun keeps rolling. This truly is the craziest mission around. We will go back and find this “Arbiter” and maybe we will convert him truly. We are expecting baptisms this week. So maybe we will have some white photos this Sunday! Tune in next week to see what happens!

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