Hello Family.

P1060618So this week was awesome, with a ton of good work, crazy rainstorms, and some awesome baptisms. I feel very proud about the last 7 days. So on Monday we just shopped, ran errands, and went to the Royal Thai Air Force museum. It was closed at 4 though, and we got there at 3:50, so we decided to go back next Monday. After that we taught some people, got haircuts, and invited the rest of the night. I bought an accounting book to keep track of my expenses and see how my money is doing. On Monday we had a fun district meeting, where we burned pieces of paper and threw them off the church. On the papers were written the things we need to give up to be better missionaries. P1060480We then went hunting for less active members. We had to cross through the national memorial, where I said hi to some guards. On the way out, I did a 180 turn, and asked to take photos with them, they said yes. We then P1060363hunted around some more and taught some people. We ended up at an LA’s house but she wasn’t there so we had to come back another day. We came home and taught English. We had a really fun time, and taught some of our investigators after the lesson. The next day we woke up early and went to Zone Conference. It was centered on the Gospel of Christ, and the new “Because He Lives” campaign by the church. I want everyone to go to HeLives.Mormon.org and see what I mean. We also had personal interviews with President Senior. He said some very special things to me, that really made me think about my mission. We had an awesome zone conference, ate Mexican food, and then went home. P1060489That night we went inviting when it rained super hard. It flooded and the streets were full of water. I bought a poncho from 7-11, and we set out through the Waters of Noah to our house. It felt like the rain was pressing us down. The next day we taught some people in the church and then saw a crazy homeless man outside. We have seen him before, and he looks like an urban Jack Sparrow.P1060419 I have a video so you can see exactly what I mean. We then went to a lady’s house who has a brain tumor. We gave her a blessing We then invited, taught, and had an awesome time. The next day was a ton of inviting, teaching people, and having appointments drop on us. The next day we bought food for Sunday night, and invited our way to an LA’s house, we could not find him, so then we went to a member’s house and taught her kids,(see the masks) P1060449then we had to travel to an apartment complex and interview a lady for baptism. The next day was awesome! it rained so hard in the night it woke me up, and it was still raining in the morning We set out for church, by hiking up our pants, putting on P1060463our crocks, and going out into the street. The street was a lake, so we got our feet, and shins, wet! Church was awesome, but one of our people getting baptized said she would not be coming because of the rain, but luckily she showed up! After church we had the baptisms. Sister Bill, Sister Dye, Sister Eve, and 10 year old Joseph Junior. Joseph comes from a family where his dad is named Joseph (The one from the Bible). His Grandpa’s kids are Brother Mormon, Nephi, Sam, Ammon, Alma, and Sister Sariah. They got that one covered! After the service we all ate awesome food, and taught Sister Nah. She accepted baptism next Sunday. She is the one with the brain tumor. She wants to get baptized before she has her surgery, and she is worried she will forget all of us is it goes wrong. We gave her a blessing of comfort. After that we hunted down an LA named Brine, and we went home to make dinner. Today was fun, except Gmail was down so we couldn’t email our families!

That was a bummer, so we went to the Royal Thai Air Force museum again, and got to see everything. I took a ton of photos. Afterwards we were told the email was working again, so now here I am on round 2. This mission is awesome. I am becoming a better person, while helping others. The Ridings name is changing lives out here, but the only name that matters is the one on my chest, Jesus Christ!

-Elder RidingsĀ DSC01850


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