Ancient City

P1070697Hello Family!P1070646

So because of time and the fact emailing did not happen last week. This will be a quick summary. So two weeks ago I got my new missionary for training, Elder Saunders, He was from Australia, and we were super pumped to get some work done in Rangsit. We did one day of work, and then got an ominous phone call the next day at lunch. All P1070665of the Greenies had gone to the wrong trainers and area, so I would be parting ways with Saunders. We had to go to the mission office, and swap some companions. I now have Elder Gundry. A dude out of Utah who speaks Thai like a boss just out of the MTC. Our new district leader is Elder Mitchel. He was in the MTC the same time I was, and we knew each other before. We are probably the youngest district in the mission. With Mitchel at 9 months, me at 7, Greenwood at 3, and Gundry at 2 weeks. We P1070596set a goal of getting 4 daters, and a goal of 8 baptisms as a district this up and coming Sunday. So we did a ton of awesome work last week. From inviting and getting 50 phone numbers in 2 days, worked until our stake conference on Sunday. On Monday we went with a friend of Elder Mitchell’s from an old area. We went to a place called the “Ancient City”. It is a massive park in the shape of the country of Thailand, and in the geographically correct places you

can find replicas of famous places from all over Thailand. We went all around on bikes, and ran into other missionaries as we took amazing photos, and I bought some awesome gifts for you guys (My Family). We spent a long time there, and did some fun things. We ate ice cream after, and then went home. On Tuesday we had district meeting, and had to go out for some inviting so we did not get ice cream. We got a ton of phone numbers, and went out and invited at Future Park.

We then taught English class, and taught some people after. On Wednesday we did some inviting, and had some appointments cancel on us. We went and visited some LA’s and tried to find some people to teach since our day was pretty open. We saw jack Sparrow roaming the streets, and got chased by some dogs. On Thursday we received special training talking about some new rules, including that we can no longer leave Rangsit for P-day. I had dreams of getting a suit, and my dreams were dashed. Or so I thought. Brother Wat the stake clerk heard my plight, and wants to play the middle man between me and the tailor, helping me achieve my suit dream. We met Nah and her family, and did some rocking inviting where we got

almost 20 numbers. Friday both companionships were stuck in the church. We taught RC’s and investigators all day, and it felt good to get that much work done. We also met with a South African guy who we met a few days ago. Sunday was a normal Sunday, with a confirmation of a guy named RJ. We then had meetings, taught people, and went out to Nah’s house again to teach her daughters. We have 4 daters, and the other Elders have 4, so for this Sunday we might see 8 people baptized. This email is not as long or detailed due to time. We have to got to the office for Zone Conference stuff so our P-day is cut a little short this week. Everyone is very impressed with Rangist. We are blowing it up, but we have to stay humble. I am having so much fun out here, and training is not scary, it is fun! Next week’s email will be crazy. I hope you are ready for it.

Elder Ridings

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