Bringing members back to church

Thai temple

Hello Family.

It was a good week, with a lot of refocusing the work, and changing visions. I am still having to get used to a new companion, but things have been working out just fine. Elder Opad is more of a Less Active and Member working missionary, so expect less baptisms this transfer in my emails, but expect a lot of people coming back to church and a lot of families returning after years of missing church and the fellowship of other members. So on Monday we did nothing but sleep, eat, and clean the house. We were all really tired, so not much got done in the way of leaving the house. For FHE we played a ton of fun games, and ate some good BBQ! It wasn’t “Southern” BBQ, but it was more of a kabob (Is that how it is spelled?) kind of thing. The next day we had a district meeting. For a bit of humor the questions: What would your super power be? What would you want to

My new comp
My new comp

eat for the rest of your life? What would you ride into battle? And what world would you want to live in (There was a list). I chose time control, watermelon (it has water and nutrients so I don’t die), a DRAGON, and the world of the Lord of The Rings. We went to church to teach a laday. It was an interesting lesson since she has proposed to missionaries in the past, but we ended up giving her a blessing and she was very sincere. We then ate at the ice-cream place called “Swensen’s” We taught some people, and went to the church and taught English. The power for the whole street went out! Luckily I was prepared and had a flashlight in my bag, so we were able to teach English in the dark! It was a pretty unique lesson, so we adjusted the lessons to vocabulary relating to darkness, lights, night, and day. It was very fun. Sister Pooh showed up, so we were able to schedule a meeting with her. P1040564The next day we went to Nopodon’s house out in the country, and taught him amid the sounds of farm animals and chickens. We then came home, and went to Bahn’s house to find her, but she wasn’t there. We taught a Book of Mormon class, and I helped some of the members with their English homework. The next day we did some inviting, saw an investigator at the mall, taught sister Pooh about reading the Book of Mormon, and then came back to the church. We had a huge meeting with a lot of missionaries, and President Senior came. It was a lot of fun, with a lot of emphasis on the family and history work. Brother Chode, the crazy guy, showed up in the middle of it, so we had to teach him. After the meeting we all went to a pizza

Pizza with President Senior
Pizza with President Senior

place, and ate a ton of pizzas, all payed for by President himself. The next day was the start of a weird chain of events. We woke up, and after some studying went to the church and chilled for an investigator. She never showed,

so as we were leaving we found

man sleeping on street
man sleeping on street

a dirty, old man sleeping out on the steps of the church. We invited him inside, and taught him. His name was Joy, and he had a gnarly case of foot fungus going on. We taught him, and he agreed to meet with us again. We then biked down a random street, and got stopped by 2 ladies who had been taught before, and wanted us to teach them. So we ate yellow watermelon and taught them at a convenience store. We then went to a school, and played volleyball, basketball, and soccer with a ton of the members, and some random people. At dinner I noticed that 2 RC’s, Brother Chog and Sister Beeboh, were gone. I later figured out they ate dinner together! Temple marriage right there. We then went home. The next day we went to teach the two girls again, but only Nan was there. As we were teaching her, a girl driving a motorcycle passed out, and crashed in the road, hard. We sprinted to her, and got the bike off of her legs, before getting her out of the street. We figured out she was anemic, so she had fainted. We then helped her eat and drink water, and she sat in our lesson with Nan. Her name is Buen. We loaded her bike in the back of Sister Jackie’s pickup truck, and drove to her house. Her family was so happy we had helped, and we picked up her mom, and took them to the hospital. We helped them load her unto a stretcher, and waited with the mom while she was checked out. We then ran across the street, said hi to Sister Nong, and bought food for Buen to eat. We stayed with them for a little bit, and when she was ok, and was going to spend the night at the hospital, we left. We went to KFC with Jackie, ate, and then went back to the church. A lot of our RCs were there, so we taught them. On Sunday we had Sister Bah, Sister Beeboh, and Sister Phone all get the Holy Ghost. After church and a ton of meetings, we went out to a village 30 minutes away, and were successful in getting some old LA’s to come back to church. We went to Sun’s house for dinner and played some fun games and shared a spiritual thought with the family. One of the games was called “Black Magic”. There was a certain way to play it, and I eventually figured it out, while everyone else was confounded. Look it up on Google to find out what it is. Today we will be going to a Volcano, after we meet with Sister Pooh again. It is strange how since the work has sifted from finding new people to saving old ones that the Lord is putting new people in our way for us to teach. I have learned not to worry, keep working, but don’t worry. The Lord is aware of all of us, and those who need our help. So if life’s seas get stormy, and things look bleak, just know that the man at the helm knows exactly what you need. He will guide your ship to the safe harbor, and all will be right. Trust the Captain, His Father taught him well.

Elder Ridings


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