DSCN8935Hello Family,

So this week was pretty awesome, with me just learning how to hail taxis, avoid traffic, and finally find out what living in the city is like. So things are pretty new for me since I haven’t been in Bangkok yet. On Monday we went to McDonald’s, since you can’t escape the clown, even here in Thailand. P1050860We ate some food, took photos with Ronald, and spent the rest of the day exploring “Future Park” the biggest mall I have ever seen in my life. We spent the whole day shopping, and I got a cool Timberland watch that is good for diving. On Tuesday we spent the whole day teaching people, finding people, and biking all around town. We socialized with the members before English, and taught the English class. We taught people after English, and then went home and ate the gross vegetarian food.P1060014 On Wednesday we went to the stake center for Zone Training. We then all ate at Burger King, because why not? We then went home, taught a lot of people, and generally had a good day. The next day we taught a white pastor named Cliff. We didn’t really teach because he told us his life story, and then made us tell ours. We spent about 3 hours doing this, and had to leave due to other work. We went to the mall again, and invited for a long time. I bought a map of the bus routes, because we kept getting lost. We did a ton of teaching, and then went home. Saturday we started out the day early, but then I got a call that some Buriram members were here!I went to the church, and there was Sister Sun and a lot of the members!!! It was so good to see them, and they all seemed to be happy to P1060015see me too. Everyone in Buriram is doing good without me! We had to leave them to go find people to teach. P1060009We taught an old army Lt. Colonel named Chuck, taught a lady, went back to the church, saw some of the other members from Buriram who were down here for a dance competition, I translated a love letter into English for a member, and Sister Rak got interviewed for baptisms, so all in all, a crazy day but GOOD! I then had to call Elder Stone, and warn him that one of his investigators, the crazy one that worships a vegetable god, was in love with him! The next day was a normal day of church, except a family that was half Thai – half white showed up. They were called the P1060024“Hunts” and I talked a lot with their son Hollis, who competed in DECA the same time I did! Vegetable lady was there, and basically said she changed her mind, she doesn’t love Stone, and now wants to be baptized. The rest of the day was just meetings. If you are wondering why this email is shorter than normal, it is because I got lazy last week and didn’t write it! So far the city is fun. I miss the country, Buriram, but the food choices here are so much better, and riding in a taxi is fun. The buses are insane. They go fast, weave, and they firmly believe in “Size Matters” on the road. Pray for us!

-Elder Ridings


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