Songkran Day in Thailand


HelP1070065lo Family

So according to my email last week I said this might be the final week, but it’s not now! Transfers came and gone and I will be here 6 more weeks. But this week was amazing with water, miracles, and an exploded bike tire. Monday was Sonkran Day! We got all of our gear together and went to Siam. There were tons of people there in costumes and with water guns. We ran around a huge street filming and shooting. I ran into a ton of missionaries there and even Lodwick! He was being interviewed by the news, and I just ran in and gave him a huge hug. We played for hours, having an amazing time. I was getting wrecked by water

because I was white, and I had a GoPro out at all times and everyone wants to be on video. We came back to Rangsit to play. There were a ton of kids playing in a pool at Rangsit, and I attacked them with my water gun, and they quickly swarmed the white guy! I made their day. They had a fire truck there, and were blasting the crowd, and me! After that we got home before 6, and played risk using a huge map of Thailand. We woke up early and had district meeting. For the fun activity afterwards we went to find the “Rangsit Pig.” For about 3 weeks President Senior has been telling us in email to go find the pig, so P1070134we found him! He is a massive, fat pig. It made everyone happy. We then hopped in a taxi and went to Bangkok Hospital. It’s an P1070128amazingly nice hospital. We got there and I got my skin checked out to make sure I haven’t gotten anything bad from being in the sun all day. It was the best exam ever! They checked my nails, palms, feet, and even inside my mouth. The lady spoke awesome English and got so happy when we started talking in Thai. She says when I come back again in 6 months we will speak Thai only. We then went to the mission office, and got some supplies and said hi to President Senior. We gave him a blessing with water as is tradition in Sonkran. We wash the older people with water on their hands, and give them a P1070149blessing as they give us one. With some coaxing from the members, He agreed. We then had to sneak our way home. Sonkran is in full swing for 3 days, but we only play Monday. So I have to use all of my paranoid city survival skills to avoid getting doused in water. We are still working in our missionary clothes with all of our stuff, so the Thai people will try to get us. I had to navigate around road blocks, pickup trucks full of people, and little kids with water guns all day. On the way home we were ambushed in our neighborhood, and they soaked Codling. I had papers in my hands, so I was NOT planning on getting wet, I dodged their water, and when they were refilling their bucket a kid tried to stop me from running away. It is a bad idea to try to stop an old offensive lineman while he is running full speed. The kid was knocked flat by me charging through him. He was ok, I checked. I did not even get a drop on me. We then played risk again. The next day was more sneaking, visiting, and dodging pickup trucks as the last day of Sonkran came to a close. We made the whole day without getting wet. We then tried to get a cabinet upstairs, but had no luck. We had Brother RakMag, Elder T, and Elder Williams all from Buriram stay in the house for transfers in the morning. It was an awesome reunion, and we had fun catching up. The next day was a normal day. I bought a Garmin for finding LA members. It has been super helpful in finding people, and is already paying for itself. The day was normal, besides a meeting with Sister Dye. She is not ready for baptism yet.  . We ate the “Black Magic Burger” at KFC to relieve stress from our hard work  and it was awesome! Then sister Bah from Buriram came to see me! She has red hair now! P1070175It was fun seeing her, and catching up. She helped us teach a new investigator. The next day we suited up and went LA hunting. I wore arm sleeves and sun screen since the doctor told me to. We got dogs chasing us, kids taking photos of us, and the sun blazing on us. We found a La who has not been visited in 5 years, and then I hit a hole wrong and my back bike tire exploded. So we got it patched up, and went to Zeer, the mall to find a new tube for the tire. As we were there a dude from a hotel sprinted across the street, asked if we were the Christians, and said he needs to know where our church is. He said he and his friend had seen a miracle, and wanted to meet with us. So thank goodness my tire exploded. The next day was a Normal Sunday with church and meetings. We figured out one of the members in the ward has 30 suits and 600 ties. I thought I had a lot of ties! We then went hunting for LA’s with members, and came home after all of our meetings. Today is a day of rest. We are doing errands and getting work done. Last week was awesome! I am so grateful to be in this mission, and look forward to every week. The time flies fast here, but our feet move us faster to the work. Can’t stop, won’t stop!

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One thought on “Songkran Day in Thailand

  1. WOW Davis!! Your adventures sound like a Mormon soap opra!! I really enjoy reading about what you are doing and look forward every week to hear what is going on in your mission field. Keep up the good work Davis, you are doing such a what the Lord has called you to do


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