Good Week in Thailand

C360_2015-02-09-13-36-05-217Hello Family,

This week has been pretty cool, a lot of awesome stuff happened, including me playing a part in the welfare of about 500 people here in Thailand. Before all of that, a summary of the week. On Monday we all suited up, greased the bikes, charged the cameras, and biked a good 40 minutes from the city into the country-side. We biked all the way in the heat to a mountain that is an inactive volcano. On the top of this mountain is a 60- foot golden statue of Buddha. We biked all the way to the top and got to see the Buddha man up close. They had a tomb up there, for some priest that we checked out, and it had huge bells that I P1040725promptly rang as hard as a I could. We saw the statue up close, and took some photos as people did weird rituals in from of it. Some old lady was staring at me, so I said “Hello” in Thai, so she wanted a photo and clinged to my arm very awkwardly. We took some pics, slid down a slide, and biked all the way home. For FHE we played some games, and taught some of our RC’s before returning home for the night. The next day we had District meeting. For funny questions, we were asked: If you could creat world, what would it be? If you had to marry a woman twice your height or weight what would it be? If you could make a new law what would it be? What would you do for your last 24 hours of life? I chose a Star Wars world, because you could travel to other planets. I was the only one who picked a woman twice my height, because we would rock at basketball and sports in general. I then said my law would be no working on Sunday, because for my last 24 hours of life I would invite everyone to church. We printed pics for the RC board, and happened to run into a LA dude right as we were walking out, so we set up a meeting with him. After the day was over, the Peterson’s showed up again to train the branch presidency. I had to

translate the entire meeting, because no one else could translate and Jackie had lost her voice. Afterwards we taught RC’s and went home. The next day we helped a member at her house and taught her neighbors. Her kids had wrecked her computer and put viruses on it so I got on and worked my magic to fix it. We then helped a member with a report he had to do for college because he has memory problems. We taught a friend of an RC and she accepted baptism. We went to a member’s house, where once again they had computer problems too! So I fixed their computer also. They introduced us to 2 families that are all interested in the Gospel. We ate at their house and went home. The next day, we were supposed to meet with Sister Pooh, but she was a no show, so we taught some people, and I had to go get a new voice recorder. My old one had broken to where it wouldn’t turn on, so we ran to Big C (Thai Walmart) and looked for one. They didn’t have one, so I called a lot of members to ask if they knew where to find one. No one knew, except for Jackie. She told me there was a store by the bus station that might have one. We were getting ready to leave, when Jackie called back and said they had one. She had gone to the store and checked without me asking! She was super helpful, and we were able to by another voice recorder. It was just like mine by Sony only the next on the tech scale. It was perfect and all my files transferred without a problem. We then taught, invited, and went to find Sister Phon, and La, mIMG_2396embers that I baptized. We biked all the way to Sun’s house, and with her help we found her. She was so happy to see us, and we taught her. She says she has been busy, and had no time to come to church. Pooh then showed up! It was awesome and we had a great lesson with her. We left, and had a normal day. The next day, we went to Phon’s house and did service for her to help ease her work and get her back to church. We raked and cleaned her property around a second house she is renovating. We went to the church, and waited for Sister Bop.  She didn’t show so we went to find her at work. We found her, and taught her. She was sorry she hadn’t come, and everything was ok. We went back to the church, and taught a lot of people. After that, we went to Sister Phone’s house, and talked to/ taught her family. The next day, we went to play B-ball at 6 am with a member, and then went back home and studied. We taught, got hair cuts, and played sports with the members at night. We saw a member of the Pro Soccer tame named David and we took pics. The next day we had a lot of people come to church. Pooh came and said she got her answer. She wants to be baptized this week. We P1040769


had meetings, and then I went with representatives of the church to a village. There were 500 people there, and the church was going to install water facilities for them. I translated the English and the Thai. We had an awesome time, and I spoke to the entire village. We went to Sister Sun’s house for dinner, and went home. Today we will ride elephants, but right now soldiers and police just busted into the internet run, and are making all the Thai kids go back to school and stop skipping to play video games, so I have to go because they are cutting the breaker. Love you family, see yah next time!

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One thought on “Good Week in Thailand

  1. Wow Davis!! What an awesome week. Sounds like an adventure every week. Maybe you should write a book about your time there. Cant wait for the next installment


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