Thailand is getting a TEMPLE!

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Hello Family.

This week was awesome, with a ton of cool announcements, miracles, and ward unity. Last Monday we went to the air force museum and saw some awesome sites and planes. We spent the day at FHE playing basketball. I drained some shots, and we barley one with a 7 – 6 game. Monday not much happened. On Tuesday we taught sister Nah. She is a Christian lady with a brain tumor. She wants to be baptized before her surgery so we gave her a date for Sunday. After that we had district meeting P1060702and went to Swenson’s for ice cream. I bought a Swenson’s card because we got free ice cream and 10 percent off everything. It will last me the whole year! We then did a ton of inviting and went to the church to teach English. We had a very fun time and a lot of people showed up. Afterwards we taught Sister Rak. She feels like she wants to be  baptized, but she feels like the people in Lehi’s dream, being mocked for her beliefs. We taught a very spiritual lesson with her. The next day we taught sister Nah in the morning, and got her baptismal interview set up. We also gave her a blessing of comfort. P1060922 2We then taught a lot of people, and went and taught Book of Mormon class. Afterwards we taught Sister Rak again, and she is still not ready to be baptized, so I bore my most sincere testimony to her, but she would not budge. The next day we weekly planned. Later we saw some P1060781LA members. We invited a ton, and I got a lot of phone numbers. We taught a Lady named Bow and her whole family that same day.  She was awesome, and they want their kids to get baptized ASAP. We then invited the night away. The next day we went on switch – off’s and I went with Elder Gilam. We taught a girl named JomJam and invited people all over her college campus. We had nothing to do until 5, so we invited at all sorts of places. We saw some very strange people, got numbers, and did good work. It is sad though when I asked a dad “ Do you want to be a family forever?” and he looks down at his kid in his arms, looks at me and says “No”. Afterwords Gilam said “ At least he looked at his kid first.” We then taught Brother Lek and his family, and biked all over town looking for less active members. The next day we woke up early and met at the stake center P1060756for a huge Easter activity. President Senior talked about the importance of Easter, along with a few musical numbers. I helped hide Easter eggs, and saw the Thai members hunt for eggs for the first time in their lives! The adults were going crazy too! We went home and taught sister Nah, she has a money problem, so she has to work and can’t meet her baptismal date right now. On Sunday we had a ton of people show, including 4 confirmations. And then we had the baptism of Sister Ice! It was an awesome day. Today was even better. We went to Chonburi to the beachP1060885 with the ward! We took all of our investigators with a baptismal date and had an amazing time. Now we are back. This week was awesome, there were challenges and hard times, but it all worked out in the end. Last night we got a phone call at midnight. Thailand is getting a temple! I cannot believe I am here to see this happen! Thailand is changing, the work of the Lord is moving. The Temple will change this place, and change the people for good. I am glad to be here for times such as these. The work goes on.

Elder Ridings

Temple Announcement
President Thomas S. Monson announced the construction of the Bangkok Thailand Temple during his opening remarks at the Sunday Morning Session of the 185th Annual General Conference. The temple will be the first in Thailand where the Church was formally organized in 1966. There are now approximately 18,000 Church members in 38 congregations in Thailand. The Bangkok Thailand Temple will serve Latter-day Saints throughout Southeast Asia. Members currently attend temple worship services in Hong Kong, over 1,000 miles away.1
Nearly twenty years after the first stake was organized in Bangkok in 1995, the city’s second stake and a district were organized on June 15, 2014. Three additional districts operate in the country, headquartered in Chiang Mai, Ubon, and Udorn, which are expected to be reorganized as stakes in the coming months and years. In neighboring Cambodia, the country’s first two stakes were both organized on May 25, 2014. Stakes have also been organized in the surrounding nations of India, Indonesia, and Singapore. Several districts operate in nearby Malaysia.


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