Saying Goodbye to Burirum

photo 3Hello Family.

So this week was pretty good, a lot of work was done, things planned, dinners eaten, and a surprise baptism was had. On Monday we had a normal P-Day. We went to the post office to get a package from the church, got food, and got our bikes tuned up at the shop. A few weeks ago I got a display on my bike that shows how fast I am going, and how far I have gone. In 2 ½ weeks I have biked 230 kilometers. We went to the Branch President’s house, and had dinner and played fun games. He had a ton of lizards in his house. They are called dook-eh’s, and they are HUGE. If they bite you, they will not let go. So we chased them around the house with brooms. The next day we had district meeting and almost got bitten by the black dog down the road. He has gotten hyper aggressive, and has started rushing us every day. He never comes after me, he only gets the other Elders. He will rush everyone else, and calmly walk by me. After our meeting we went to the village and taught Bop’s grandma and saw the drunk dude  again and took some photos with/of him. We walked around, got barked at and taught people. It was a very productive day. We taught English and went home. photo 4C360_2015-02-26-15-43-11-856The next day we went back to the village, and taught a lot of the people we contacted. I use my family photos as an ice-breaker and the women always say my mom is beautiful, and then they freak out when I tell them how old she is. We saw the drunk guy again and had some good work done. The drunk thinks I am Neil Armstrong, and keeps talking about Apollo 11 to me. We went to a market and invited, where I bought 2 shirts that ended up being too small for me, So I will send them to my bro. We went and taught Book of Mormon class and met a friend of Brother Chog’s and talked to him for a little bit. The next day we went to Sister Nong’s house, and I fixed a computer again. We went home, and went to Bop’s again. On the way there, we saw a dog on the highway that was trying to bite motorcycles and cars. I think he had rabies..! We then met, you guessed it, drunk guy again, and of course he was drunk again, and he called me Neil Armstrong again. We taught people in the village all day and then went home.. The next day was just teaching at the village, and then sports day. We played Volley Ball and Basketball, and then IMG_3310ate ice cream together. The Thai Elders left for a Thai Missionary activity in Bangkok, so it was just white guys in Buriram for the night. The next day me and Elder Williams ate at the white guy restaurant, “Jimmie’s Sports Grill” to see our RC Sister Ting, and then saw Sister A at the mall. We taught/helped Sister Somoh with a talk she had to give on Sunday.IMG_3295 We taught Sister Bee-Boh, and we had a really personal lesson with her. Williams started to feel really bad then, and had migraines. While we were teaching her, I saw the abandoned hotel across the lake, and was possessed with the idea of exploring it for P-Day. We went there to ask the lone guard if we could go, but he wasn’t there. We then went to Brother Bomm’s house, where Williams finally was so sick we went home. He slept as soon as he hit the bed. The next day was a normal day of church. The other Elders got back home at 3 am, but still went to church. Somoh was relieved it was testimony meeting, because she didn’t have to give her talk. After some meetings and such, we all went to Bomm’s and ate with a ton of the members. We all went to the hotel, and finally met the guy. He said we could enter the hotel Monday, today, at 3 pm. We are all geared up, and I have the go pro and all of my survival gear ready. The hotel is huge, and they ran out of money before they finished it. It probably has ghosts and zombies, so expect some good photos. This may be my last week in Buriram, but we will find out in a few hours. I love this place, but I will leave if I have to. I’m not n a vacation, I’m on a mission, and I will go where the Lord wants me to 2

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One thought on “Saying Goodbye to Burirum

  1. Why did that guy keep calling you Neil Armstrong? That is too funny!! Davis you seem so very comfortable there. teaching, relating and building long lasting memories. Keep up the great work Davis. You are planting a lot of seeds that will produce a harvest.


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