Another Successful Week in Thailand

Hello Family.

This was a good week. We got some awesome work done, helped people, and made pancakes to top it off. On Monday we just chilled with some errands being run and such. I bought a small set of dice for board games and some cards. I also bought socks. We came home, and met up with the Dam family. If you don’t know them they are an awesome family of 4 who have all accepted a baptismal goal. They took us to their house, and we made Somtham.

If you want to know what it is, just click on the word Somtham. It is a salad-like thing, and they taught me how to make it. We made a ton of food and we all sat down for an awesome dinner. After the food we taught them the Plan of Salvation, and the dad was super into having an eternal family. It was especially awesome near the end when the mom finished praying and said, “That felt really good”. We talked a while longer and went home for the night. The next day we had our district meeting and invited our way to Swenson’s ice cream. I also got my Garmin tuned up at the mall, so the maps are more updated when we got LA hunting. We then did some inviting, and taught Sister Rak right before English, and her sister accepted our invitation of baptism. We taught English and had an awesome time. In the middle of our planning, 9:03, the power went out for the whole city of Rangsit! We went outside, and explored around as people and cars freaked out. The power came on an hour later. On Wednesday We were going to meet with sister Nah before her surgery on Thursday, so we got a member and went to her house. When we got there she wasn’t home, and we learned she had already gone to the hospital! So we took the member home, and got on a bus and went to the local university hospital. She was there already, and was chilling with her family. We gave her a blessing, and got an appointment with her family. She had surgery the next day to remove a brain tumor, so we hope it went well. We then invited at the university and went to teach Book of Mormon class. After that we got some food. The next day we weekly planned, ate as a district, and went to invite. No one was free so we just invited at Future Park and around Rangsit. It was crazy. We talked to a drunk security guard, a man who believes in all religions and has a narrator voice.  We then saw a crazy homeless woman casting curses on dogs, before she started flapping her arms like wings on a bird and running at us. She ran past me, and slapped Elder Codling on the shoulder before running away. You can’t make this stuff up folks! We P1070233then taught Sister Gift the commandments, and invited the night away. On Friday we had zone training, followed by us coming home and biking almost 40 kilometers on our search for LA members. We then invited, and had dinner, a slow day. On Saturday we taught a RC in a rainstorm and talked with her about a problem she has been having with a member flirting with her at church. Oh brother!  She then told us she was making a calender of missionaries, and that I would be in it for the October entry. P1070254She got some information out of me for details, such as the Air Force stuff I do, and that according to her my hair is white and my eyes are grey. Looking forward to that! haha  We then came home, and all of the Elders got stranded due to a massive rain storm. After it passed we went out looking for the house of an LA but couldn’t find it. On Sunday we had a ton of people come to church, including the Dam family. It was an awesome Sunday, and we had a ton of meetings afterward. Sister Rak brought a friend, and he accepted baptism after our lesson. There was also another older white guy in church who had been a Thai missionary before. His name was Corey. We then hunted for an LA. We went through a sketchy neighborhood, got cat-called, but got an appointment with someone! We then came home, and I made a ton of pancakes for dinner. They were HUGE P1070255and tasted amazing. Today is Monday and we will be going to a goat farm today! This week will be great, and the time is flying away. Before you know it I will be home, but I love where I am right now. I could serve like this forever!

-Elder Ridings


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