Miracles in Thailand


Hello Family.

2 Weeks Ago:

So because of Skype last week, I will quickly summarize 2 weeks ago, and then write about this one. So 2 weeks ago on Monday, we took a taxi all the way down south, and had a huge zone sports day at a Catholic school. We played fun games like soccer, football, and even tennis! I was able to meet with old friends like P1070333P1070340Lodwick, Magera, Slabaugh, Darby, and Purser. We had an awesome time. The rest of the day was just inviting.  On Tuesday we went to brother Man’s house, and taught his family. We did not have district meeting because there was a special video the mission wanted us to watch, and we had to wait until Wednesday. We went to Man’s house, and gave his mom a blessing of healing before leaving the family with a message. We then invited until English class, and taught sister Gift. On Wednesday we watched a video by President Senior called “MAYricles” talking about miracles in the month of May. We were also told to make a short 10 second video thanking President Senior for his service, that would be used in a larger video. We took a video with the Rangsit Pig, P1070345which was hilarious! We then taught an RC named Nara, and got interviewed by college kids for their English class, which I also filmed. They asked simple questions like who we were and what our favorite food is. We then invited, and had Book of Mormon class. On Thursday we had switch of day, and I went with one of the Zone Leaders in our area. We invited the whole day, got a ton of phone numbers, taught Man’s family, and visited Nah in the hospital. She was leaving that day! Only 5 days out of ICU and her brain surgery. After a crazy day of inviting everyone everywhere we finally went home and swapped companions again.  On Friday we had to weekly plan, then after a Zone Training activity we went to Man’s house, and interviewed his family for baptism. Man wasn’t there, but his family all passed! We then taught people, invited, and went home. Saturday we met and reviewed with Man’s family, and had a 2 hour mission inviting time, where everyone in the mission invited at the same time. We then taught sister Ann, and got her ready for baptism. On Sunday we quickly got brother Man in a video, and got everyone ready for baptism. We baptized the whole Man family! The mom, son, and grandma. It was an awesome Sunday to wrap up the week.P1070403

Last Week:

So Monday you know what happened. We Skyped! After skyping and sleeping all day, we invited for the night because nothing was planned. I also bought a Thai computer keyboard for when I come home. On Tuesday we went inviting all around the town, and all the way up to Bangkok University, where I invited and filmed break dancers. We then taught English, and taught Sister Gift and her boyfriend for the first time together. We gave him a baptismal date! Next day was district meeting, and we taught a girl named Sister Clare who used to be Catholic and came to church last Sunday, along with Man’s family who was going home in another province for a little bit. We then taught Ann, and she is ready for the Baptism. The next day was all weekly planning, along with Interviews for Clare and Ann, they both passed! We then taught Gift, and went inviting where a homeless lady with a huge stuffed pink bear smacked me with it– Only in Thailand. The next day was awesome. It was switch offs so I went with Elder Gilam, and after La hunting, running from a pit-bull, and asking for directions, we gave up and visited Nah at her house Nah told us about miracles she had in her surgery experience. So we blessed her right before her surgery about 2 weeks ago, and then prayed for the best. She said as she was in ICU she stopped breathing for 15 minutes, and her heart stopped. As she started to lose consciousness, P1070351and life, she prayed as hard as she ever has. She then came back. The doctors don’t know how, but she came back. Then while she was recovering, she saw a figure in white by her bed at all times. She prayed for God to send the spirit to her, and then she saw this figure. Then she said 4 people, like missionaries, would stand around her bed and almost guard her. We have only visited her with 2 Elders at a time. She then left the hospital after 5 days, almost a month earlier than expected. She was also able to walk, the doctors told her she would not be able to walk again. Then one day we visited her at her house while she was recovering. She complained of her vision still being bad, only 5 feet at best. So my companion and I gave herP1070362 a blessing of healing, and started the lesson again. She then interrupted us and shouted ” I can see! I can see the street!” She was looking behind us, through her house to the street, and she could see it clear as day! It almost scared me, I didn’t know what to do! Healing literally happened Right in front of me. I have been told that healing depends on faith, and I have always said her faith was enormous. The effect was instant. It was amazing! The miracles are happening this month, and they are amazing. On Saturday we did inviting, filled up the church font, and got Clare and Ann ready for baptism. They both got baptized, and I baptized Clare! They then gave powerful testimonies. Clare talked about how a member’s testimony last fast Sunday touched her so much that she knew she was ready herself for baptism. We P1070414then taught some people after words, and had an amazing night. The next day we went to the church, and the other Elders had a baptism. We then had meetings, and then had to do records. We went out, and taught a member’s nephew at an apartment with 3 other people. Two were joking the whole time and left, but 1 stayed. He was awesome, and asked super deep questions. We are going back to teach him for sure. We then went to Nah’s house, and gave her the sacrament while leaving her with a chapter in the scriptures I though of in 3 Nephi where Jesus heals the sick. This week was amazing with miraculous events happening. Being a missionary is a life changing experience. Whenever I get down or sad, something else amazing happens. Thailand is changing, and we are the tools of that change.

-Elder Ridings


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