My Time Is Flying By

Hello Family!P103056310333643_1576326409247646_7980227400664788904_o

It has been a pretty good week. Last week when FHE was in full swing, we got a call that Elder Martin and Burke(our room mates) will be going to transfers. Elder Martin will be a Zone Leader, so he was told to come to training the next day, in Bangkok, before 8 am! They flew to our home, and were frantically packing the whole night. They had to take a bus, so they would be traveling all night. Sister Doo got baptized that night  and it was awesome, we have 5 new members now!

After FHE we went home and helped them. They left at about 11:30. I love those guys, and they will be missed. I later figured out that Burke was training an old friend of mine named Elder Hall.

The next day we moved into the other Elders room. It is big, has windows, and bed-frames! We don’t have to sleep on the ground anymore! We did a major cleaning of the house. For almost 5 hours. Dusting, moping, scraping… Rough work. We taught lessons through the day, and then taught English. I taught grammar vocabulary based on world events. We played some games, and then taught an investigator named brother Chog “Luck”. He is awesome. He is a huge college dude who plays basketball. He loves us! We have fun with him every time we teach him. We taught him, and then just hung out with him for an hour. He invited us to play B-ball sometime. On a random note that day I saw a dude who looked like an Asian Joe Dirt. The next day we woke up and did some more cleaning. P1030592We pulled Jesus off the ceiling (along with the paint) and mounted him on the big window in our room.Later that day we taught Buah and her sister the commandments. It was a very good lesson and they have a lot of potential. I then had a huge karate fight with one of the member’s kids, I won haha. We then went shopping and bought pancakes, other food, and mattress pads for the new Elders. The land lady brought them beds “specially ordered from Japan”. They are  terrible! So we got pads to put over them. We taught Chog another awesome lesson. He is really great.  We talked about life with him. We then came home, and went to bed early because we were super tired. These new beds are so comfortable! The next day we studied for a long time, we ordered food from next door, and while we were waiting in the church, a bird flew in! We chased him all the way to the 3rd floor and back. We finally caught him, and released him outside. We then saw that a second bird was in the sacrament room! We locked him in and chased him all over, but then he got caught in a crack between the wall and the stand up front. It took 20 minutes to fish him out, and we were able to save him too. We then taught an RC named sister Phon “Blessings” She was worried about her son becoming a monk.

So we had an awesome lesson with her, and really touched her heart. We then taught Chog again, still awesome, and played games with him and the members. They got a hold of my sketch book, and drew some awesome stuff in it! The next day we went inviting. There was this slick


looking guy outside selling stuff, kinda dresses like my brother. I invited him and he said he would come to church, and he took a card from me. While I was inviting, another guy came up and helped me by explaining everything I had already told him to this new guy. He helped me get his number! I then saw the Captain America shield dude again, walking around in Power Ranger armor with a sock puppet. I need to get a picture with him, or get his Facebook. He is crazy! A security guard got up in my face, at least he tried to due to my height, and tried to make me leave. I just asked him “Why?” and ignored him until he went away. We then taught Chode! He was wearing a green shirt with bears and “love” on it, black and yellow shoes, black pants, and a solid gold Casio watch. He is still hilarious, and I love talking with him. He talks super fast. That day we picked up the new Elders, Elder Hinkston from Utah, and Elder T from Thailand. They are awesome! While we taught they met with every RC from Martin’s area book. We then saw sister Gift, and bro Chog. The next day was good. We taught a ton of new people, fought Joe again and sprayed him with a hose, and taught a rocker chick complete with leather, spikes, and boots named Ann. The other Elders were teaching Dow! She was my very first investigator. She fell away. I almost hugged her! She has a second chance. I somehow managed to end up with 3 bracelets for 2015 that flash with blue lights. P1030646I wore them on my right wrist while I invited at the mall that night. They helped me wave down cars and get people’s attention!  “ crazy white dude with lights waving a baptism card around.”  At church we had 5 investigators show up, and had Doo and Phon received the Holy Ghost. We had a ton of meetings, and then we went and invited at a huge concert, market thing. I mean MASSIVE. We invited, soldiers, cops, and all kinds of people. People filmed us because we could speak Thai. There was a Christian group there passing stuff out, and they had stolen LDS artwork. They had The Creation by Walter Rane, and the paining of Jesus at the second coming.We invited them all to come to church. They had a huge play going on about the creation story and Jesus. It was super apostate! This week will be awesome. We have to go to Surin next Monday to get some packages, and we will be playing basketball with Chog today. This mission is flying by way too fast. My short time in Thailand has been awesome! If you can serve a mission, but are still home, GET TO IT! you will never regret the decision, I know I haven’t.

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One thought on “My Time Is Flying By

  1. Davis
    Your mission in Thailand is having a great impact back here in Cumming, ga. I recently encountered a man who was definitley sent from the adversary. I choae the right and spoke my faith. It felt empowering. Really empowering to be able to perform mission work. You have to be floating in bliss to be able to do this daily. I am ao proud of you and enjoy the way your words paint a picture of your experiences. Thank you for sharing. Love Sis Everette


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