I’m In Bangkok!


Hello Family

It has been a crazy week. I have finally moved. I have moved from the country, my beloved home Buriram, and I am now a city boy. I am in Bangkok, baby! I am now serving in Rangsit, with a ward of about 130 people. This is the place that my trainer, Elder Lodwick, started his mission. All the members remember him, and that won me some points with them. Before that though, lets review the week. On Monday we explored an abandoned hotel. It had been abandoned since 1995. We went through the whole place, including the top floor and the basement.

The place looked like something from a horror movie. We were there for almost 4 hours, and I took 200 photos plus 2 hours of GoPro footage. We then ate dinner at a members house and had a good time. The next day we sent packages home, packed and got ready for transfers. We just ran around all day and did errands to prepare. After English we all ate at Swenson’s, andawesome ice-cream place, and had “The Last Supper” and ate some good ice-cream. The next day I finished packing, P1050646and got final things done before we had a party at the church. We ate food at the church, played games, and I gave my goodbye testimony. All of the RC’s were there, and it was a sad time for everyone. I left good friendsand family behind, and I will always keep their memories with me. We all took our last photos, and I headed for the bus station. Everyone went with me, and they said their goodbyes before the bus pulled away. We made the sad, 5 hour trip to Bangkok. When we arrived we slept in the church until transfers. I saw all of my old friends from the MTC, and transfers were crazy. Elder Hall and Elder Hinkson are going to Burma, and Lodwick is training again. My new companion is a super diligent and awesome guy named Elder Codling. We are going to Rangsit. We then ate dinner and arrived at Rangsit. It is under P1050807

a super-highway, so there are tons of people, and tons of traffic. Bike riding is forbidden, so we walk. We have been teaching and inviting a lot and Sunday was awesome. I made friends with a ton of the members and bore my testimony in sacrament. My mom is already friends with the members on Facebook, there is no escape from her. Today we are going to check out the malls and have a relaxing day. This email is short because time is shorter, but I am excited to be here, and I love the city. These P10508226 weeks will be awesome, and this ward will grow. I am a country boy lost in the big city now.

Elder Ridings


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