The Good Times And The Bad Times

Hello Family!
So this week as been like a roller-coaster. It has its slow ups, and its sudden drops. I will start at the beginning. After we went emailing, we went to a poster place, because we had some very special orders to place. We then got awesome haircuts for 50 Baht, or $1.75, P1030364and then went back to the church for FHE. On the way back, we picked up some photos of some recent converts that were being developed. They came out bad, so we had to wait and rush back to the church to get back on time. When we got there, we had a surprise birthday for one of the members, whose name means “Love Much” (It is pronounced Rak-Maag) He was 28, and everyone sang him “Happy Birthday” but set to a weird beat because it’s Thailand. When I told them that is not how the song goes, they made me sing a solo of the AMERICAN version. It was pretty beautiful in my opinion. I’m sure I saw some tears in the audience. We finished out the night with some fun games, and went back home to prepare for the next day. Tuesday we ate as a district at a good place we frequent. It is run by a crazy Cambodian lady who laughs every time we talk. She laughs just like the witch from Wizard of Oz. Afterwards we went back to the church and got ready to Teach Am and Gan. They have been stubborn and don’t want to change religions, even though they believe in God and everything we teach. We taught them for 3 hours. It was a throw-down lesson. We bore hardcore testimony and people cried a lot. We made almost no progress and then they left. It felt like something was torn out of me! We want to help them, but we can’t. It is their decision. After that one of our RC’s, Sister Ah, showed up dressed P1030444really modesty. P1030439So we got an RC lesson done, about modesty. It fixed her up pretty fast! Right after that was the baptism of a girl named Nat, who is 17. She was awesome. Afterwards when she bore her testimony, it lasted 15 minutes. She will be an awesome missionary.We then taught Phon and Nung the Restoration, Word of Wisdom, Law of Chastity, and follow the Prophet. They accepted everything. We did some inviting at the mall, and found out one of the security guards is the younger brother of Sister Bop. We then taught English class and played games. It was super fun, and we were able to teach some people interested in the church. The next day, Elder Burke went to Surin, and Martin stayed here. our ZL Elder Delagarza was companions with Martin. We all went to the mall, and invited for 5 hours. We got tons of numbers, and got some good work done.We then went to KFC, and ate dinner while I taught BP1030421op the Gospel of Christ again. We then did some more inviting when Burke showed back up. There were 6 missionaries tearing up the mall that night! At home, we got a call from President Senior. Remember that goal we made because I wanted 20 baptisms? We called that goal ” The 20″. President Senior then said he might use our idea, and make a 20 goal for every district. Not 20 baptisms, but 20 ordinances (baptisms, La’s, priesthood blessings, holy ghost, etc.) Thailand is awesome, and P. Senior makes it more fun and involved for everyone. I’m sure every missionary says his President is the best, but I know for a FACT that P. Senior is the coolest around! The next day was nothing special. None of our appointments showed up, so we invited at the mall all day. At the mall we saw one of the people who didn’t show up eating sushi, so I went up to the window with a baptism card, and stared at her for maybe 15 minutes while calling her phone. That night we taught 2 P1030366people who butP1030446 we haven’t heard                                       from
them in a while. The next day was an intense day. We started the day off with some small lessons. We taught a girl who was 24 with a kid. She said her husband lives in Indiana. Then Am showed up. It was just her. It was a terrible lesson. She was still stubborn, and we got no where. She believes everything, but is too scared to change! We went back and forth for hours, and I felt so helpless. We made her kneel down, and pray in the sacrament room alone. We all waited outside for 30 minutes. It was raining and thundering outside. She then got up, we said the prayer, and she left. It was a rough morning. We then taught 4 teenagers it went pretty well and then We hung out at the church while Sister James and a ton of people got interviewed. I helped Elder Martin teach a 13 year old boy named Joe about temples, and then we went to the mall. We invited for a little bit, and then left. I saw a sick motorcycle there, It was a Honda CBR, I want one.

Saturday was awful, The wave of adversity that we almost drowned in. We got a call from Sister Sun, saying James did not want to be baptized Sunday because of some unknown reason. We tried to contact her, but she would only text us to say don’t worry about her, she had made her decision. We lost her! She passed all of her interviews the day before, and dropped at the final hours. I felt like I had been physically punched! We were so depressed for the whole day. None of our appointments showed up, and so as a last resort we went to the mall. We invited for an hour, before the security and managers attacked us. They confronted us, and tried to force us out. We said no, and that we are sent of God, and we fear him more than you. They tried to put their hands on us, but we shook them off and told them to not touch us again. They harassed us for an hour, before finally leaving. We then went to the walking street to invite. I was upset at our misfortune, P1030434and the bad things happening, so I went hard at inviting. IMG_0391I burned through one side of the market to the next in almost 20 minutes. I Talked to 645 people. Almost all said no. I got some phone numbers, and then we left. We then went to the church, and taught on of the workers from the mall. We were tired of these people being surprised when they learn they have to change religions, so we mentioned it pretty soon in the lesson. They immediately became closed-hearted, and we got no-where with them. We then went home, and spent the rest of the night in silence. The entire district had a terrible day. The adversary was against us in full. I have never felt so many things working against me in my life. The next day was a brighter day. We went to church and had investigators show up, And had them taught and interviewed. We then had the baptismal service. Phon, Joe, and Naht were all baptized. We have baptized 9 people now, and my white clothesIMG_0245 are almost always wet now! We then did administrative stuff at the church all day, and then invited at the walking street.I invited a prostitute to wash her sins away, she said no, she has a lot of sins she needs to get rid of! We then met and taught a girl named ” Buah”. She asked is she had to change religions. I Thought We were Done, but she had no problem! She was awesome! When we ask most people to try praying for the first time, they freak! But she just said “Ok!” It was an awesome lesson that we needed. Today we are emailing, and then making food for Jackie and Sun for all the work they do with us. This week was rough. Missionary work isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Adversity will and does hit you out of nowhere. You have to overcome it and the rewards will surface. This next week will be good. We weathered the storm.

-Elder Ridings.


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