Awesome Week In Rangsit!

Hello Family!P1070936

So this was another awesome week here in Rangsit. Once again the week ended in a baptism. So on Monday we went bowling, and had a super fun time and had some crazy strikes and gutter balls. We then went out and taught the Dam family. They have not met with us in over 2 months, and it was awesome to see them again. They said they felt the spirit in our lesson, and were willing to meet with us again. They all accepted a date to be baptized. It was an awesome Monday. On Tuesday we had to go down to town hall and get some work permit stuff for Elder Gundry. We spent a lot of time down there, but got it down. We ate P1070943at a buffet place and after that we went to a lady named Sister Third. We taught her husband’s brother. I spoke in Thai, and then the husband translated it into Chinese. It was a weird lesson. We taught the restoration since he is a Baptist. After that we taught Kat and Nam, two girls from English. They both accepted dates for the 28th, and they were pretty solid in the lesson. We then taught English class and had a fun time expressing ourselves in front of people there to watch the white guys. the next day P1070919we had district meeting and then went out and invited for a long time as a district. We then made our way to the Dam family house again, and retaught them some stuff they forgot from over 2 months ago. They made us food, and then we came home. They are a solid family. All 4 of them are going for baptism. The next day we studied and planned. We taught Sister Dye and she is still crazy. We went inviting for a while, and went into the mall to get a dictionary. I went in and two Jewish guys from Israel convinced me to get Dead Sea salt for my hands. I don’t know what happened, no dictionary was bought, only salt. We went to a members house, and blessed it since she just moved in. We had dinner with her, and I shared the spiritual thought. I also bought a new wallet, and a coll knife today. The next day we went all over the place. Rey the other Elders’ investigator called and said a special education man tried to kill him, so he said call the police if he sends us “The Signal” in a text. We told him to calm down. We went inviting for a while, and got a lot of phone calls down. We traveled over to brother Man’s house and taught him. We then taught Nah’s daughters, and got numbers from a sketchy group of women. The next day we taught Nam and Kat at the church, before rushing over to the college and teaching Gow and Fern, two older investigators. We had an awesome lesson and after 7 months of investigating they might finally be baptized. We then invited, and taught an RC named Ann at the church,P1070963 before going and eating with some members. On Sunday we had a baptismal service for the other Elders, a dude named Diow. He was Baptist and knew this was the true church. It was awesome, and he gave a powerful testimony. After that we had to practice singing for almost 3 hours, and then we all went out inviting. It was a fun Sunday. Today we are going to a theme park with a member, and maybe going bowling. This week we have a goal for 5 baptisms and hopefully it is going to be a miracle. Watch out Rangsit, John the Baptist just came to town.

-Elder Ridings


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