Fun and Fellowship


Hello Family

It was a good week, filled with fun, fellowship, and another baptism. On Monday, we went to Surin again to ride elephants. We went with a lot of the members and met up with the Elders from Surin, including my MTC friend, Elder Daybell. We all piled onto about 8 elephants, and started our journey to the lake. We were on the elephant of the guy we went with last time and he was very happy to see us again. We went through the woods and made it to the lake.

Unlike last time, our elephants went into the water more, and everyone in our groups got soaked! Elder T and Elder Williams fell off into the water, and a lot of people went swimming. After the long day of elephant riding and gift buying ( I may have bought another ring…and a sword…), we went home and changed. We went to sister Phonsiri’s house and ate dinner with her family and members. The next day we went Sister Dam’s house and helped her clean out her house. She is a generic old lady, who has lots of cat. They promptly assaulted me and I spent most of the time with itchy eyes. We also saw a lizard that if it bites you it will not let go until you get it surgically removed. P1050077We went to Swenson’s, the ice cream place, as part of our district meeting. Some of the funny questions asked this time were: What would you rather fight, a Bear with a katana, a gorilla with a combat knife, or a shark with an explosive harpoon gun with one shot? (I chose bear because the shark will eat you, the gorilla will tear your arms off, and you might have a chance with the bear. What would your special weapon be? (Falcon Punch and Falcon Kick) If you saw the first zombie, would you let it go to have the zombie apocalypse or kill it to save everyone (I would totally kill it. I love the Walking Dead, but don’t want to live there.) We then taught English class, where a creepy stalker dude followed sister Bee to the class. He has found her at work before, is protestant, and called our church the “Church of Satan”, but he will still come and learn in our free English class. The next day we cut studying short and went to the Church, because sister Pooh wanted to meet with us. We met with her, and she said she didn’t have time to be baptized on Thursday, so we told her we could baptize her that day. We then had the Zone Leaders and the Surin Elders show up for training. They want us to focus more on families, for a temple in Thailand, so they cut our inviting down a lot and want us to teach families more. They also want us to be good citizens so I can no longer stand up against people when they ask me to leave and the law can’t touch me. I have to leave if they ask me. So no more emulating the Apostle Paul! We went on switch offs, and I went with Elder Wheeler. We did some work, but had to rush to the church and prepare for Brother Ness and Sister Pooh’s baptism. It was awesome, and I baptized her. Her testimony was amazing, and Brother Ness is totally gig to be a missionary. We then taught Scripture class, and went out to eat with the members. That night the ZLs slept on the floor in our room, and left at 5 am. The next day we woke up and P1050004went and printed pictures for the RC board and did records. On the way out of the house the lights and the power went off, so we assumed the construction up the street had done something to it. We were teaching Pa Lek (He taught us more than we taught him haha) We got a call from the other Elders. The power was on, and the water was not working. They asked if we could go to the house at 5, and wait on a repairman. We helped Sister Phonsiri send an email to her Daughter, who is on a mission in Australia and who I knew in the MTC. She did not know how to work a computer so we taught her. We ran by La’s house, and went home. The repair guy did not show. We called him, and he said he was coming about 5 times. Our night was a little wasted, because we were at the house for 3 hours. In that time we just called everyone and made appointments. We went to KFC and went home. The next day we went to the church and taught/talked to Brother Chog (pronounced “Ch-oh-g” he looks like the hulk). We went to Sister Nong’s house because her husband was going to drive us to an LA who lived far away. The LA’s phone was off, so we could never contact her to find out where the house is. We went to Brother Natapon’s house and talked to him a lot. At night we took some of the members to Sister Somoh’s house (pronounced “Some-oh” or “Zom-o”). We drove down a dark road to get there and it looked like something out of a horror movie. When we got there the dad was drinking alone outside, and he was drunk. He tried his best to speak to me in broken English, but it didn’t work. We taught her family a little, but it was really hard to have a good lesson because the dad would roam in every now and then. We went to the DSCN2268church, and I taught push-up form to some members for 10 minutes, and we went home. The next day was a nightmare for me… Valentine’s Day. The people stared at me even more than usual, and every motorcycle with a girl would pull right up next to me at every red light. It was a crazy day. We went to an LA guy named “Dee” who has reverted to being a Catholic, and is a little crazy to begin with. I went hard on him and got really straight to the point with my lesson and questions. It was good though, and he will meet with us again. We then visited another LA named Sister Oiy. She has a big house with hornets everywhere around it so I sprinted inside. It was another good lesson, and she loved the photos I have of my family. We then went and had Sports Day. Not many people were there because a ton of the members went to Roi-Et for a big meeting about becoming a Stake. We played an intense soccer game and I was the goalie. I also ordered an American Football from a sports store for next week’s sports day. The next day was a good day of church. Brother Ness got the Holy Ghost, but Pooh did not because she showed up late. We went to Sister Bop’s house, and met her family. We had a good time, and taught about families. We went home and planned and then got ready to go to Sister Sun’s house. We biked all the way there, a 30 minute bike ride, and dodged between some road work on the way there. We had dinner, and then had to leave early to get home on time. We ended up in the roadwork again, and shot between huge machines driving down the road. For P-Day today we are taking a day of rest. We will clean, check the bikes, and do other things around the house. Next week we will be seeing a soccer game, and it will my last opportunity to do so in Buriram. We have about 2.5 weeks left, and no one knows who will move and who will stay. I will go where the Lord wants me to go.

Give my dogs a hug for me
This is where I sleep

Elder Ridings


One thought on “Fun and Fellowship

  1. Hi Davis!! You look very happy in the pictures posted. Is there a difference between American footballs and other footballs ? just curious I know it is a stupid question!!! My heart is so filled with joy for you. You are doing amazing things there while making a difference and leaving YOUR LEGACY. Have a great week this week 🙂
    Love you and many blessings


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