Wat Fights and Tigers


Hello Family.

This week was pretty awesome! Baptism, Temple Fights, and Tigers. I can truly say this is the best mission ever. On Monday we did our emailing, and went Ayutthaya to meet up with our entire zone for P-Day. We got up there, and our large body of missionaries set out to see a Wat, or Temple. This was the Wat that they filmed part of the Mortal Kombat movie at.  If you

know anything about MK (Mortal Kombat) you know it is a fighting game with a lot of punches and a lot of blood, so naturally the first thing we did at the Wat was to take fighting photos. I met up with some of my old friends like Elder Darby, Magera, and my main man, Chio. We toured around the Wat, took sick fighting photos, and had a good time. We went to a market on a river, and took photos with a huge tiger! At the end of the day, we all came home, and played basketball with the members. The next day was a normal day, but on the way to invite,

I got stopped by a taxi driver, who asked me to help him with English. He was really nice, and I got his phone number. For helping him, he gave me a small water bottle, and a huge one and drove off. I held on to the small one, but the big one was way to big, so I handed it to a group of nearby homeless guys, who were very grateful to get it. We taught English, and some lesson teaching. The next day I went to the Zone Leader’s area as companions with Elder Winsor. We invited and taught all day, and ate at the local mall. I was surprised to see a Cold Stone here in Thailand. The next day we interviewed a super old DSCN8903guy for baptism. He can’t remember the past, so it was an interesting interview. We then taught the vegetable lady, and she said she wants to be baptized. The next day we spent a long time finding and inviting. We traveled a long distance to find a guy who wanted a Book of Mormon, P1060183but couldn’t find him. At the huge mall we invited, and I got a new cheap wallet to keep my nice old one alive, and a Thai Red Bull shirt (Red Bull is from Thailand) The next day we taught some RC’s at the mall, and then a family in their home. The next day the old man got baptized, and because he was so old we just kind of laid him down in the water very carefully. Sunday was full of meetings, until a kid took me upstairs and showed 5 children that had got trapped in a room with a broken door handle. The door wouldn’t open, so I shoulder bashed it and cracked the frame and the wall. They told me to ask the bishop before I destroyed the door.  P1060006I really wanted to kick the cheap panel door in, but after 45 minutes they got it open. Today we did some shopping. I bought a Thai Air Force uniform, and we will be going to the Air Force museum. Bangkok is a strange, silly place. To infinity and beyond!

-Elder Ridings


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