Experienced a Thai Hospital


Hello Family.

So this week was hectic. It involved a ton of biking, rainstorms,and hospital visits. On Monday we had a normal P-day and just chilled. We got our bikes worked on, and I got two water proof saddle bags hooked onto my bike for extra storage on long trips. We then bought food, and had FHE at the church. We watched “17 Miracles”. In the movie the main character, Levi Savage, goes on a 3 year mission to Siam, the old name for Thailand. When he comes back he carves an elephant out of wood, and that just confirms that he was a Thailand missionary!  The next day we went to the hospital. P1050129Opad has had heart palpitations for about 3 months now, so the mission nurse said to get over to the hospital and get tested. We were there for 6 P1050112hours and it was horrible. There were more people than an airport, people sleeping on the ground, dogs and cats fighting in the hallways, and it was open air so bugs were everywhere. There were so many sick people, that they would make them sleep out in the hallways in their beds. The family members would sleep at the hospital in tents or on blankets. I was stunned. After all the tests, they told us to come back tomorrow. We then had district meeting that night, and taught English. I helped people do some homework for their English classes, and then we bought food and went home. The next day we went to the hospital early to beat the crowds, but it didn’t work. Everyone was staring at me. The doctor told us that for 24 hours Opad would have to wear a holter monitor, and that he would be staying in the hospital. T stayed with Opad at the hospital for a little bit, while I went with Elder Williams to get some work done. We taught Beeboh at a park and then went to Bop’s house. We wore rain jackets because the skIMG_2833y was dark, and we got hit hard on the highway by the rain. We were soaked when we got to Bop’s house. We taught her grandma and got her to commit to coming to church on Sunday.P1050116 On the way out, some drunk guy with no shoes tried to talk with us, and he literally was a zombie. We went home, I got a night bag, and went to the hospital to stay with Opad. I did not sleep more than 2 hours. People were coughing, dogs running by, bugs, sewer smells, people freaking out, a literal nightmare. A ton of members visited us, and brought us food. Once we were released, we went to give a blessing to an old member because of her back. We then went to Phon’s house, and I taught her about prayer with her husband. He is an Army Drill Sergeant.  We then went home and crashed. The next day we went to help a member email her missionary daughter, taught Bop’s grandma again, and then went to Brother Bop’s house to teach him, he is an LA member. We then had sports day, and a ton of people showed because we had managed to get our hands on an American Football. P1050165It was made out of rubber, with fake painted laced but it did the job. I taught everyone how to pay, and then let them loose. I was the QB, and  I was bombing passes, and then ran a 60 yard touchdown. We had a ton of fun, even though none of the members could play it. The next day we went to Bop’s house for service. We got her grandma to accept a baptismal date, and even saw the drunk guy again. He was still drunk, so I took a photo with him, and some funny videos. We then taught a crazy grandma, whose daughter told us to leave the house. So I took my sweet time getting out to be stubborn. We then saw Somoh’s mom, and she made some good food for us after our lesson. We then booked it to Sun’s house, and taught her older sister. Sister pan has become very open hearted, and I taught an awesome lesson to her about the restoration. In the past she would never listen, but now she does. We then went to Brother Bop’s house, where he showed us weird videos of UFO’s, giant spiders, and Apache gunships in Iraq. He has a photo he took that he claims is a UFO, and says aliens come to his neighborhood every day. We then

flew home to get home before 9 pm, and I had to kick a dog that attacked me on my bike and tried to get my ankles, it was a solid kick too. On Sunday we had a ton of people come to church, including Bop’s grandma, and Brother Bop himself. We had a ton of meetings, all about the area, and then we went to Sun’s house and cut down and trimmed trees for her. We then played games, ate, and taught Sister Pan. We had a very good night. Today is just a normal P-day of rest again. No one has money to do anything. Missionary life will make you lose weight, especially when you have no money for food, and only members to feed you. This is my last normal week in Buriram, transfers is next week. Things will get hectic until then, but we will keep working. After this mission, the memories of that Thai hospital will be with me forever. If you are in Thailand, fix yourself up if you have a problem, don’t go…. to the HOSPITAL.

-Elder Ridings P1050206


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