Happy New Year from Thailand

P1030770Hello Family!

So this email is going to be half a summary, and half a detailed email, because I Skyped y’all last week, I didn’t email. photoSo I have 2 weeks to catch up on! Last Tuesday I got a bike rack finally, and we taught a ton of lessons to different people through the day and then taught English. On Wednesday we taught a lot of people, including a dude I found named “Joker” and invited at a huge market. I got a ton of cool stuff, and a ton of phone numbers. The market was set up across from the college, and in front of the courthouse. It filled up and entire avenue and spilled over into the courtyards and side streets. It was packed with a carnival, street performers, and people, and was a prime inviting spot. On Friday not much happened, besides us inviting all day, and then we went to Sister Sun’s house and ate dinner, and taught her mom. We made some good progress with her, and taught her how to pray. The next day we went to Surin by bus, and participated in a zone training with the Zone Leaders. We got our packages from our parents, and bought some cool fabrics. We then loaded up and came home. The next day we invited at the market again, and I bought some awesome things I will not list in this email. We then went to the ward Christmas party and it was awesome! There was food, music, and plays. We played games, and had a ton of investigators.

P1030782The Stocker’s, a senior missionary couple were there. Elder Stocker served in Thailand before as a young man, so he could speak Thai. The next day we had 6 investigators show up, and we did a ton of inviting at the market. On Monday we went to Jimmies for dinner and followed up with one of our investigators, Sister Ting. We then had to go to PA Lek’s house to get his “butt size” The Peterson’s (another Senior couple) are making a wheelchair for him, and they need the size of his butt! We went to his house, and sat down and talk to him for a long time as he broke into a tangent of life stories. We had him sit on a newspaper, and we marked it off with a pen! We then went to the church for FHE, and Elder Lodwick went home with Hinkston because he was feeling really bad. It was Sister Geh’s 24th birthday, so we had a huge party and played a ton of games. The next day we stayed home all day because Elder Lodwick was sick. The only time we left the house was when I went with Hinkston to teach English class. We played games, and had a good time. The next day we helped the other Elders teach a hilarious lesson with this crazy Lao Marine. We taught the law of chastity and it got pretty crazy. We gave a blessing to the son of a member and then went to a girl named “Ploy”‘s house and taught her and then went and saw Jackie’s mom. The next day was awesome. We skyped y’all and then went to the Surin Elephant village! We got to play and ride elephants all day.

photo 4photo 3photo 2

We rode them through the woods, and even into the water! It was an awesome experience, and I got great GoPro footage too! I got some northern pants, which are basically like the pants Aladdin wears. We then came home, and shopped for food. I got 3 jerseys from the soccer team (the best in the country), and will be sending 2 of them home. The next day was normal. We taught a ton of lessons, went and invited at the mall, and then went home. The next day we invited all day at the mall and then finally decided to cross the street and invite at a new market that opened up called “The Lively Market”. It was a huge outdoor market that wouldn’t seem out of place in America. It was super loud because of a car show going on, but we managed to get some numbers.P1030804 The next day Sister A got baptized! It was awesome, and P1030712she will be a super strong member. We then went to Jackie’s house, and helped her family make food for dinner. We then went and invited at the market. There were 2 models advertising through microphones, so we went up, invited them, and then invited everyone around through the speakers. It was hilarious! We then went back to the church, and taught Sister Bop about some things she was confused about. Next day we taught Sister Doo and Aah some things about the restoration, and then invited at the mall all day. The next day we taught Ting again, and invited some before going over to Brother Sanyong’s (The Marine) house. He lives way out in the country, and we biked all the way there. We hung out and made food, and then all sat down for dinner. We had to leave early though. We had to be home by 7 because of New Year’s parties. We chilled at the house, I worked out, and now we are here. I am having an awesome time here in Thailand. It is a once in a lifetime experience. I am serving the Lord, and having fun. I hope the holidays were good for everyone back home. For me, there are no holidays. There is work to be done, and I can’t take a day off.

-Elder Ridingsphoto


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