Abandoned Building

BOSS0767So it was a pretty good week this week. We got tons of work done, did some cool things, had some cool meet ups with people, and had some sad news.

On Monday we just did computer work and fixed up some problems we had with camera and such, then we ran some errands and took a taxi to a bus station pretty far away. When Feist transferred to our area he lost his friendship book at the station, and we went there to get it. It took most of our time because traffic was terrible. We were able to get home and then went to a neighborhood and taught the mother in law of a member. We then invited our way around the neighborhood and got some numbers before slowly making our way home. On Tuesday we went and had district meeting followed by exploding coke and mentos off the roof of the apartment building. We then went and got ice cream but the other Elders brought Dairy Queen into the ice cream place. We then invited our way all the way to the church. So it was about a 40 minute walk. We talked to tons of people and homeless dudes. We saw a ruined apartment building off the side of the road. We decided to go check it out. We climbed through a forest of trash, and made our way through the building exploring. We took tons of photos and made our way to the roof. After our little journey we got food at a gas station, I found ring pops for the first time in Thailand, BOSS0727and then taught some people at the church.  We took a bus home and got the keys and then went back to the church to work on the computer. We did computer work and got dinner as the other Elders taught people and we had English class. It was a really good class and I was in charge of the games. So I made sure everyone had a good time. After that we taught a girl and went home. On Wednesday we met up with the other Elders and ate food with them at the mall. We then got some of the new Star Wars posters in Thai. We then taught Benz and Jaime,  in the mall. We taught a very good lesson, but they are both still too afraid to pray. They are scared they will get an answer. SO we tried our best to help them but eventually had to leave. We then invited our way around and talked to Muslim people at Duke’s place. She told us some cool stories of when she was learning about the church, and brought up some concerns we tried to help her with. After we taught her we got some dinner and then invited our way to a taxi and went to a member named Nang. His little kid loves super heroes, especially BOSS0733wolverine. He calls himself “Logan”  I made wolverine claws out of a cereal bx and duct tape. He loved them and went around the house slashing everything! After we taught his family he drove us all the way to the church and we had a meeting with some ward leaders. SO I can not remember if I mentioned this. But we were told we would be getting Sisters in the area, and that they would be here TODAY. We got a phone call and a change of plans happened. We would not be getting them for reasons. We then got dinner and went home. On Thursday we ate lunch and took a taxi to the stake center for a Zone Meeting. We showed up late due to traffic and had a pretty good meeting. We got some new teaching materials and then went home. We invited our way around the town and BOSS0799ate at a salad place in the mall that was amazingly good!  We got some treats for game night and played clue with people. Elder Walker won in the first round on the first guess. So we played again. After game night we shared some spiritual thoughts and then went looking for whey protein for Elder Walker. We found it, noted its location, and went home. On Friday we planned for the next week and we went to invite for a little bit. We taught an RC and then invited in a big neighborhood where we found an LA and taught him. After inviting some more we went to the church and taught Book of Mormon class. WE took a bus to the church and not many people showed up because of the rain. We then came home and invited some more with the time we had left. Not much happened due to the weather and everyone was running for cover. On Saturday We woke up and went to bro Nang’s house to cut the bushes, trees, and hedges in his front yard. He gave us some shirts to wear and I set about fixing the hedges, buses, and the garden. His kid was watching the new Avengers movie, and stabbing everything with the wolverine claws, still. After that he took us to a friends’ house, and introduced us to him. He is interested to learn more so BOSS0240we will be visiting him again. We then went to the bus stop and I bought a cheap t-shirt because we had more work today. We went to a far away members house, and went to help him cut some trees too. I left the shirt in the van by accident though. We helped some older members cut their trees, and they introduced us to one of their friends who was also interested to meet with us. We then left his house and went to a members’ house to teach his mother in law again. After that we went home because celebrations were in full swing fort the King’s birthday. On Sunday we went to church and got the sad news that Sister Aah had finally passed away on Saturday. Everyone was sad. We were told that the funeral was on Monday. After church we went looking for an investigator and ran into a member. IT was brother Hack, a short, 30 year old man who is a little ball of energy. He was riding on the back seat of a bike being driven by his twin brother who I had never seen before. They were wearing the same clothes, same haircut, and were the same man! It looked like 2 little, clone hobbits on the same bike. They were so happy and waving at us! We then visited an investigator and went to a member’s house. WE then went home and had a big pasta dinner. So today we are going to the funeral of Sister Aah so we do not have many plans today. It is super sad that she finally moved on, but was not unexpected. Her sister is taking it very well because she, like us all, knows where her sister has gone to rest. See you next week.


-Elder Ridings


Miracles, Long Walks and New Faces

BOSS0728Hello Family.

So this was another awesome week. There were so many cool little miracles that happened, and awesome meetings that I feel very proud on how this week panned out.

On Monday we went out and emailed. Before that, during planning, we heard tons of sirens and several gunshots outside. Nothing came of it. The other Elders got hit by viruses on their hardware so I had to fix them so I did not get time to write my blog email.

After emailing we went back to the Escape Room and did the final 2 rooms. I have conquered 4 out of the 6 rooms, and I would finish the last of them. So we went there and did the first room, slaughter house. We wrecked that room and got the best time they had seen for a long time. The other Elders decided to leave, so just me and Feist did the last room,”The Mummy Returns”. We also wrecked that room. We are just too good. Now I have done all the rooms, and never have to go back.

BOSS0140At the end the workers said that we had the fastest time last week, so we won…. Movie tickets. We told them we cannot watch movies, but we took them anyway to give to some members. We then came home and taught an LA lady and her cats about the importance of going to church. After that we had to walk all the way home from her house n the dark, and we just invited out way home. The next day we woke up, studied, and had district meeting with the other Elders upstairs in their room. It was a very good meeting, and then we went to get some ice cream together. So after ice cream we went inviting all over the town again. We saw sister Duke, got some phone numbers from people all over the town. We then ended up at a member’s house and we taught her brother. he was not too interested. We then went to the church and made some phone calls before English. It was a good class. I helped the girl who is good at English with a test, and we taught her and her mother. It was a good lesson, but we did not talk to much due to time. We then locked the church and left. As we were getting onto a bus we saw the other Elders HAULING towards the bus and they barely made it on. We had locked them in the church!   Luckily they caught up with us and we all went home together.

The next day we had switch offs with the Zone Leaders. We had Elder Paxton with us. We taught a person named Benz, as in the car brand, in the mall on the fourth floor. Benz is a dude, that thinks he is a woman. He is a shemale and a pretty convincing one too. All in all it was a good lesson, and Benz is interested. That was interesting. We then went with a member to teach his mom again. It was way out in the country and his mom was not too willing to listen to us this time. In this lesson the member went hard, and bore hardcore testimony and spoke in a way he has never done before. He got right to his mother’s heart, and it was amazing!!! She got interested, and started listening to us. We then invited around the town and got tons of numbers, and eventually went to the road so the Zone Leaders could go home. It was an awesome day.

We then went to the church and had correlation. The next day we did BOSS0375planning for a while. We invited to Big C and got food for the game night. I also bought a MASSIVE Lord of The Rings book in all Thai which I will be sending home. We then invited and went to game night. We had a good time at game night, and we shared a good spiritual thought afterwards. On Friday we invited all around the town and even roamed onto the set of an Indian movie. We also tried going door to door at some houses and got some people who let us in and listened to us. We traveled miles all day. We then visited this family we contacted the other day and they were super awesome! They have a baptismal date, and they all prayed with us. Their house is so close we can see it from our house! On the way to Book of Mormon class we ran into an LA on the walking bridge. Feist talked to him and let him walk away without getting his number, so we sprinted after him! We ran down the highway and eventually caught him. We got his address because he does not have a number and eventually went to Book of Mormon class.. The next day we planned and invited all day again. We walked all the way to this far away neighborhood so we just started walking in the general direction of the place. We went down strange roads and invited stranger people. We got some numbers, and saw some interesting sights. We eventually made it to the neighborhood and visited some members and LA’s. We then made our way back to the church and taught this less active couple before we taught Institute class. The teacher did not show up so we decided to do it. Pretty slow day, but still a good one. On Sunday we had a good day at church that was full of meetings. We taught some people after but not many of the people who said they would come today actually came. We then dropped off tithing at the bank with a member, and went to another member’s house to visit him. On the way there we ran into an LA who has been missing for months, purely by chance. Then as we were looking for the member’s house we ran into these little girls who said that their uncle has a book of Mormon and has learned with the Elders before! We gave her our number, and told her to give it to her uncle. We then taught a member’s family, and at the end we asked the only non-member in the room, his mother in law, if she wanted to learn with us again. They all said she has learned everything, and the only reason she did not get baptized is because she is afraid of water! So we are going back to see her. We did some awesome work this week, and I feel good about what we did. We had some good people who will progress for sure, and you will be hearing more of our success next week.

-Elder Ridings

Eventful Week

Hello Family.

So this was a pretty eventful week with lots of stuff coming together on Sunday. Miracles are all over the pathway of the mission, and it is up to us to notice the signs. On Monday we woke up and prepared for Pday. Outside there were these dudes going around with these gas-flamethrower like things shooting all sorts of white gas into the streets and sewers. The purpose of the gas became apparent when thousands of bugs came flooding out of the sewers and died in droves in the street to be run BOSS1644over by the passing cars. So they think it is a good idea to just blow pesticide everywhere in the city. We emailed and then went to the mall to get some supplies and some ice cream. We ate at a buffet place because it is Pday, and got some ice cream and came home. We were supposed to go to FHE but it was taking to long to figure out where the FHE was, and how we would get there. It started getting late so we did not want to waste time. We decided to just go and teach some RCs at the church. We went to the church and taught Duke and that RC that stalked us into that supermarket last week. In the lesson the crazy RC spilled this milk stuff all over the floor. The ward Mission Leader didn’t even move as he “directed” us to clean it up. The crazy one chased us into the supply closet and tried to force a bag of that same milk stuff into my hands for some reason. I used my companion as a shield and he eventually took it from her. After cleaning up and finishing our lesson we went home. On the way home the entire night sky lit up green, and I looked just in time to see a huge, green comet fly out of the atmosphere and explode into green fragments right above a field across the highway. It was so cool to watch, and Thai people went crazy probably thinking it was religious or something. We then went home before anything else crazy happened. The next day we studied and called people. We then all ran over to the mall and ate food together at the food court. We then ate ice cream and went over to the church for our district meeting. We the invited an called people before meeting Gam, an investigator of ours. We had to teach her in the lobby of the hotel because we had no guy at the church. We taught her an awesome lesson about the Restoration, and we knew she could feel the spirit because this lesson was different than the other one. At English we had lots of people show up, including a girl name Dear who speaks awesome English because she is studying it in India. On the way home we decided to eat at this steak place we had seen a couple of times, and the crazy RC called us. She had talked to a random lady on the bus who was mildly interested, and she forced her phone on this poor woman. I talked to the mystery woman, and got her number from her. The next day we ate at the food court with all the other Elders. I had mentioned how we BOSS1640had never eaten on the balconies at the food court because they were always full. It was about that time I realized that one table on the balcony was open! I slid myself in there and we started eating. About that time a high school marching band just strutted into the mall blasting music, while dancers came in pushing something that looked like an altar to over-sized french fries. The music had a strange effect on the Thai people in the fact that they went absolutely bananas at the music, and the whole mall exploded into dancing and fevered seizures at the concept of a sale on french fries in a cup. We got the heck out of there as soon as we were done eating. We met up with the baker man in the ward and went to teach his mom out in the country again. She was a little more closed hearted this time around, but we did our best to make her feel like we were not ordering her around, and we gently invited her to church. We then invited our way around, and ate food at a restaurant as we observed a white man who looked like a human prairie dog. We then invited some more and I bought some shirts I found, including a duck dynasty shirt. We then came to the church and had correlation meeting and finished some stuff up. The next day we ate really quickly and ran to this ghetto book store that just had piles and heaps of stuff all over the place. So we bought some ghetto supplies from the ghetto store and we went home. We then took a taxi to the stake center and had a zone training. We made capsules for eggs with straws and we had to protect the eggs by making a cage for them. It was super fun, and after training we came home. We dropped stuff off at the house and invited around the place. I went to the patch lady and got some more patches made for my airsoft team back home. We talked to Duke and just went inviting around. We ate food at the church We had game night and sadly none of our investigators just did not show up so we went home after everything was over. For Friday we did planning and such because we did not do it yesterday due to zone training. We got our water swapped out because we were out of it. The other Elders ran into an LA member today who is Thai but is from Russia. We went to the church and met up with an LA. We got brother Dahm to help us (The same one who is 39 and recently had a birthday.) He showed up late and sweating. I asked what had happened and he said that the bus did not stop at the church and that he had to run a kilometer to get to the church. Poor guy. After our lessons were over an RC came to the church with her sister and a friend, who were both dressed as prostitutes. We were really scared but we still taught them. they were surprisingly interested in the church, so after a short, but awkward lesson, we sent them on their way. We then had Book of Mormon class and planned BOSS1513for a fire side we would be leading on Sunday. After it was all over we made our way home. A member is setting up Christmas decorations so she recruited me and my companion to help her. The next day on Saturday went to the stake center again for special IT training, but it got postponed due to scheduling issues. So we went home after wasting a few hours because of that, and went to the church to help with the Christmas stuff. I painted some cardboard houses and such, and we helped spruce the place up. We were calling people the whole time and cleaning the church. We had some people show up to the church over the hours we were there and we taught them so it was a productive day. We did more cleaning and work stuff at the church and then went home. Sunday was really good because we had some new people show up to the church, and we got some new baptismal daters. After church was over and after we had taught people we led a fireside. We talked about “One by One” and the members working with the missionaries. IT was really good, and the message was brought right to the members hearts. After all of our meetings we went to go find brother Wat at his house because he did not go to church. When we got there we found him, and met a new dude who recently moved into the apartment next door. The new guy moved in 3 days ago, and was so happy to see us! He is a member of 6 years! He has not been to church in 5, and he and no idea there was a church in the area. We got his number, and were so happy to have found this lone, lost member. He moved in just a few days after we first found where brother Wat’s house was. The Lord will provide. After our lesson we went home and made dinner because it was late. The miracles. are all around us. We just have to see them, and look closely. The mission is awesome. TOday we are going back to the escape room place, and we are going to master the next top rooms they have. The “Mystery Room” and “Floor 13”. See yah next week!

-Elder Ridings

Great Week in Thailand Nov. 2, 2015

Hello Family

So, it was a good week. Not as interesting as last week, but still some good things happened. SO last Monday when we were emailing the computer place got wrecked because the main server caught on fire so all of the computers died. So we went to a new place that was honestly better than the one we normally use. We bought some food and pens and such at the mall, and I BOSS1514bought some Doritos from a store. They were expensive because they were imported. We then went inviting, and tried to go to FHE but we couldn’t because there were no guys there. So we just invited our way around before this huge storm came in. We got some numbers, and got some good foot from some of the stalls on the street. We then called it a day and went home. The next day on Tuesday we did our studies and went out to get food from the places near our house. We saw some dude in a bright blue suit with a huge hairdo that looked like a character named “Phoenix Wright” from a video game. Look him up. We then went to the mall and met up with the other Elders to get ice cream before our District meeting. We had the meeting at the church, and had a very good down to earth discussion about the state of things. After the meeting we had nothing to do so we went inviting out in the heat. We made our way all the way to Duke’s place and talked to her about getting a calling. We also learned that she has been a radio DJ for 18 years now! She is just taking a break right now. After talking to her we invited more, and had to take cover in a shed by the road because of a massive rainstorm that swept in and sent everyone into cover. We made it to the church soaked for English class. Not many people came and everyone came late because of the rain. We had some lessons set up but we could not see them because it rained and they were not willing to leave their homes. We still had a fun English class, though. We got some food and came home after everything was over. The next day we went with the Second counselor of the Bishop to go see his mom at her home. We went to her house out in the country and talked to her for a good bit. She is a nice lady who lives alone, but we have some work to do to get her more open hearted. The member was so happy that we went and that we got his mom to pray. After that we came home and went inviting before going and trying to find some LA members. After our search they were all not home or we just could not find their houseBOSS1619 due to how addressing works in this country. We then went to the church to teach some people and have correlation meeting. It got awkward when one of the RCs we were talking about showed up and decided she wanted to sit in on the meeting and not leave. So we had to use code words and gestures to talk about her as she was in the room. She luckily did not pick it up. We then decided to teach her and we all went home. The next day we planned for a while, and went inviting before we went a long distance to go see a family at their house. They are all members, and we worked with them to help them set up a Family History activity they want to do. We then invited in their neighborhood and came back to our territory. We made our way to the church and had a very good game night. We did not have many show up due to the rain, but we still had fun. We then taught tons of RCs afterwards. The next day we went out to go find an LA guy at his house. We found his street but did not know what house it was. So we waited under the shade of a tree while we waited for our District leader to call us back and tell us. As we waited a man approached us and it was our old investigator brother Wat! We had not seen or heard from him in almost 2 weeks. He lives on the same street, and was going out to buy food! We were in the right place at the right time. We went and got food with him, and then taught him at his house so we finally know where he lives. After a lesson with him we made it back to the church where we had a lesson with an investigator who was just on the edge of falling away, and we pulled her back. We then had Book of Mormon class and taught some RCs after in a huge lesson. On Saturday we went out to find that LA again. BOSS1561We found him but he would not meet with us because he was “Busy” even though he was just chilling in his front yard. So we invited our way to the church and cleaned it in preparation for tomorrow. We then went with a member to go and see his family at his house. He has been a member for a year, but his wife is not. We had a very good introduction with her, and I feel that we can maybe make progress with her and maybe even get her to join her husband in the church. The husband really loves his wife and wants the best things for her. On Sunday we had a good day expect for the Fast part of it. Normally members will fast on Saturday night so they can all eat a big communal meal after church, but they did not have it! They said on Fast Sunday we will not be making food anymore, which was a tragedy because I was fasting since Saturday. We were so hungry so the meetings were hard to deal with. We taught and went out and invited with the time we had left. We made a great pasta dinner and called people for next week lessons. Today we are taking another break. People have errands to run and things to do. See you next week family, we will be hitting up the escape room again!

  • Elder Ridings

Happy Birthday Elder Ridings

Oct. 26

So this was quite the eventful week. If you are reading this email it means I escaped the room that I mentioned last week! So many cool and unexpected things happened this week. So lets get started. So on Monday it was my birthday! I had tons of happy birthday emails, and I was 21! I don’t feel any different so I guess I am still young haha. We emailed very fast and went to MBK, the super mall for the Escape Room place. We shopped for a while. I bought some good sweat pants and some scarves for the family. We then went upstairs to the 7th floor for Escape Room. It was a huge place with tons of photos of contestants all over the walls, and appropriate Halloween decorations. We all went into a huge prison BOSS0818room, and had to break out of the cell by solving puzzles and traps and such. We made it out but we were 1 minute over the time limit so we did not get on the leader board. It was super fun! We decided we wanted to go again, but only 4 of us went this time. We decided more communication, and less people would be key to winning. We then did the hardest one they had. The “Crime Scene” room. The description was “You are the captain of Thailand’s elite team of police forensic evidence investigation experts. You and your team have been called into investigating a homicide case at an abandoned apartment, after the murderer responsible effectively covered his tracks to baffle the police force. BOSS1288However, after hearing that you are on the verge of exposing his identity; he has set out to trap and eliminate you completely. You and your team have 45 minutes to gather the evidence needed to expose the killer’s identity, while figuring out a way to escape from the brilliant murder’s fatal grasp, or suffer an unthinkable fate.” A lot at stake haha. We blew threw the puzzles and traps by using our heads and even my Japanese language skills came into effect during the mission. We made it out in 27 minutes. The fastest time they had seen in a long time. We got on the Leader-boards, and people would have to try very hard to beat out our time. We got our photos up on the board. After having an awesome time we left the mall and took a taxi home. We then came home and invited for a little bit while we got dinner. My first and only birthday in Thailand. The next day Elder Reed was super sick, but we still decided we would have district meeting. We went and ate at the mall Central and got ice cream together. After our meeting we decided to go see some LAs but the Bishop called and asked us to go give a blessing to a member in the hospital. We went to the hospital and to her room on the 15th floor. We talked to her for a while and gave her and her daughter a blessing. She told me that Sister Dye, the one that has followed me since Rangsit, came and visited her. They talked about the Holy Ghost since Dye still does not have it. They apparently had a good discussion about it. I called Dye and talked to her, and she said she has decided to get the Holy Ghost this Sunday. I was kinda  concerned but I started to coordinateBOSS1265 with the Rangsit Elders to get it done. The member said that we would be having a birthday party for me and Elder Walker this Saturday. We then left and came back to the church via bus. We then had English class and set up an appointment with a student for Saturday. We played mafia for English, and had an awesome time. On the way home we grabbed food and avoided a stalker we had not seen for a while. On Wednesday we decided that today would be “Operation: Save Brother Dahm” The members said that due to a miscommunication at the church, he said he would never come back again. They told us this on Sunday. Today was his birthday and we were supposed to meet up with him. He had changed his phone number, and no one had seen him for 2 weeks. We were afraid he had gone over the deep end. So we decided to go find him. We went and found a gift for him, but it was hard because we thought “ What does a 39 year-old, single man who lives on the second floor of a drug store in a Muslim neighborhood want for his birthday?” We found something and took a member over with us in their car. We got to the drug store and were afraid we would bust in and find Dahm wearing a turban or something. The workers were blasting Gangsta rap and they said Dahm is not there. They gave me his new phone number and he eventually showed up. He was completely ok. His grandma has been sick so he was taking care of her. He is coming to church Sunday. So the members miscommunicated about the miscommunication with Dahm! We told him we were having his party with us on Saturday and then we BOSS1243left. We went back to the church and taught some RCs and then had correlation meeting. We swapped it to be Wednesday now. After the correlation one of the RC’s went in the same van as us and kinda followed us. She was super creeper and kinda chased us while asking “Where do you live, elder? WHERE DO YOU SLEEP!?” so we bailed into a super market and lost her in the aisles by running around and scaring everyone in the store. People are scary sometimes. The next day we had to leave after studies for Zone training at the Bangkok West stake center. We got there before our leaders did. We had the meeting and it was good, but went for kind of a long time. We got back to the church just in time for game night, which we should just rename “mafia night” with how often we play the game. I played but then swapped to be the narrator. We then taught a RC and she gave us some weird vegetarian stuff. After we left the church we met up with brother Cheen, the Baker. He sells bread by our house at night in BB Market. He took us to a security guard and gave him the noodles while introducing ourselves. We then went home for the night. The next day we met up with the priesthood super early in the morning and drove to a driving range. They drove all the way to Rangsit! My old area. We taught them the basics of golf in the morning at the church, and they brought a golf book with them. It did not help. They were all BOSS0485pretty bad. One of them even took out a light in the ceiling by letting go of his club! We played for a while and had a pretty good time. We ate food at the church. I ordered a salad but they ran out of dressing so I couldn’t eat. We instead went to McDonald;s and ate. As we were ordering the dude serving us talked to me and said he had learned with the Elders and gone to church before. He said he wanted to go this Sunday so I got his number. A small miracle! We then finished our studies for the day and brother Cheen picked us up to go and see his older brother, a piano master, at his house. He was the only one home and we had a very powerful lesson with him and his member, younger brother. He said he would be going to church this Sunday if he has the time. We then came home and had Book of Mormon class. We then taught some RC’s and taught a new investigator named Gam. She was awesome! She said she would also come that she would come Sunday. The next day we had lunch with brother Dahm and some people before going to get stuff for the church. We invited our way around for some lamps. We bought a pair and took them to the church to lighten some rooms up. They were perfect besides the fact we bought light-BOSS1231bulbs that were too big! We ran back to the store, and I managed to also buy all of their plastic army men on the way out. I found a war game you can play with them with dice and such, people were giving me weird looks as a white guy just leaves the store with an armful of army men. WE then went to the church and had an awesome birthday at the church with me, brother Dahm and Elder Walker. They had tons of food and tons of games and members. We then taught some BOSS1261people and came home. We saw some crazy people on the way home. The next day was Sunday. We had president Johnson and his wife, along with a member of the Seventy visit. We had tons of people show up, including Hanoey’s mom! It was an awesome Sunday that was choked with meeting. We then went to the Stake Center in the Bangkok North zone for the setting apart of sister Hanoey as a missionary for the Birmingham, England mission. It was an awesome experience for her and her mother. She then went with the Sister Missionaries and left. It was the last time we will see her for a long time. It reminds me of the day I was set apart, and also reminds me that tomorrow will be my 1 year mark in the country of Thailand. 14 months as a missionary. The time has gone fast, and it will start ticking even BOSS1243faster. See you next week!

  • Elder Ridings

Busy Doing The Lord’s Work Oct. 19, 2015

Oct. 19

BOSS1149So I do not have much time so I am gonna cut straight to the story of this week. On Monday it was Pday so we woke up, prepared, emailed, and ran into the city with some members to go to a cool 3D art museum. We went to the huge mall MBK (the one where I got the drone) and went to the 7th floor looking for the museum. The workers said that the place had moved, and was no longer there. We were a little upset, but found out the new place it is at. After roaming around we found the BTS station. It is a massive train system on rails held above the city. We took it to the MRT (underground) station and ended up on the same train as the mission nurse, Sister Seppi. We eventually made it to another mall and found the place. We took tons of photos and videos, and walked around the whole place. We had an awesome time and ended up buying some stuff from the mall. We hopped in a taxi of a dude who has taken missionaries

before and I had a good conversation with him on the way home about boxing and Jesus. It was awesome. We then came home, invited, and went home. The next day we had a meeting with our investigator Namwan at the church really early in the morning. We got to the church and she called and said she should not come. We then had to call the members who were going to help us and tell them to go home. So we continued our studies at the church and Namwan called us back. She said she could meet us and was already at the church! So we had to call the members and get them all to come back. We taught her and had a very good lesson with her. She is worried because her parents do not like Christianity, and she is worried they will be against it. We then had district meeting. The other Elders brought us ice cream because we could not leave the  church. It came in boxes full of dry ice, which we

threw into the toilets for a good time. We then had a very good district meeting, and met with Sister Gow. Had another awesome lesson with her. We then had English class but not many people came because it was raining. For English we played “Mafia” which round 1 was a disaster, but once they figured it out it got super fun. I added to the game by switching lights on and off, and playing scary piano music. After English we talked to people who were interested in learning with us about Christ, and they we invited our way home. On Wednesday The Elders from Lopburi stayed with us because we had to wake up super early and go to the stake center in the north for a meeting with Elder Funk and the president. I felt terrible because an investigator made me eat this pork bun thing yesterday that wrecked my system. I was so tired and sick at the meeting that everything passed by in a blur, even though the meeting was from 8 to 4. It was a super long meeting, and all of the missionaries got new phones. They are so much better than our old phones. We then took a taxi back home, and ate dinner with the relief society at the church as I slept under the sacrament table because I was feeling so bad. We eventually made our way back home where I fell asleep super early. The next day I woke up feeling much better. We had another appointment with Namwan but she did not pick up. We weekly planned for a while. I felt better but did not eat for lunch. We then went to the church and met Sister Sun and Some-oh from Buriram! They came to visit me. Before they got to the church brother Wat showed up and we taught him. We taught from 3 Nephi and had a super spiritual experience with him. He knows he can rely on us when his life is so tough. We then visited with the Buriram members, and we taught Gow again. I got a super man key-chain from someone and a Superman shirt from Sun. We had game night and played mafia again. First round I was a normal person, and we got the mafia quickly. Second time I was the doctor, and I saved people and we quickly found the mafia guy again. The final round I was mafia. I was able to trick and lie my way until there were only 4 people left. Through strategy and tricks I got them to kill one of their own, and got another executed. I then got the final people, and won the game! It was super fun. We then ended the night. For Friday we woke up and did studies for a long time because I had to do house money stuff for a long time. We decided to eat at McDonald’s and went looking for a phone case and a screen protector. We walked and invited all the way to Duke’s coffee stand. All the other food sellers around her are gone, because the one behind her place lit on fire. Everyone has moved out except for her. Her back door melted because the heat was so intense. We talked to her for a while and helped fix her place up and move things around. Luckily the fire did not mess up her stand. We then went to a mall that an LA, Sister Non, works at. We went there and called her but she says she works behind the mall, so we had to take a taxi there. We finally found the bike shop that she works at, and had an awesome conversation with her. She is an awesome person, and she is trying to make money to get back to America. She has lived there before. After that we left and went back to the church for Book of Mormon class. It was a good class, and we played dictionary. On Saturday it was a switch-off with Elder Reed so i went with him for the day. We studied and went and had lunch with an LA named sunny. She is a cool lady with a bulldog who speaks fluent English. We went to her house that was HUGE, and she has 2 maids! We talked to her and shared our life stories. I became pretty good friends with her daughter and her friend, and they really want to learn about Christianity. We got their numbers and had lunch with the family. I talked a lot with them, and then we went to the church to meet a member named brother Day. He brought a crazy friends that would talk to us about nothing other than ghosts and how he only believes things he can see. He was a little psycho. We then had Sister Hanoey’s party for her going away to England as a missionary. It was an awesome party and we ate tons of food. We hung out and played the piano and socialized with the people. We then went with an investigator name brother None’s house and taught his mom. Reed wanted me to teach her because she is pretty closed hearted. We got there and it went full Jesus vs Buddha. She was trying to call us out, yelling at us, denying everything we said, just tense stuff. I had to calm her down, teach her what was right, and get her to listen. I told her I could answer any of her questions that she had. She had some difficult and scathing questions, but I answered them all. She eventually started BOSS0805to listen to us, and we left that house on an ok note. There is a lot I am leaving out because there is so much, but It was one of my MOST  frustrating, dark lessons I have ever had in Thailand. We told her the truth, and the truth was hard at some points. We left feeling happy, because we knew we had said the truth and the right things. On Sunday we went to church and for some reason no body was there! it was only like 46 at church when last week we had like 86. We had lunch, taught people, and went to Hanoey’s house to teach her mom. She did not come to church today, but we had a very good lesson with her. She has really started to open her heart, and is feeling the spirit when we teach her now. We left on a good note at her house, and came home. Today we are going to a place called “Escape The Room” We are put into a room and have to solve puzzles and bypass traps to escape. The one we BOSS0454are doing is about escaping a prison. Here is the briefing. “You are locked in a maximum security prison and are awaiting your execution. You were framed by Dr. Malcolm on charges for murder of your wife. There were attempts to escape from this prison but every escape attempt failed and most inmates were either killed or recaptured while others disappeared without a trace, giving rise to popular theories that they were successfully escaped. You have forty five minutes to escape from the premises before the prison guards return and set yourself free. Your life and destiny are in your own hands.”

If I don’t email next week you know what happened. Wish me luck everyone…

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Hard Work This Week Oct. 12, 2015

Oct. 12BOSS0351

So this was a good week again. Lots of meetings and such, so work was kind of hard to do. We had an amazing time at conference, and took amazing notes, and received amazing instructions. Last Monday we just spent time at home, doing errands, getting hair cuts, and getting stuff done. Just a pretty normal day. We then went a member’s house for Family Home Evening. They had a huge activity with games and food. And the owner of the house apparently has squirrels, so she brought them out and the members played with them. We then eventually went home, and did some inviting. On Tuesday we went over to the church to eat, and met up with the other Elders to go get ice cream before district meeting. We had a good meeting, and talked about goal setting and how to find joy in our work. We then made some calls, BOSS0858and went to see some LA members and invited along the way. Last week we ran into a Burmese lady named Sel who spoke very good English. She said she wanted to come to English class but could not speak Thai, so we told her we would come and get her. We met her at Duke’s coffee stand, and took a van to the church with her. She is a really funny lady with an outgoing personality. We talked to her and taught her a little as we waited for English to start, and we had tons of people show up. A dude named Alex came. He is a member from Thailand but has been traveling the world, and just got back. I figured out he worked in a hotel for 4 months in Panama City beach, Florida. Literally 10 minuted away from my beach house! He knows all the landmarks I do from Florida, and we are totally going to hang out in Florida together. He wishes he could have known there was a member’s house down there while he was working. He brought Doritos from America and they were amazing. I have not had them in over a year! We then and an awesome English class, and went home. The next day we ate at the mall with the other Elders. They were setting up for some big TV show thing in the mall involving the big fountain out front called “The Tree of Life” funny. We then ran into a member in the food court who came over and talked to us. All the Elder’s split up and we went inviting around. We ran into this crazy guy that tried to speak to us by moving his hands around and saying nothing. I told him we can speak Thai and he saidBOSS0865 “Oh, you can speak Thai!.” in Thai, but kept playing charades with us. So I gave him an inviting card, shook his hand, and walked away. We completely broke that man just be being close to him. We went and saw Duke, and went to the church. The people we were going to teach did not show so we taught sister Bop, the RC that was helping has teach. We then taught Sister Gow. She is Vietnamese and her family back home is Catholic. She says she lives 350 kilometers from the church in Vietnam. She is worried what to do when she goes home for the new year. We had a very good talk with her, and taught Eve after we ate dinner. We taught her about eternal marriage. The next day we invited around to the mall, where I got a new pole for my Gopro, and an SD card for my voice recorder because it is getting full. We then tried to get on a bus where there was a bomb scare. There was a large black suitcase, unattended, sitting on a bench with no one by it. Tons of police ran up and started asking who’s bag it was. No one would claim it, and people started to back up or even run away. We were only 20 feet away from the bag, so I grabbed Gardner, grabbed a van, and we got out of there! We then went to the church and we taught some people, and made appointments for the next day. After doing work at the church we went home and met the ZL’s. There were doing a switch off with us all. Elder T was there! He is the Thai dude I served with in Buriram. He is my ZL now and it was awesome to see him. The next day we set up appointments and went to the church because a member we were going to visit brought lunch to us all at the church. On the walk to the bus stop this dog we have named “Tumor Dog” was there. He has lots of weird tumor things, and hangs out at the bus stop everyday. He was lying at the foot of the walking bridge just covered in a swarm of flies. I looked at him and though “That’s it. Tumor Dog has finally died.” But when I looked closer I could see he was breathing. He just didn’t care about the flies. After that we went to his house and taught his family. He is a baker who makes bread. So his house is full of bread. We had an awesome lesson, and he wants us to go teach his mom someday. We then taught Gow at the church, and had another awesome discussion she said she needed. We also taught an LA at the church, and had an awesome lesson with him about success. We then had Book of Mormon class, and the Zls went home. On Saturday we went to the church and spent the whole time watching conference with the ward. Conference was awesome, and Holland was rocking it as usual. He is my favorite speaker. Before conference we bought tons of snacks to make our session better. We at lunch with the members and started the next session. We then taught people after and met with some members who told us their awesome conversion story, and gave us some LA members they want to go teach with us. We then taught some RCs. We then came home. Sunday was awesome! We had an awesome conference session, and had investigators show up. We had an investigator from another church visiting a friend, so I tipped IMGP1946off her Elders and helped them get an appointment with her. We then taught some people after, and went to sister Hanoey’s house to teach her mom again. It was an awesome lesson! She was super open hearted this time, and we gave her a baptismal date! The Sunday morning before her daughter goes to the mission field. I could feel a different atmosphere than last time, and could see how happy her mom is. We started about teaching family history and temples because the mom was interested in that, and slowly took it to baptism. She was too scared to pray for the first time in front of us, but I was told she did it after we left. This was an awesome week with tons of good things happening. Today we are going to some sort of 3D art museum in the deeper city. So I will take lots of pictures. See y’all later.

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