I Saved The Hulk in Thailand

IMG_2979January 12, 2015

Hello Family,

So this has been an awesome week. We had a lot of good happen, which all led up to an amazing Sunday. These are the kind of things you go on a mission for! On Monday we woke up and went to the church to follow up with Sister Ting. She works at a restaurant, and has work on Sundays. She finally was able to get work off until 5 on Sundays, so she could come to church, but was still trying her best to get the whole day off. We emailed, and ate at a small restaurant with some members. We saw a silk shop across the street that was closing, but we stopped the owner and went in and bought some awesome silk. We had a plan to turn the silk into awesome pants, and I got some fabric for a scripture case. We came home and slept for a little bit, and the landlord finally fixed the water pump. It had been having problems with running out of water for almost 3 weeks now, and they finally dug up the pipes and patched them up. We bought some food at the mall, and headed to The church for FHE. We played a hilarious question and answers game, that was fun for everyone. We taught some investigators after and came home. The next day we went to the church to wait on an investigator who didn’t show so we went to eat, but got halfway there before we got a call saying she was at the church. We returned to the church and taught her a great lesson. She is  Sister Pooh and she is very smart! She asks great questions, and has a good deductive thought process. We mailed some records to the Mission HQ, and ran into an old investigator named Chompo. She is not interested at all. We

went to the church and taught English. I taught with Elder Hinkson as Elder T and Lodwick taught a ton of investigators. The next day we met Ting again, ate at a pizza place, and then biked about 10 kilometers to find an awesome shop to make us some pants with the silks we bought. We then went to the mall and taught Sister Boom. She is not very good at all, and she worships some weird idol in Buriram and gives it chicken. We get weird cases like this all the time. We went to the church and taught Pooh and a lot of other investigators. Pooh said she saw the truth of what we taught IN OUR EYES. I found out that one of the other missionary’s

investigators plays airsoft! I miss playing with you bro. The next day Sister Ting got interviews and passed! We were so worried the whole time, and everyone was happy. We went to the mall and invited, and then went to Sister Nong’s hoIMG_2980use to get our scripture cases started. We also bought more silk from that shop. We went to the church and had 4 investigators show up at the same time. We had to split up and teach them all, and Brother Chog helped us. The next day we taught Sister Bop. She has not come to church in a while, so we had to help her through some problems. We went to some college out in the country, and met up a girl named Jimmy, and taught her. She was pretty good, but has school on Sundays. We then taught Aah and Doo. They have been having church attendance problems also, and we had to help them through their own personal trials. P1040140The next day we invited all morning and afternoon. It was “Kid’s Day” that day, so traffic was terrible and people were packing into the mall. We went to the church at 6 because Chog, Bop, Doo, Aah, Phone, and Someoh all showed up. I taught a lesson by myself with Bro Rakmag to Sister bop, and the chapel looked like a speed dating session because everyone was split up teaching separate people. Someoh and Chog both got interviewed, and they both passed! We were so proud of them. We tried to arm wrestle Brother Chog, But he looks, and is as strong as the Hulk. That is his nickname, the Brown Hulk. The next day was awesome! We had a ton of people come to church for the baptisms. I first baptized Sister Someoh, and then Brother Sanyong, the Royal Thai Marine. The font was overfilled so I splashed some people! Lodwick then baptized sister Ting, and Then the Hulk, Brother Chog. He caused a tsunami that splashed everyone! They all gave their testimonies, and then we took them to Sister Sun’s house and taught her mom. It was an amazing week, and is P1040104what every missionary lives for. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I hope to have many more experiences like this in the near future. I saved the Hulk yesterday!. Also we found Buddhist stuff written on our house, which is supposed to put a ghost in the house to protect it. So we probably have ghosts and in the house now, so I have some exorcisms to perform.

  • Elder Ridings

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